Friday, January 08, 2010

A FROZEN WORLD!! A review of the Winter of 2009-2010 thus far:

"Arctic air and record snow falls gripped the northern hemisphere yesterday, inflicting hardship and havoc from China, across Russia to Western Europe and over the US plains," The Times (London).

Florida heading for record Cold...maybe snow !!
-37 at International Falls, Minnesota brings 3 straight morning to start the new year, coldest opening to a new year in their history...
-37 at Spencer, Iowa, coldest in 20 years...Details of the North American cold have been put up by me previously, with around 1000 cold temperature records broken till now in the U.S.

Heavy snows and biting cold hit parts of Asia, with unusually harsh winter weather across China, South Korea and Northern India. The Korean peninsula were also hit by heavy snow, and the airport in Seoul (heaviest snow in 70 years), cancelled all domestic flights. Beijing has become used to milder, largely snow-free winters in recent decades. The snow over the weekend was the capital's biggest since 1951, with falls of up to 20cm in the city's far north near the Great Wall. Beijing is likely to shiver at about - 10c in daytime and -13c at night, touching decades-old records.

A heavy blanket of fog in North India and specaially New Delhi, over the last few days forced cancellations or delay of dozens of flights from the capital. Train services were also disrupted. Heavy snow was recorded in the Northern states of Kashmir and H.P. While populated centres like Leh touched -19c, it was biting cold in the upper reaches at -30c.

In the plains of India, Amritsar and Adampur reached -1c.


Longest cold spell in the UK in 25 years and coldest December since 1996...Modern Cities such as Glasgow, Edinbugh and London may look and feel more like Moscow.

Lows of -10 c have been recorded throughout the central regions of the U.K, and now Scotland is heading towards -20c. Manchester at -13c is one cold urban centre. Altnaharra, today recorded alow of -22c.

(Excellent daily details from Mark's blog).
                 Pic from Scotland &  Sat. Image of Snow covered U.K

An arctic outbreak chilled Finland, Scandinavia and the Russian heartland. In late December, Helsinki, Finland, was cold at -22C, 17C below normal. A low of -16C at Stockholm was touched,and Gardermoen, near Oslo, Norway, came in at -20C on the coldest day. And in 2010, in Norway, temperatures plummeted to -40C in some areas

In Russia, Moscow had its harshest cold - down to at least -26C in the month of December. In the first week of 2010, for Hemavan, in the far north of Sweden, a new winter low of -40.8C (-41.4F) was recorded overnight, Radio Sweden reports
France had -19C at Dijon. Poland saw -20C, and recordings of below -15C were reached into Netherlands and eastern Belgium last week.

And, as per forecasts, extreme cold will continue, for the U.S. and Europe well into mid January.

Continental lows today (8th. Jan): Europe: -42c Roras (Norway),  Asia: -53c Omjmakon(Russia), N.America: -40c Hallbeach Airport (Nunavat),  U.K. -33c Benbecula (could be an all time record for U.K.)

Such weather doesn't seem to fit with warnings that the Earth is warming because of greenhouse gases.

                                 Snow Cover of the Northern Hemisphere today



Silvia Martin said...

Nice information!
A heavy blanket of fog in North India and specially New Delhi, over the last few days forced cancellations or delay of dozens of flights to Delhi and from capital city. Train services were also disrupted.

Rajesh said...

Thanks for reading my blog Silvia. I had generalised on the Northern Hemisphere, without going into details of the Indian region.

And please keep your views and opions coming..always welcome..


The Caretaker said...

Nice photo, -18 c is cold, certainly in comparison to the winter we've been having here in New York state (US), some cold dips but mostly mild relatively speaking. Lot's of great info on your blog, keep up the good work.

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