Sunday, January 18, 2009

Himalayan States of North India have experienced the brunt of the recent W.D. with heavy snow on the mountains and rains in the plains. Precipitations was recorded in Punjab, Haryana Rajasthan and Uttaranchal.Today,18th, Leh recorded a high of -2c and a low of -10c and Kargil a high of -4c and -13c as the low.

But , as of today, the scene is different elsewhere in the country.Minimum temperatures are above normal by 5-9° C over most parts of Rajasthan, west Madhya Pradesh and by 3-5°C over plains of northwest India and east Madhya Pradesh.
Highs of 35c and 36c were recorded on the 17th./18th. along the west coast and Mumbai had 35c as the high on the 17th. (map).
Mumbaites recall last year's lows of 8.5c at S'Cruz,and 11.8c at Colaba,and are anxiously waiting for a drop in temperatures this winter.Well, nothing of the sort is foreseen this year.
Shiraz, from Mahableshwar informs of a very mild winter in the hill station, with the minimum temperatures not sliding below 13c this year. He remembers the frost and freezing conditions of last year. Shiraz, I do not see that drop this year !!

In fact, from the IMD table chart in the weekly weather report, if we see Maharshtra readings ( S.No. 23,24,25,26) , weekly minimum temperatures are observed to be above normal to "appreciably above normal" on most days.

The temperatures could now fall, as the W.D. is moving away, and the cold air and clear skies in the rear of the system is moving eastwards.

A weak easterly wave could bring some rain to the south TN coast on the 19th./20th.

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