Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mild Winters...Continue...
Parts of Japan and China, on analysis of their winter statistics have declared the 2006-2007 winter season to be their warmest on record. This comes on the back of similar claims made by the UK and parts of Europe this week.
The warm winter also set records in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, for being the first winter on record not to have seen any snow ( since records began in 1876 ). The average date for the first snow of winter to be seen is normally 2nd January. The previous record for the latest appearance of snow was February 10th in 1960, but as February came and went, this record was well and truly smashed.
In China, Shanghai and the capital Beijing experienced their warmest winters on record ( Shanghai records began in 1873 ). The average temperature in Shanghai over the winter was 7.3C (45F), some 2.3C above the long-term average.Beijing also broke a 160 year old high temperature record when it recorded a temperature of 16C (61F) on 5th February.Meanwhile, Hong Kong recorded its warmest February on record with both the February mean temperature of 19.5C (67F) and the mean daily minimum temperature of 17.8C (64F) being the highest ever seen there.

W.D. coming again:
Meanwhile for Pakistan and India,another "big" W.D. is on its way.It is expected to rain over central and N.Pakistan from 8th.March. N.India hills will get snow and the plains of Punjab,Delhi,Rajasthan and parts of M.P. will get rain from 9th.

Subsequently,cooler weather will cover much of the central and northern parts of India and Pakistan.

Mumbai will see a definite cooler clime from 9th. onwards.Mumbaites will find a pleasantly better weather straight upto the 15th. of March.

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