Wednesday, July 10, 2024

10th July Night:

Special for Mumbai Pune and Hill Stations 

Given the tricky and confusing weather trends last few days, Vagaries is attempting to make a bold estimate for Mumbai & Pune.

Mumbai Rains to increase in the coming days?

Weather forecast till Sunday 14th July:

Westerlies will strengthen again for the west coast, along with formation of the offshore trough. So, gusty winds expected along Mumbai Coast. 

Mumbai: Rains expected to increase gradually from Thursday 11th July. Frequent showers for Mumbai city/suburbs, sometimes heavy. 

Increasing frequency and intensity even more with heavier rains possible over the weekend ( 12th/13th/14th).

 Rough estimates: Around 100- 150 mms till 11th and 225-275/ mms more over the weekend. 

If it happens, Scruz can be in comfortable surplus, with seasonal total  reaching around 1200-1300 mms by Monday.

We may see some good increase in the water levels in the lakes to around 25% -30%.


Light good rains during this period. 

City/suburbs on Thursday and Friday. Weekend may see moderate showers with pleasant weather.

Around 10 mm from Thursday-Friday and 20-30 mm over the weekend


Heavy rains expected for Konkan, Goa and coastal/Ghats of Karnataka.

Hill stations such as Lonavala, Tamhini, Mahabaleshwar will see heavy to very heavy rains during this period

Above 400-450 mms in next 4 days

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