Friday, October 16, 2020

BB- 10 effect creeping into Gujarat

Posted 16thOctober Friday 1 pm

BB-10, emerges into the Arabian Sea as a Well Marked Low. Likely to track away from the Indian coastline.

But as it moves away, Saurashtra, Gujarat Region likely to get showers on Sunday 18th thru Tuesday 20th.. under its influence. Saurashtra, can expect showers on Monday/Tuesday.

BB-11 forming around 20th at 15N and 95E. To track West wards, almost along same path as BB-10.

(Torrential rains may occur in Goa mid next week {21st}

Kolkata should expect good showers after 21st (When we may expect BB-12 to form and move towards Bengal)...More details of BB-12 later next week.

Mumbai, same as estimated, not much rains this weekend. Showers early next week before Monsoon withdrawal.

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sset said...

What is happening to NEM onset ? Forecast for SE India - TN / SAP -> NEM are its lifeline else complete drought.

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