Monday, July 01, 2024

1st July...


June ends with 507 mms at Colaba ( -7%), and 347 mms (-54%) at Scruz.

As Vagaries mentioned 4 days ago, with some "end-of-the-month rain", the lakes would show some improvement in levels

The Month end levels are:

2024 =   5.4%

2023 =  10.88%

2022 =  10.59%

Next 4 days, 1st - 4th July, Mumbai will get occasional showers with heavy local downpours. Rain not very persistent. 

Around 30 - 40 mm/day on 1st/2nd.

An increase of rains, around 50-70 mm/day on 3rd/4th.

Cumulative around 150 mm on 4 days. 

Colaba may go into surplus rains (for seasonal average up to July 1st week) by next weekend.


Light rains initially on 1st/2nd, then increasing showers on 3rd/4th.

Cumulative 20-30 mm on 4 days.

Marathwada (Sambhajinagar): Rainfall expected to be low till next 7 days at least.

Increase only after the 8th of July.

मराठवाडा (संभाजीनगर) : येत्या सात दिवसांपर्यंत पावसाचा जोर कमी राहील. 8 जुलैनंतरच पावसाचा जोर वाढेल.

Gujarat Region will see moderately heavy type rains next 4 days. Substantial increase in Bharuch region from 5th..especially heavy on 6th/7th.

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