Monday, February 18, 2008

As discussed in my previous blog, dry weather has prevailed over the sub continent. Now, I do not see any change in the precipitation situation, and with only a feeble W.D. passing over northern Kashmir on 22 Feb, no rain is expected over most parts of India and Pakistan till the 29th. at least.

Well, that means a gradual rise in temperatures now onwards. They have risen to near normal levels over most regions of the country, and show a slight "above normal " trend towards the north-west.

However,my estimate, based on past experiance, is that the day temperatures will gradually start rising, begining from Vidarbh region of Maharshtra, 22. feb.onwards. Places in that area of interior Maharashtra will reach 35-36 c around the 23rd.. By the end of the month, as the weather remains dry, the winds turn east/north-east in the central areas of India. Hence, north interior Maharashtra and western parts of Gujarat will touch 36/37c.

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