Saturday, October 07, 2006

The persistant remnant of 05B in the Arabian Sea has finally dissoved and is now converted to a trough of low presurre off the west coast.The trough should be active for another day or two and precipitate more rain in interior Maharashtra and may keep the widhrawal on hold for a couple of days. No major weather development may take place in the regions of Maharashtra,Gujarat and the central peninsular from the 9th.,resulting in the widhrawal of the monsoon.The developing low in the bay,will then move towards the South India coast and commence the North East Monsoon.

As mentioned,the temperatures in the areas devoid of the monsoon are high for this time with Turbat in Pakistan going to 44°c today,and Ganganagar in Rajasthan at 41°c.However the minimums are 1-2°c above the normal.

An interesting development is the returning trend of the El Nino.
NASA satellites indicate El Nino has returned to the tropical Pacific Ocean, although in a relatively weak condition that may not persist.
During the past several weeks, satellites have observed a general warming of ocean temperatures. However it still weak and the progress has to be monitored.


Anonymous said...

i read your blog along with andrews of accuweather. Its really good content in your blog. I just need to know the convective clouds seen in the bay near andamans today will turn into a low and come near tamil nadu coast.

One more, When will the north east monsoon is going to set in tamil nadu.

srirraman vk

rajesh said...

Srirraman VK,

Thanks for your comments.The convective clouds over the Bay is the formation of a low ,now over the upper air,which will eventually form in the lower levels,mybe in two days.The N.East monsoon,in my opinion will set in over Tamil Nadu after the dull period I have mentioned in my blog from the 9th.Monsoon should set in by the 15th.and begin with fairly widespread rains.

Please give your e mail for further correspondence.

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