Friday, February 27, 2009

The heat has now really caught on in India. Abnormal temperatures, equal to end March readings, are now prevailing throughout the Indian plains of the north, central and south.

Temperatures have touched the 40c mark. Normally, as per my personal observations, the first 40 is normally reached in the Indian sub continent in the 5th.-10th. March period. On 25th. of February this year, Bhubaneshwar in Orissa reached 40.4c. Brings to memeories the killer heat wave of Orissa a few years ago, when it was 50c at Titlagarh. On the 25th. Titlagarh was 37.4c.

Yes, it is a heat wave now too,with temperatures 6-8c above normal !!

Todays, 27th. temperature map shows no respite. A single 40, and a few 39's. The nights are almost unbearable at 8 above normal. This link of IMD shows the deviation.

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