Monday, December 27, 2010

96B has formed in the Bay. embedded in the easterly wave.

Now, a little deviation in the forecast. The system has formed, but the system is not expected to move up north, as first thought in Vagaries. It may cross over into the Arabian Sea thru T.N. and kerala and weaken, and ultimately fizzle out by the 31st.
Hence, a little change in the 28-30 forecast map, which has been put up on the Vagaries forecast page now.
And the W.D. is expected to precipitate rains/snow in the northern states from 29th. and the rains will then move into Nepal on the 31st. A special 31st. map has been put up.
No fog expected in Delhi till 31st Dec. as a result.
Please check forecast maps on Vagaries Forecast Pages and Mumbai Pages regularly.

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