Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Indian peninsular is covered on both sides by low pressure systems.To the east the depression has today stationed itself over Jharkhand and adjoining West Bengal. It has caused heavy rain and flooding in W.Bengal and Bangladesh. The depression may move in a North Westerly direction through Jharkhand,Chatisgarh and East M.P.By then,it may curve northwards,if the low in the Arabian Sea is to move North East.All along it will produce heavy rain,but may leave the rain in Gujarat and Maharashtra to the Arabian Sea low.

Now, the other low in the East Central Arabian Sea is today off the Saurashtra coast.The IMD and another model expect it to move North East,that is towards Gujarat.Saurashtra coast has recieved good rain in the last 24 hrs. with Ranavav getting 9cms. and Porbunder 7cms. among others getting between 3-6cms.That is because the anti clockwise winds of the system are now covering a part of Saurashtra.The core of the low is at present producing very heavy rain and may move faster than the bay depression.The next 24hrs. will show its ultimate intention.If it gains strenght,then the two states of Guarat and Maharashtra will get heavy rains,specially along the coast.

This development has again delayed the withdrawal process of the monsoon.Temperatures in Rajasthan and Kutch are still not high to form the high pressure ridge.

The two systems from the bay are the remnants of the busy West Pacific,still producing severe typhoons.

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Cyclone "MUKDA" in the Arabian Sea will take a U turn within 12 hours and is expected to weaken and go back to sea and decipate over next 48 to 60 hours.

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