Monday, March 02, 2020

Some Individual Comments !! (To Ponder)
CO2..Does it matter ?
Those air molecules that we warmed our toes by eventually sent their energy right off the earth never to be seen again. The only thing that actually matters is how much sunlight gets to earth during the day, then loss at night and an equilibrium is set up keeping the earth somewhat warm.
All that matters is the sun and the water vapor in the air like clouds that keeps the air warm. If you are in desert dry air the heat just radiates away very fast and Co2 does nothing to slow this down or anything. CO2 driven climate change is a hoax, a gigantic hoax that duped the world.
When the Milankovitch cycles and the sun decide it’s time for another glacial period we will not change it regardless if CO2 is 400ppm or 500 or 600 or even a 1,000ppm.
Yukon Jack
I love how Humans are so full of themselves they think they can stop the climate changing on a 4 billion year old planet. Our civilization is what, about 5 thousand years old, compare that to 4 billion years and you will see who will outlast who, and who is truly in control.

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