Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Heat Wave in Mumbai.

The heat in Mumbai has literally crossed all limits in Mumbai.The last two/three days have been unbearably hot(see last posting in blog),and has hit all time highs in temperatures.Jan 30th.2007 recorded 36.2°c at colaba,which is above normal by 7°c for this day.The previous highest for Jan at colaba was 35.6°c on 16th.Jan 1965.
At SantaCruz,the temoerature was 36.4°c on 31st.Jan.2007 which is 5°c above normal.The prevoius high was 36.2°c on 17th.Jan 1961.

Sevaral places in India are still on above normal temperatures ranging from 4-8°c above.Bhubaneshwar 35.8 (+06) , Goa (Panjim) 35.5 (+04 ).

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