Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mumbai Weather:

Taking stock of the Mumbai local weather this year,shows a warm trend and frequent "heat waves" during winter. Again,today the temperature has risen to 36°c at Santacruz,and 35°c at Colaba.Santacruz was 36°c,which is 4°c above,for the fourth day running !Now,this has frequented too often this winter.In the attached graph of Mumbai,the first diagram of the last 30 days shows a big patch of red(above normal),and that too for most of the days.The second diagram indicates that the average temperature this time in Jan/Feb has been above normal by almost 2°c ! And that means considerably warmer than usual !

Even the nights are far too warm for comfort.The minimum was 24°c,which is 7°c above !

Infact,the entire Gujarat and Maharashtra region has heated up,with the hottest spot today being Baroda and Surat at 37°c.The heated area is clearly seen in the map.

Mumbai is hot due to strong inland winds,and lack of northerly winds.The winds should reverse from the 24/25th.of Feb.Whatever the reasons,the city has been deprived of any meaningful winter this season.

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