Monday, November 30, 2020

Posted Monday 30th Afternoon;

BB-14, now a depression and likely to be the Next immediate cyclone after Nivar in 2 days from 30th...Though not as strong as Nivar... !

 BB-14 To track West towards North Sri Lanka and South T.N. ...and cross land by 2nd December over these regions.
To emerge again in the Arabian Sea in a weaker strength.

BB-15 getting formation stage by 3rd around 8N...due to location, could also re emerge in the Arabian Sea.

Mumbai: Outlook for the period 1st -5th December:

With the developments taking place as explained above, and no WD in the North, we see no major change in the Mumbai weather. Slight feeling of humidity which remains in the 50%-70% range in the mentioned period of Forecast.

Sunny periods, with day warm at 33c and nights at Scruz not falling below 20c.

Last week's Temperature Variation:

Outlook for the Period 1st December-5th December:

: Also dry and warm in the day.. with the temperature around 31/32c. Night lows not going below 14c..remaining around 15-16c in the next 5 day forecast period.

Last week's variation:

Goa: partly cloudy and warm and sunny...typical weather with the range around 34-23c.

Jalgaon: Clear skies, around 31-16c  for the next 5 days.
Aurangabad: Clear and around 30-16c range.

Chennai: showers expected in Chennai on 2nd,3rd and 4th BB-14 comes closer.

Record Heat in Sydney: See World Weather News.

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