Saturday, August 27, 2011

With a firm UAC "pushing" from central India, we see good amounts of rainfall around the system, that is in the region of south Gujarat, North Mah and Konkan on Sunday and Monday. These regions could see rain amounts of 50-70 mms in several places per day, with heavy falls up to 150 mms in a few places.

Sunday, Vidharbha and rest of Mah will see precipitation in the range of 20-40 mms in several places.
However, some rainfall will be creeping into Saurashtra and North Gujarat from Sunday.

It would be fair to forecast the movement of clouds and rain from the systems to move along the Sindh coast from Monday. The coast could see rains on Monday. Karachi will have clouds, and rain up to 10 mms on Tuesday, and lighter showers on Wednesday.

Mumbai Special:

On Saturday, rainfall was intermittent and heavy in Mumbai, and more so in the Northern suburbs. During the day, up to 8.30 pm on Saturday, Colaba measured 67 mms, while it was 132 mms at S'Cruz. Thus averaging 99 mms.


Sunday: Wet and soaking. Intermittent rains, with periods of heavy rains. Could be with thunder and gusty winds. Some areas prone to flooding may see water logging. Rain amount 75-90 mms (average).

Monday: Again wet with frequent showers, some heavy. Rains mostly during the day, with decreasing intensity from evening. Rain amount 55-70 mms (average).

Levels of all the lakes supplying water to Mumbai are showing a steady rise. On 27th, the total storage was 1490 Mcum, against a full capacity of 1583 Mcum. That works out to be 11.9 lmlitres today, against a full of 13.0 lmlitres.


emkay said...

heaviest precipitation of the last 3 days. orange/red color Radar band across the city moving north-east

svt said...

Right now mcgm site showing over 220mm of rains in last 24 hrs for most of mumbai. And looking at forecast we could get another 200mm of rains in next 48hrs. Since morning its raining like there is no tomorrow in dadar, almost 80mm of rains in last 4 hrs.

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