Monday, August 15, 2022


Mumbai Water Storage

BB-9 Effective Rainfall in Regions as on 15th August Morning :

Monday Evening Image


The chief amount of rainfall recorded in cms are: Th Rampur (Kalahandi) 37, Kotpad (Koraput) 29, 

K Nuagaon (Kandhamal) 23, Kalampur (Kalahandi) 22, Dabugan (Nawarangpur) 21, Baliguda (Kandhamal) 21, Batagaon (Sambalpur) 21, Madanpur Rampur (Kalahandi) 20, 

Papadahandi (Nawarangpur) 19, Mandira Dam (Sundargarh) 19, Rajgangpur (Sundargarh) 18, Lanjigarh (Kalahandi) 18, Jaipatna (Kalahandi) 18, Phiringia (Kandhamal) 18, Borigumma (Koraput) 18, 

Ambabhona (Bargarh) 17, Ambadola (Rayagada) 17, Kosagumda (Nawarangpur) 17, Bhawanipatna (Kalahandi) 17, Gudvela (Bolangir) 17, Narla (Kalahandi) 17, Nawarangpur (Nawarangpur) 17, Bamra (Sambalpur) 17, Nawarangpur Pto (Nawarangpur) 17, Chakapad (Kandhamal) 16, Jharsuguda (Jharsuguda) 16, 

Kashipur (Rayagada) 15, Nandahandi (Nawarangpur) 15, Boudhgarh (Boudhgarh) 15, Sohela (Bargarh) 15, Tikabali (Kandhamal) 15, Tentulikhunti (Nawarangpur) 15, Karlamunda (Kalahandi) 15, Junagarh 

Chattisgarh:In mms

 Narayanpur 185.2 , Pakhanjur 176.6    Pusaur 173.3, Chaurasiya 173.8  Mohala 131.4, Baderajpur 121.9 ,Dondi 126.9  

Balod 83.9 Dharamajaigarh 43.5 Maakdi 185.1 Dondilohara 86.0 Kharsiya 96.6 Gunderdehi 64.9 Lailunga 70.1 DANTEWADA Dantewada 80.2 Kuwakonda 65.4 Gurur 80.. Ambagarh 123.8 SURAJPUR Surajpur 26.4 Antagarh 149.8 Dongargaon 122.1 Bhaiyathan 44.2 Dongargarh 123.8


sset said...

August month but no break monsoon. Rains continue non stop over maharashtra mumbai.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Credit Australian Government Bureau of Metereology

Issued 16 August 2022

The latest Climate Driver Update and Climate Model Summary are now available on the Bureau's website.

La Niña ALERT—chance of La Niña increases

The Bureau's ENSO Outlook has been raised to La Niña ALERT. This is due to both renewed cooling in the tropical Pacific Ocean as well as climate models indicating La Niña is likely during the austral spring and early summer. Historically, when La Niña ALERT criteria have been met, La Niña has subsequently developed around 70% of the time; this is approximately triple the normal likelihood. La Niña events increase the chances of above-average rainfall for northern and eastern Australia during spring and summer.

The negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) event continues. The IOD index has been very close to or within negative IOD thresholds (i.e. at or below −0.4 °C) since early June, with the latest weekly value one of the strongest observed so far during this event. All surveyed climate models indicate that negative IOD conditions are likely to continue into late spring. A negative IOD event is typically associated with above average winter–spring rainfall for much of Australia.

The Southern Annular Mode (SAM) index is currently neutral and is likely to be mostly positive for the coming three months. During the spring months, positive SAM has a drying influence for western Tasmania, with a wetter influence for parts of eastern NSW and far eastern Victoria.

ENSO Outlook

Our ENSO Outlook provides
up-to-date information on the likelihood of an El Niño or La Niña developing.

Current status: La Niña ALERT

Read more
More information:

Media enquiries: (03) 9669 4057

Next update expected on 30 August 2022

shiekhz said...

Is it going to enter Sindh as a depression Sir?? Severe rains for South Pakistan??

sset said...

Entire southern India horrible dry. Heat wave. No rain since a month.

  21st  July afternoon post Comparative rain till 21st morning: Panji 2525 mms ( 100 ") and Ratnagiri 2572 mms ( 102") cross 100&q...