Saturday, March 21, 2020

Posted Saturday 21st  Afternoon:

Medium Term Forecast: (Its a 1 week forecast from my studies. I normally do not give more than 3/4 days forecast, as a week's  forecast is subject to change after 3 days. But, displaying medium and long forecast is a good  & harmles way of sharing during these "Curfew" times) 😉

1. Gradually the UAC over Vidharbh with the trough going NE weakens to a large extent. The rainfall patch over Chattisgarh and Odisha (Bhubaneshwar) remains another 2 days, till 23rd, daily on a weakening trend. 

2. From 23rd thru 25th March, Western Disturbance M-4 approaches the North India Mountains and plains of Punjab, Haryana, N.Rajasthan and West U.P.  Moderate precipitations expected in the region.
Delhi: Light rains on 24th.
Jabalpur: Showers on 26th.
Kanha: Showers on 27th/28th March.

3. As the High Pressures in the Arabian Sea and Bay weaken, the winds Clockwise movement ceases and changes...An UAC forms over the South Madhya Maharastra and adjoining Marathwada region on 24th March.
Light Showers expected in Maharashtra on 25th. Showers will occur in South Madhya Mah and Marathwada on 24th.
Aurangabad: Light rains on 25th.
Pune: Light rains on 24th/25th/26th...
Nagpur: Showers on 25th/26th.
Jalgaon: Light rains on 25th/26th.

Goa: Heat Wave on Sat 21st/Sun 22nd /Monday 23rd  with mercury at 37/38c.

4. Easterlies from the Northern segment of the system will bring in moisture to East and South Gujarat.
Surat: Light Rains on 25th.
Valsad: No rains.
Ahmadabad: Very windy and partly cloudy on 25th/26th.Light rain possible.



shiekhz said...

Rajesh Sir Karachi? Accuweather shows severe event

Rajesh said...

shiekhz: I dont see any severe weather for KHI..But cloudy from Sunday thru Monday and Tueday. Light to medium showers on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th

shiekhz said...

Thanks alot sir

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