Monday, December 14, 2020

14th Monday cold day in North India

 Posted 14th December Afternoon;

Mumbai: We had expected this sudden change in Mumbai weather..December rains...but the change puled on for a day beyond expectations...Colaba received 13.8 mms and Scruz 4.8 mms till Monday 14th Morning.

Now, with the systems fizzling out, Mumbai will get back to clear weather from Monday evening. No rains expected now. As the weather turned pleasant for Mumbai, with the high at 27c, we may expect some cooling now Mumbai standards ...2/3c (From current levels of 22c)

Pune too, will see a decrease in rains from Monday evening and no rains then. cooling down by 3/4c possible next few nights.(  From the 17.7c level today).

Goa: Sunny Goa back to its typical weather from Monday..Days sunny and warm.

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