Friday, April 10, 2015

Cool Sunday 12th for Hyderabad (India), as cloudy weather and showers will keep the day around 29/30c. Rain frequency decreases after Monday noon.

Mumbai: Cloudy Sunday..warm at 31/32c. 
As mentioned yesterday, Mumbai will get rains on Monday. With the day around 30/31c, Mumbai will get light rains in the day, amounting to 5-7 mms.

Showers in Pune again on Monday, after a possible respite on Sunday.

Saturday 11th April: Max temp and rainfall (Till 8.30 pm IST from 8.30 am ...12 hrs ) of some Maharastra cities:

Sangli 33.7c  28 mms
Aurangabad  35.0c   6 mms
Akola   37.8c    26 mms
Beed    35.4c   23 mms
Pune AP  35.4c   4 mms.

Heavy rains in Belgaum on Saturday, amounting to 33 mms in 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm IST. Max temp 31.3c.
Bhubaneshwar measured 2 mms.

Sindh Pakistan remains dry.

Posted Friday 10th Night:

One of the parameters that form in the Peninsula region is a Line of Wind Discontinuity...and that seems to be forming well this year, with it running right across from Maharatstra to the Southern tip of India...with chances of the LWD shifting Eastwards by Saturday...Resultantly, thunder showers are expected in Interior Maharashtra from Saturday till Wednesday next week.....
Expected weather for the Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th in:

Mumbai: Partly cloudy, with days around 32c, but stuffy nights. Light rains expected on Monday evening...
Surrounding townships like Panvel, Roha or Pen regions can also expect showers on Monday /Tuesday. More rains on Tuesday.
Pune: Saturday will be partly cloudy before noon, with the high touching 34c, but getting overcast by late afternoon, resulting in thunder showers in the evening. Drop in temperatures.
Sunday will be cloudy with maybe light rains in some parts.
Saturday showers likely in Lonavala and Mahableshwar.

Nagpur: Saturday will again touch 38c like Friday. Thunder showers in the evening..around 5-10 mms.
Sunday will be much cooler, not exceeding 32c, but again, heavy showers in parts of Nagpur. May exceed 15 mms..
Heavy rains expected on Monday.

Akola: After a hot 40.7c Friday, Saturday: cloudy with thunder showers in the evening. Day will be at 35c, but showers in the evening will cool the atmosphere.
Sunday. Cool and cloudy, with showers late afternoon. Days high not exceeding 32c.

Aurangabad: Saturday. Heavy thunder showers expected in the evening night. Can expect around 35-40 mms . From Friday's 38c, Temperatures will drop from a Saturday day's high of 33c to 22c by evening.
sunday: Cloudy with chances of light rains in the clearing by night.

Kolkata: Expect a thunderstorm dropping around 10 mms on Sunday evening.
Light rains expected on Sunday in Bhubaneshwar also.

Hot weather this weekend in Delhi NCR.

Please put in request if any for any sub continent city for this weekend weather.


vikas hunk gay said...

Is there any chance of heavy rain in Indore or Ujjain in MP state in coming days?

Rajesh said...

vikas: In Indore and Ujjain, You can expect light rains in some parts on late saturday night. Sunday evening showers or thunder showers upto 5-10 mms expected.

R Srividhya said...

Why doesn't Hyderabad ever figure in the reports

Abhishek Apte said...

Hello Rajesh Sir.Please give me your email-id as I have many doubts regarding this field and I am also interested in this field.Or if you are on Facebook then please let me know.

Rajesh said...

R Srividhya: I do put up Hyderabad at times. Sometimes i feel feedback is less from there. Will put often in future.

Abhishek Apte: You can send a request to join the vagaries' group on facebook.

Unknown said...

Is there any chance of good rain for Coimbatore,Erode regions of Tamilnadu?

Unknown said...

Hello Sir, I am reading your blog for past 3 years(more than), i've learned many things about weather. Your blog has created interest over this area.
Thank you so much.

Rajesh said...

Prabhakaran Subramaniyam: Thanks for the kind words...and good to know that this humble blog has following in Coimbatore.
As the Line of Wind Discontonuity shifts east, we can expect a slight increase in rains in interior TN. Erode would get thunder showers on Sunday evening (5 -10 mms0, and Monday evening. Tuesday may see a thunder shower amounting to 10 mms.
Coimbatore can get evening showers in the vicinity on Sunday, but Monday will see good showers in city.

Dattaraj said...

As predicted here, Hyderabad is cloudy and small showers..

Rajesh Sir, though you may see less feedback on Hyderabad, there are good number of followers of your blog here :-).

Rajesh said...

Dattaraj: Yes, you have been a regular reader, i appreciate that.
Thanks for the following, will add Hyderabad more often...

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