Saturday, February 27, 2021

North India gets taste of Early Heat...excess Heat !

Poste 27th Morning

Bhubaneshwar touched 40.4c...the first 40c  for India this year 2021. Earlier too, Bhubaneshwar has been the first to touch 40c in India: 2009 on 26th Feb 40.1c, and again 40.1c on 25th in 2012. Earliest was in 2016 when Bhubaneshwar touched 40.9c on 20th Feb....This is earliest  Date for India as per Vagaries Records.

New Delhi which saw a high of 32.5c on 25th , reached 33.0c on 26th.  all time February record is 34.1c in 2006.

Highs on 26th: (Compiled By Vag. Vineet)

Amritsar : 29.5c, highest in Feb. in a decade

Bhatinda : 30.9c, 7 degree above normal

Ludhiana : 32.8c, 9 degree above normal. Highest in at least last 10 years

Patiala : 33.3c, 10 degree above normal
Agra : 34.6c, 7 degree above normal
Jhansi : 35.6c, highest feb temperature in at least a decade
 Hardoi : 31.6c highest feb temperature in at least a decade
 Dehradun : 31.3c, 8 degree above normal,  all time record broken
 Sriganganagar : 33.5c, 8 degree above normal highest temperature in at least a decade

H.P: ...In spite of WD...
Simla 20.4c 8c above normal
sundernagar 29.3c...8c above Normal
Una 32.6c....8 above

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