Friday, January 17, 2020

Niphad 2.4
Pimpalgaon 3.4
Gangapur Dam 3.8
Karanjad 3.9
Khedgaon 4.1
Kasbe Vani 4.5
Gajarwadi 4.7
Varkheda 4.7
Deogaon 4.8
Satana 4.9
Patoda 5.0
Kalwan 5.2
Lasalgaon 5.2
Mohadi 5.3
Musalgaon 5.4
Agar BK 5.7
Umrane 5.7
Dighwad 5.8
Mokbhangi 5.8
Trimbakeshwar 5.8
Vithewadi 5.8
Abhona 5.9
Dangsaudane 5.9
Hisaval 5.9
Virgaon 5.9
Nashik 6.0
Nashik Dist details from Shivkumar

Map by Vagarian Tejas and data compiled by Vagarian Abhijit

Some of the Temperature
s on 17th morning...
Santa Cruz saw a high of 25.3c and a low of 11.4c.
Vagaries Club 13c
Colaba was 26- 14.5c.
 Pune 8.2c...Aurangabad 8.1c
Mahableshwar lake 3.9c

Detailed map coming 


Abizer kachwala said...

Can I also know the minimum temp of Panvel today

Rajesh said...

Abizer...will put up in map

Abizer kachwala said...

Panvel minimum was 8.6 degree from Hosalikar sir IMD

Sunny said...

How about vasai temp

emkay said...

2012 I remember using a heater at Panvel in the night.

sset said...

Maybe who knows 1 day this may happen way climate is changing
Maharashtra Satara district SWM 2019 - became worlds wettest place (who would have imagined this ?)

Maybe 1 day snow may start falling over Maharashtra

  3rd March   The WD has arrived and was a blessing for has filtered the air Delhi recorded a 24-hour average air quality index (...