Friday, August 14, 2020

 Posted 14th August  Friday:

Forecast for Marathwada for 14th/15th/16th:

Normal rainfall will continue with an average of around 10-25 millimetres per day. Aurangabad district will also get around 10-20 millimeters on Friday and Saturday. Chance of heavy rain on Sunday. Carefully clear water from the fields to avoid accumulation.

Jayakwadi is 57% full.


Special Day for Gujarat..Much needed Rains:

Vag. Shitij from Surat gives this data: 3 days heavy rainfall for Surat; till 6 a.m..12th August 75 mms, 13th August 108 mms and 14th August 104 mms ...and continuing...

Below table sent by Vag. Nilesh Ladhad (Valsad)

Fairly widespread and good rainfall will continue in Gujarat this weekend (Sat/Sun) also.

Valsad will get fairly frequent showers next 2 days. Around 30-50 mms/day.

Mumbai: 14th/15th/16th: Frequent on-off showers with a few heavy spells. Showers with gusty winds will occur during the weekend.

Lake areas got 100-200 mms rainfall in the last 2 days.Lakes supplying water are 65% full and storage for 8 months available today. 

Pune; Cool weekend with days around 24/25c..occasional rains around 15-25 mms per day this weekend.

Panshet at 81%, Khadakvasla at 99 %, Warasgaon at 67 %,Mulshi at 78%, Pawna at 59%.

Goa: Heavy showers from this weekend..around 30-50 mms /day.

Delhi: Moderate showers continue, Some areas will get heavy rainfall. 


Mihir said...

Rainfall data of 7/7/2020...please rectify error

Rajesh said...

Mihir: Corrected..Thanks.

NilaY Wankawala said...

wonderful to keep blog updated through out the SWM season as always been over the years with reliable figures and forecasting ... This season for mumbaikars, inspite of getting very good rains in city and suburbs, the race is still on to fill up the lakes. Really appreciating efforts of all vagarians and the blog who are continiously keeping a tab on this count and updating the vital data.

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