Sunday, September 17, 2006

The sudden formation of an embedded low in the Arabian Sea off the N.Maharastra- S.Gujarat coast, rain activity has suddenly increased in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Areas recieved between 5 to 9 cms of rain. The sudden formation of the low in the trough running along the west coast has also resulted in the creation of an east west shear zone running along 19° due to the low in the bay off the A.P. coast. The low in the bay has now become well marked and is expected to move inland .

A notable feature was the remarkable and extreme variation of rain within Mumbai. Different locations in Mumbai, from North to South, within a range of 35kms., recorded heavy rain in a short peroid between 5.30pm. and 7.00pm.-Bhandup:80mm, Tulsi lake:75mm, Borivali:62mm, Malad:39mm, Santa cruz:24mm, Colaba:1mm. The variation was a very clear example of micro weather over urban areas. That is the formation of huge rising thunder clouds over urban areas due to urban uneven heating and precipitating more rain in spurts.

The seasonal anticyclone has also formed over Rajasthan, thus resulting in the drier air settling down over the area and resulting in the reversal of the monsoon winds. However the monitoring of the two lows is important now, and the winds feeding the low are gaining ground over the peninsular area. Hence, rains will gradully increase in A.P. and all over Maharastra soon. Gujarat may see a decrease in rains in a day.

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