Thursday, February 08, 2007

There have been thunderstorms here this week much as one would expect in early March rather than the dry months of winter. At Chittagong, Bangladesh, rainfall on Monday into Tuesday was 84 mm. This is almost as much rain as normally falls in the first three months of the year. Today, 40mm downpour hit Balasore, Orissa, more than one February`s worth of rain.
These rains result from the above-normal warmth that has settled over the Subcontinent this month together with a strong sub-tropical jet stream which has dipped southward over Bangladesh and eastern India.

A trough and cold front will shift to western Pakistan by the 9th (Friday) and to the northern Subcontinent on the 10th and 11th. This will bring the first widespread rains (thunderstorms, mountain snows) in weeks to Aghanistan, Pakistan and northern India. The result will be a cold wave ,on sunday/Monday in N.India and Central India(including Maharashtra and Gujarat).

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