Monday, April 30, 2018

Posted Monday 30th April:

In Pakistan, Nawabshah records 50.2c, Jacobabad 50.1c, Pad Idan 49.1c on Monday 30th Nawabshah 50.2c is new Asia record for April.

(On 19th April 2017, first ever 50.0 c temperature in April in Asia has been recorded at Larkana (Sindh).


sset said...

How Mumbai topography and climate has changed since last 200 years !
Early 1800 Mumbai was beautiful thick forest 7 islands...
Today MAHA has series eco friendly credits...

(1) Today Mumbai is India greenest city with maximum trees

If we consider Navi Mumbai and Thane count may reach over 1 crore trees !

(2) Maharashtra greenest state with 50 crore trees by next few years

(3) Maharashtra wettest SWM some places (konkan) in India with peak 10000mm annual rain!

(4) Mumbai/Navi Mumbai first city for total plastic cover ban

(5) Mumbai / coastal Maha highest mangrove forest cover - attracting delightful flamingos

(6) Navi Mumbai cleanest city of India - swach bharat abiyan

(7) Mumbai/Navi Mumbai wettest city during SWM

I hope other states learn from Maharashtra....

Konkani Don said...

What a joke? Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai/ konkan is wettest not because of trees. It gets so much rain because of geography.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Heat is catching up - Seasonal Low parameter is improving I guess

Karan Kumbhar said...

Sir , when is next spell of premonsoon rain expected over Maharashtra?

Could we see some in 2nd week of May ?

Abizer kachwala said...

Its turning too hot konkan ....sultry weather is adding to discomfort.As all the parameters are still negative,it looks like monsoon will get delayed for Mumbai beyond 14th-15th june.

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