Wednesday, April 05, 2017

# The Vagaries of weather .. 5 April 2017

1) After Kashmir yday , it's the turn of Uttarakhand/Himachal weather to take a complete U turn during the past 24 hrs.. from warm , dry , sunny --to--> cold, damp, rainy/snowy ..
Daytime temps dropping by 15 c at some places within a day ..i.e. from summerlike to winterlike.
  • Mukteshwar ..max temp dropping from 25 c ( 18 % humidity ) yday to 10 c (100% humidity , 12 mms of rain ) today
  • Dehradun .. afternoon temps dropping from 33 c (26% hum) yday to 17 c (92 % hum ,30 mms of rain ) today
  • Manali .. max temp dropping from 24 c ( 20% hum) yday to 11 c ( 95 % hum , 12 mms of rain ) today
  • Una .. max temp dropping from 37 c yday to 26 c today 

2) Assam / Arunachal (North East) : Almost opposite to Uttarakhand /Himachal , the daytime temps of Assam/Arunachal have increased by 5 to 10 c during past 24 hrs  ..from  cold, damp, rainy-- to--> mild,relatively drier weather conditions.
  • Guwahati .. max temp increased from 22 c (80 % hum ,rainy) yday to 28 c today (65 % hum , 0 mms) today
  • Anni .. max temp increased from 13 c (95 % hum ,rainy ) yday to 24 c ( 40 % hum ,0 mms) today
North East India (Assam/Arunachal/Sikkim/Meghlaya) has seen torrential downpours during the last week . Cherrapunji receiving 1182 mms of rain from 29 Mar to 4 Apr 2017.Cherrapunji has accumulated 182 cms of rain from 1 st Jan 2017 and Guwahati 26 cms ,which is much above average for the season.

3) The temps of North Indian plains have fallen by 5 c during the past couple of days giving respite from the early summer onset. Delhi has seen overnight squalls (25 mms rain at SFD , max temps have dropped from 40 c / 20%  to 34 c / 40% ).Thunderstorms/squalls expected during next 12 hrs. Temps of Delhi will drop further by 2-3 c during the next 3 days .
4) The coastal towns/cities are warm,breezy and humid .
5) The islands are very humid . Amini (Lakshadweep).. 33 c / hum 75 %
6) Thar desert/Sindh/central India  is very hot and bone dry .. Dadu 46 c / hum 5 % , Nagpur 43 c /  15% .
7) Interior Tamilnadu , Andhra is hot .. Madurai ..  39 c max / 27 c min.
8) Chennai and Bengaluru max @ 36 c ..but the low humidity and milder nights make Bengaluru weather much more bearable.
9) The Deccan plateau is hot and very dry ( 35 to 40 c ) with comfortable nights ( Pune AP.. 39 c max / 20 c min ).
10) Lhasa is cold and bone dry as ever  (17 c max / 0 c min )


rohit aroskar said...

Many places at Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand , Sikkim, Tripura have received precipitation between 40 to 100 mms

Vijay Anand said...

Rained in south bangalore on wednesday evening and night

Abhijit said...

Srinagar max today just 3.8°C which is below normal by whopping 15°c !! & min 0°C which is below normal by 7°c !! :o

Vijay Anand said...

Last night some areas in bangalore east and south est received good rain.
My place in extreme south received light rain.

Vinod Desai said...

Cold morning here today in mumbai..

sset said...

Yes Mumbai was cold yesterday night... (was like winter approaching)

sanjeev Gokhale said...

When we wil monsoon watch be published sir, we are missing you and your valuable guidance. Please give us regular update at least once in 15 days. Thanks

parshuram shinde said...

Santacruz 36c to 38c today very hot weather here.

Anonymous said...

With winds from North gave feeling like heat wave blowing in Mumbai western sub urban areas.

Hrishikesh said...

Sir what's the update on Mumbai weather too hot and windy so we expect monsoon rains earlier this year?


How dry is jaipur today.Humidity in lower single digit

Abhijit said...

Badlapur max temp 40.9°C with 11% humidity today ! #heatwave is back 🔥 From 37.2c max of yesterday to 40.9c today so jump of 3.7c in 24hrs !

Well much awaited heat is yet to witness in next upcoming 48hrs at Mumbai and its surrounding areas. (Int North Konkan may witness some higher temp than previous March month heat wave !)

For Any Information taken from here, due credit must be given to Vagaries.

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