Thursday, November 05, 2020

Posted 5th November morning

1. Fog Bow...What is Fog Bow ?

2. Subsidence and How it Can Affect Winds

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Some minimum temperatures in Maharashtra on 5th November, 2020:-

Gondia 12.5c

Amravati 12.8c

Nagpur 13.2c

Parbhani 14c

Jalgaon 14.2c

NDA, Pune 14.2c

Pashan,Pune 14.3c

Brahmapuri 14.5 

Nashik 14.8c

Pune 15.1c

Aurangabad 15.4c

Akola 15.5c

Solapur 15.5c

Satara 15.6c

Wardha 16c

Junnar 16.8c

Kolhapur 18.6c

Palghar 19.5c

Mumbai Scz 22.2c

Ratnagiri 22.2c

Dahanu 22.5c

Data Source:IMD

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