Sunday, February 18, 2024

This Year, the general impression may be its "Hotter than Normal" or "There is no Winter"..
So, Some facts on February Behavior till 18th:

Highest this year (Feb) yet in 2024: 36.2c on 2nd 
Highest Ever Recorded : 39.6c on 25th 1966

Normal Average February Daily Maximum : 31.7c
Average Daily Maximum this year till 18th: (Approx) 32.0c

Lowest this this year (Feb) yet in 2024: 16.7c on 11th
Lowest ever Record :8.5c on 8th ,2008

Normal Average February Daily Minimum: 18.1c
Average Daily Minimum this year till 18th:  18.9c

All Facts threadbare>>> You Decide

Data courtesy IMD
Presentation Courtesy Vagaries.

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