Wednesday, November 15, 2023

15th Evening IST;

Expected track will be NW and then as it faces some resistance from an approaching W.D. trough , will curve N\NW towards West Bengal Coast. Spiral bands indicate low level vorticity and thus signs of deepening (Intensification).

Kolkata can get some thundershowers on 16th evening and night. Showers may be also possible on. 17th.

#sa v/s aust and #worldcup semifinal may be affected. 

Meanwhile heavy rains reported from coastal T.N. due to an UAC off the coast.

Chennai drenched

Since the start of November, Mumbai has seen hot days, specially around 36c, which is above normal.

Nights too are missing the slight "Mumbai Nip". Well, now for Mumbai, going below 20c will be "getting the winter feel".
From 17th, now, we may see the temperatures getting to comfort levels, that is below the 20c mark. Mercury should record around 18-20c from this weekend (18th onwards).

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sset said...

Nothing great in rainfall numbers....
Infact Gujarat Rajasthan had multiple systems passing during SWM giving widespread 400-600 mm in 24hrs. SE India continues to be driest place of India

 13th July:Mumbai lakes at 25% Storage today And rainfall last 24 hrs 👇 Ghat region of Maharashtra top 5👇