Friday, March 13, 2009

Observe todays maximum day temperatures in the map. The heat wave has spread north, with many a stations recording temperatures in the mid-30s. The 41c in the central area is at Akola (Mah.).

Now, with a couple of circulations forecasted to form in the central peninsula region (over Mah.), the next 3 days should see rain/thundershowers in Maharashtra and north A.P./Karnatak. My friend in Mahableshwar informs of a thunderstorm there today. Reports of rain today are in from Pune and Kolhapur in Mah.

This formation and situation is mainly due the excessive heat prevailing since the last few weeks, and the southwesterlies in the lower levels.

Mumbai can recieve a thundershower on Saturday/Sunday evening.

Resultantly, the entire region (of Mah. and A.P.), now overheated, should see a fairly good drop in the day temperature from Saturday. I think, the temperatures in the central region of India, that is the peninsula region, should see around normal days till the 25th.of this month.

I forecast this cooling down for the next 10 days, as a few international models have forecast a fairly strong W.D. approaching northern India from the 17th. The rains are likely over the hills of northern India from the 17th. and should be fairly good over the plains from the 18th./19th.

The plains of Punjab and Haryana and Delhi too can recieve welcome showers around the 20th.

The entire region will see a drop in day temperatures after the initial summer heating had started. Delhi was 35c today (13th.)

The W.D. is expected to linger on in the western U.P. region till the 22nd.
In the south, a ligering "vortex", is expected to bring and precipitate rain in Kerala during the next 3/4 days.

No, this is nothing connected with "Global Warming" (I am hearing too much of it), and as far as the monsoon is concerned, its too early to say anything, We still have the full throttle of April heat coming.

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