Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Thunder ⚡ showers on 5th from M1 as mentioned below 

Posted 4th March Afternoon:

As M-1 approaches, it will cover the areas given in the map on 5th/6th/7th march:

Delhi: Getting showers on  5th and heavy rain showers on falling to 21/22c.

Wednesday 4th/ Thursday 5th/ Friday 6th/ Saturday 7th:

Seeing partly clouded skies. Light rain possible in some parts of city on Friday 6th. Temperatures seeing a fall to lead to pleasant weather.

Pune: Temperatures will fall in the next 4 days to touch 12/13c in the night. Days also show a slight fall in partly cloudy weather.

Light rains expected in Kanha on Friday 6th. Jalgaon region remains sunny and at around 35c.

1 comment:

Salim Ramani , Jabalpur said...

Jabalpur got rain with thunder , as per your given forecast .
thanks sir

will the coming M-1 affect the east m.P & Vidarbha ?

this time you cover Kanha ,(i think first time)
is it Kanha-Kisli National Park ?

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