Friday, February 28, 2020

Posted 28th Friday:
February Weather for Mumbai: Hot initially and Very Hot and dry last 4 days..
And way above Normal after 9th....Almost Heat Wave in February:

 (Entire  Konkan hot as shown in post below)

Mumbai, seeing 37/38c last 4 days, will have a better weekend..feel better with the temperatures falling 4/5 degrees to 32/33c at the weekend.

Pune will remain around 32c, current level , with Nights a pleasant 15-17c.
Mahableshwar weekend will be pleasant between 28/29c and 16/17c.

29th Feb -1st March: Rains and Hail likely in  Marathwada. Some places in South Madhya Maharastra may get rains .
Cloudy Weather in Akola and Ngpur (Vidharbh)

Mentioned WD approaches North India. Rains/Snow likely next 2/3 days in Kashmir, Ladakh, H.P, and Utterakhand.
Rains likely in Punjab Haryana and North Rajasthan.
ThunderShowers in Delhi on Saturday 29th

Chances of light rains in Jabalpur on Sunday 1st March

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