Monday, January 25, 2010

Every other day the media comes up with a new "false claim" regarding the Global Warming report !! And this new falsehood claim is even more amusing, it reads :"UN wrongly linked Global Warming to natural disasters".
Took some time for them to realise this truth, but, better late then never !!
Nothing new, since I have always been "against the stream" in this matter, and have been putting up, and stressing on this point thru my views against "Global Warming" on regular basis last few months.

My 4 part series on this has actually highlighted many of these points (available at ) last month. read through the December blogs of 8th,15th,18th and 24th. for the complete write up written earliar.

Shall put up a new blog tomorrow. With common sense meteorological knowledge, and practicle viewing, its easy to understand exactly whats (not) harming the earth.

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