Monday, December 25, 2017

Posted 25th December Night:

Weather for the Indian Sub Continent for the next 4 days till year end.

1.  Northern Hills will see some rains/snow on 26th. Foggy weather in the Northern plains and cold air settling. As the WD (D-2) passes away, we see no rains in the Sub Continent from 27th- 31st December.

2. North Indian States of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi NCR will see moderate to dense fog on 26th/27th and 28 th . Night temperatures expected to remain constantly or around 2c lower. Delhi will be between 23/24c and 7/8c. Coolest place in the plains of India was Amritsar at 3.5c on Monday.

3. Constant East to South -East winds in Maharashtra next 4 days will see the larger variation in day-night temperatures. Days will be 28c-30c in the Interior Maharashtra regions of Madhya Mah/ Vidharbh with the nights falling to 10-12c.
Next 5 days : 
Mumbai will be between 31/32c and 16/18c. Around 15-16c variation day and Night. 
Pune will see 28/29c and 10/12c.
Aurangabad will be sunny and days will be around 30c and night cooler at 12c.

4. Bangalore next 5 days: Misty mornings and slight clouds in the day. Temperatures between 26//27c and 15c.
Chennai will be partly cloudy with the days around 29/30c and nights just better at 22c.
And Kolkata also dry in the range of 26/27c and 14c

5. In Sindh on Monday, Mithi was the coldest at 5.5c.
Karachi was betwee 25c and 13.5c on Monday.
 Kamra (Pak Punjab) was coolest at 1.5c.
Islamabad was lowest at 4.5c and Lahore 5c.

The 200 Jet Streams and its Importance in Weather Making....A brief explanation being compiled and in the making, shall be put up on here on Tuesday 26th Night. 

Our Vagaries Mentioned in International Press: "The Washington Post"

For the first time, Hits from US have exceeded hits from India today: USA 44.6% and India 44.4%.


NilaY Wankawala said...

Proud moment for Rajesh sir and vagaries of weather as The Washington post reads

"Weather wonks such as Srikanth are scattered around India. In the financial hub of Mumbai, 64-year-old retired businessman Rajesh Kapadia has become a local hero for the predictions on his blog, Vagaries of the Weather. Kapadia’s passion for meteorology started when his father gave him a wall-mounted thermometer as a teenager. At first, people mocked his weather obsession. “They thought I was a madman looking at clouds,” he said."

Congratulations .....

Paresh said...

Way to go, Rajesh! Kudos to you and the Vagaries team!

It's a given in my house, that when I speak of weather, I must be quoting from the Vagaries blog. Especially during the Mumbai monsoons, when the newspaper forecast says one thing and Vagaries says the other, I stick my neck out for Vagaries, and rarely have I had to eat my words!

Strong Western Disturbance is seen affecting the country and the subcontinent. Heavy rain and snow reported from Himalayas, and rain/thunder...