Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The monsoon seems determined to move out early, at least it has started from the Rajasthan region after leaving the sindh areas. The IMD 925hp. streamlines show distinct north-westerlies over the Rajasthan area and a "westerly disturbance" trough over Pakistan. Indications of clear "drying up" of the region is seen in the IMD humidity map showing a reduction in the humidity over Rajasthan. The state has not had any rain for the last 7 days now, supporting a widhrawal.

A line of wind discontinuity has formed over central India, (seen in the map above) caused by the north-westerly/south westerly winds, which may bring down the monsoon axis faster.

As anticipated, the day temperatures have started rising in Rajasthan/Gujarat, and I expect them to rise by the 2nd. week to 40c levels. ities in Sindh may see the days go upto 42c !

Northern Gulf regions have seen a sudden spurt in day temperatures, with Mutrba in Kuwait at 51c, and Dubai regions around 40/41c. Expect the heat to wane away after a week, with the westerly winds expected to gain by then.

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