Monday, February 08, 2010

Global Warming or Global Cooling ? Not Sure for the Future.

Eitherways, there is absolutely no reason to create an alarm, and declare every major or small weather event anywhere in the world a result of Global Warming.

Melting polar ice, is a fact, and I do not deny it — its has been for centuries. But the alarmists that claim its because of greenhouse emissions, and could lead the world to a catastrophic sea-level rise is, according to me, uncalled for.

Let me explain briefly: It’s not melting sea ice that causes sea levels to rise, but when land sheets melt.

Climate scientist Patrick J. Michael’s states: “What has happened is that Antarctica has been gaining ice.” Only one tiny portion of the continent —- the Antarctic Peninsula — has been warming and the ice melting and the peninsula only constitutes about 2 percent of the Antarctica’s total area. This is the area concentrated by IPCC &Co.and the media, and try to alarm the public.

Using satellite measurements to calculate changes in the ice sheets elevation, it is found 45 billion tons of ice per year has increasd, repeat Gained, between 1992 and 2003, which is enough to lower sea levels by about 0.12 millimeters annually. Today’s alarmists only look at what’s falling off, but not what’s building up top.

Richard Lindzen of MIT thinks that, while most scientists were originally agnostic on the question whether human activity was causing global warming “environmentalists and the media would exaggerate,” (and) build up the public concern. Politicians responded by throwing research dollars at scientists. You’ve developed a scientific community that will do whatever it needs to do to make sure the answer isn’t obtained. Why should taxpayers pay for people not to find an answer?”

As they claim, if today’s temperatures are causing Greenland’s coastal ice to slide into the sea, it must have been 10 times worse 80 years ago. Between 1915 and 1965 it was even warmer. All this was before fossil fuel burning could have started global warming.

Anyway,there is no scientific evidence that the Greenland ice sheet is melting (and so we don't hear of Greenland too often).

The earth is constantly changing. Throughout it's history it has been extremely cold, (ice ages and the snowball earth theory for when it was possibly completely covered in ice) to extremely warm, much warmer than it is now. The thing is, for the first time in our known history we have the ability to track and observe changes in the world. We may be blaming ourselves for altering a world that naturally alters itself. But to say humans are the cause of Global warming is dishonest. My often repeated terminology as to what we are really responsible for is merely creating “urban heat effects"

So if we can't be sure what is going to happen in the future, what is to be done? The correct answer is for us to minimize any impact. The biosphere is a massive parallel set of "conditioning " that works to try and keep things within a fairly narrow range. We don't want to meddle with that. So yes by all means let's drastically reduce fossil fuel use.
 Let's also work to find a good balance of people vs. nature.

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