Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On Tuesday, 28th, at 12 noon, Srinagar overcast an 0c, New Delhi, Rohtak and Gurgaon 13c at noon with drizzles .


svt said...

Look like 31st could be windy in mumbai.

NT said...

Hey Rajesh,

How are things? Haven't been able to keep track of 'Vagaries' lately, too many things happening on the work front. Will catch up with you soon when I am around South Mumbai.

Till then, wishing you and family a very Happy New Year

Rajesh said...

svt, have put up my opinion of New Years Eve forecast on page. There were e mail requests from Pune and Delhi too.

Rajesh said...

nt, wish you and all at home A Happy New Year .
Good to be and keep busy in work.
And vagaries is missing out on nt's feedbacks and inputs -:)

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