Friday, February 20, 2009

One W.D. passes and another appears, though weak, but the movement is almost non-stop.Currently there is one over Kashmir, and another one on the way expected in 2 days !!
Result: Cold weather has totally vanished from almost all of the Indian region. Save and bar the
Himalayan region. In H.P. too, there have been very high temeratures las month, with Simla going to an all time Jan. high.

But in spite of the frequent systems in the north, much of India remains deficient in rain for the current season. This is due to the system remaining too far in the north.

Ok, I have been constantly repeating and commenting on the high and above normal temperatures in India last month. Several record highs were observed in India last month as shown in my past blogs, and constant warm weather in our region.

Well, the constant movements of W.D.'s have almost wiped out any chance of any reviving winter in the Indian Sub Continent. Temperatures, day and night continue to be warm, and today, 20th., it seems to have crossed all limits. The unusual heat has spread eastwards towards Myanmar and Thailand. Today, the highest in the region, and in Asia, was 41c at Prome, Myanmar ! 5 places in Thailand were at 39c. Map alongside shows the unusual heat today.

Goa was 39.2c (+7) today !! Now, this is the highest EVER recorded at Goa, for ANY MONTH !! The previous high was 39c. in 1975.( Feb record was 36c before today).

Delhi was 30c today and that is also +5. I think, we could normally expect it to touch 30c in Delhi by mid-March. Certainly not mid February !
The departure map from IMD shows the warm picture of the above normal regions of India.

Does it mean an early Summer ? Well. it is already early with such high and above normal temperatures. But not necassarily a very hot summer in the remaining months of the Indian summer. Summer starts here in March thru June.

So, there can be a lot of variations still with the weather patterns changing either way.

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