Wednesday, January 31, 2024

 Delhi ...January 2024

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 31st January..

After a 100% deficiency in rainfall/snowfall, the WDs have begun, and moving in over the next two days.

Srinagar, Manali, Shimla, besides other stations in the hills will see their first snowfall.

Strength expected upto 6th as 2 systems are lined up.

Potential risks in vulnerable regions of avalanches. 

Systems will bring uncertain weather till 6th February. 

Nights expected to get colder from 31st in interior Maharashtra and Mumbai/Pune 



Monday, January 29, 2024

 29th January...2024

South India Hills  shiver..

Mercury dips below 1C as frost covers areas in Ooty

Ooty, a popular hill station in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, saw mercury drop to 0.8 degrees Celsius on Sunday (Jan 28), thus transcending into a frosty landscap Media reports said up to an inch of ice was found stacked on parked vehicles.

Even on Monday morning (Jan 29), the impact of frost was seen in areas like the Government Botanical Garden, BRICS Open Ground, Boat House, etc. 
The temperature in the Thalaigunda area dipped further down to 0 degrees Celsius.

Excerpts from WION

Sunday, January 28, 2024

2 Month Dry spell ending soon with much needed showers in North India...

Delhi NCR can get first proper spell of winter rain/thunderstorms on 31st January and 1st February with chance of some hail...windy weather in early February with good Air quality.

From 31st onwards daytime may become pleasant

28th Evening Post:


The warming up of the Mumbai region started this weekend from 26th January,  and Santa Cruz touched a high of 34c on 27&28th. Now, expected to reach 35c by 30th. The upward trend seen here, is due to the change of wind direction to an unseasonal shift to SE and Westerly. 

On 28th, the Interior MMR showed Highs of:

Karjat 35.4c

Kalyan 35

Badlapur 34.8

Navi Mumbai 34.7

Thane 34.5

Mira road 34.2

Mumbai SCZ 34.2

Information from Vag. Abhijit.

This does not indicate an end to Mumbai Winter, as Mumbaikars are fearing. 

With the advent of a much awaited Western Disturbance (WD) in the North from 30th. With another back to back WD on the 2nd of February, Mumbai will be swept by the cool and welcome North winds from 1st.

Days will start getting cooler from Thursday 1st February, and humidity will reduce to a large extent, wiping away the sweat.

Expect a drop in temperatures from 1st Thursday, as the city sees the refreshing cooler North winds, bringing the mercury lower to 14/16c around 3rd February. 


Seeing the hotter days now at 32c. Relief after 30th, for the days to drop to 29c, and nights again at pleasant level of  11//12c. by 1st February.

Gujarat: Most of Gujarat region and Saurashtra are now in the 31c range and around 13c at night.

Cooling period will start from Wednesday 31st.

Bharuch is now showing a day temperature warm at 32c and nights at 16c. Expect a little warming till 30th. From Wednesday, the days will get cooler and nights at around 12c

Cold day in UP

 28th January...Another very cold day in UP in the last leg of January...🌁

Attached are the maximum temperatures and their departures from the normal. Data source: IMD

Shahjahanpur: 12.0c (-10c)

Meerut: 12.6c (-9c)

Moradabad: 12.6c (-9c)

Bahraich: 14.2c (-8c)

Aligarh: 14.6c (-7c)

Gorakhpur: 15.4c (-7c)

Ayodhya: 16.0c

Ballia: 16.0c (-6c)

Hardoi: 16.5c (-6c)

Agra: 18.1c (-7c)

Lucknow: 18.2c (-5c)

The long 2 month dry spell over the Northern Region likely to end soon....Light Rain likely in west UP, Delhi NCR, Punjab on 31Jan, 1 Feb.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

 24th January...Evening 

Mumbai Air Quality..Improvement seen

Vagaries had explained earlier,when AQI in Mumbai was "poor" at 200+, that the deterioration is dye to the trapped air due to " Air Inversion ". A meteorological phenomena. That explained the trapped pollution for 4/ 5 days.  Or the accumulation of pollution due to no winds.

As the winds strengthen,  and the North West winds commenced this Month, Mumbai saw a marked improvement in the AQI, air quality. The figures below indicate a fairly stable and tolerable quality of air in Mumbai.

Silent are the complaints and blames now.

As is said, " one sees only the ⚫️ dot on the white screen " 😉

Weather forecast from Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th January

Mumbai: Dry weather with cooler nights to continue till 25th/26th January. Days to be around 31C and nights around 15C. Temperatures to start rising from 26th January, with days getting hotter to around 34C by the weekend and nights can remain around 18C. 

Interior konkan will see cooler nights, but hotter days than Mumbai. Daytime temperature can touch 35C by the weekend in interior regions of Thane/Palghar/Raigad/Ratnagiri districts. 

Pune: Very cool nights of around 10C to continue for another day or two. Night temperatures to rise to around 15C by the weekend, with days also getting warmer to 32-33C. 

Winter is not over yet and another round of cooler weather can be expected in the next week. 

The exceptional dry phase for Western Himalayas is finally about to end. 

A weak Western Disturbance will give light-moderate snowfall in the higher elevations during 25th-26th January, with the most chance for Kashmir, Ladakh and northern Himachal Pradesh (Lahaul/Spiti). 

A slightly stronger WD is likely around 28th January, with the heaviest precipitation in Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh and northern HP regions. Uttarakhand will get rain/snow mainly in higher ranges. 

A third WD may impact northern India around 31st January/1st February and this could be the strongest of the 3 with possible impacts even in the plains. 

Maximum temperature continues to run below normal in UP

Significant below-normal maximum temperatures continue in UP 

Attached is the maximum temperature on 23 January and their departure from normal (in brackets)

Agra: 16.5c (-7c)

Aligarh: 12.6c (-7c)

Ballia: 13c

Banda: 14c

Bijnor: 11.2c (-9c)

Ghaziabad: 15.6c

Ghazipur: 14.5c

Kanpur: 16c (-7c)

Lakhimpur Kheri: 13c (-8c)

Lucknow: 18.1c (-5c)

Moradabad: 10.5c

Muzaffarnagar: 10.1c (-9c)

Meerut: 13.9c (-8c)

Prayagraj: 13.4c (-10c)

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

 23rd Jan 2023>>.U.P.. shivers in Extreme Night Temperatures:

Lowest Plains Temperature in Meerut @1.5c...

Monday, January 22, 2024

Severe cold day conditions in large parts of UP on 22 Jan

 Severe cold day conditions continue in UP on 22 January

Attached is the maximum temperature and their departure from normal.

Moradabad: 12.5c (-7c)

Agra: 11.5c (-12c)

Aligarh: 14.4c (-5c)

Bahraich: 16c (-6c)

Ballia: 16c (-5c)

Bareilly: 14.6c (-7c)

Bijnor: 11.8c (-8c)

Etawah: 15c (-5c)

Jhansi: 15.1c (-9c)

Meerut: 14.1c (-8c)

Varanasi: 16c (-7c)

Prayagraj: 12.8c (-11c)

Muzaffarnagar: 14.8c (-5c)

Shahjahanpur: 15.5c (-4c)

Very cold day conditions continues in Indo-Gangetic plains

21st January...

Significant below-normal maximum temperatures continue in north India. Attached is the maximum temperature and their departure from normal (in brackets). Data source: IMD


Lucknow: 12.6c (-10c)

Meerut: 13.4c (-9c)

Bahraich: 11.4c (-11c)

Agra: 18.3c (-5c)

Aligarh: 12.6c (-7c)

Bareilly: 12.5c (-9c)

Ayodhya: 15.5c

Banda: 14.2c

Etawah: 15c

Muzaffarnagar: 13.4c (-6c)

Sultanpur: 15.6c (-6c)

Varanasi: 16.6c (-7c)

Shahjahanpur: 11c (-9c)

Moradabad: 14.5c (-5c)


Amritsar: 9.5c (-8c)

Bhatinda: 10.2c (-9c)

Ferozepore: 10.1c

Ludhiana: 12.4c (-6c)

Patiala: 10.7c (-8c)

Pathankot: 11.2c


Ambala: 10.3c (-8c)

Bhiwani: 11.5c

Chandigarh: 9.4c (-9c)

Gurugram: 14.1c

Hissar: 11c (-9c)

Rohtak: 11.4c (-9c)

Panipat: 11.4c

Jammu Kashmir

Jammu: 7.8c (-11c)

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Severe cold and fog continues in north India, respite from next week

Dense fog is observed at severe places in Indo-Gangetic plains on 21 Jan

Visibility recorded at 8:30am

Bhopal, Satna, Bareilly, Hissar, Jaisalmer: 25m

Meerut, Jhansi, Bikaner, Chandigarh, Churu, Jammu, Pantnagar, Patiala, Delhi, Agartala, Dhubri, Behar, Jalpaiguri, Gwalior, Guna, Rajgarh: 50m

Damho, Mandala, Lucknow, Purnea, Baghdogra, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Dehradun, Ambala: 200m

Cold day to severe cold day conditions will continue in West UP, Delhi, NCR, Haryana, and Punjab till 26 Jan with maximum temperatures 6-9c below normal.

Major respite from cold for north India plains is expected from 28 January onwards.

Friday, January 19, 2024

Extreme cold day conditions, attached is maximum temperature on 19 Jan and its departure from normal 

Haryana on 19 Jan:

Ambala: 11.9c (-6c)

Hissar: 11.8c (-7c)

Rohtak: 12.8c (-7c)

Narnaul: 17c (-2c)

Bhiwani: 11.6c

Gurugram: 11.7c


Amritsar: 12.5 (-5c)

Bhatinda: 12.2c (-8c)

Ludhiana: 9.8c (-7c)

Patiala: 11.4c (-7c)

Pathankot: 11.8c

Ferozepore: 10.9c


Meerut: 11c (-11c)

Jhansi: 10c (-12c)

Agra: 11.8c (-10c)

Hardoi: 12c, (-7c)

Kanpur: 11.8c, (-10c)

Muzaffarnagar: 11.5c, (-7c)

Shahjahanpur: 11c(-8c)

Lucknow: 12.9c (-8c)

Banda: 13.2c

Aligarh: 11.6c

Compiled by Vag Vineet 

 North India Fog...19th Morning

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

17th January 


The East winds shifted to North West direction. Resulting in

*On 16th/17th of this month, a short spell of pleasant temperatures ( 16/17°). 

* An improvement in the bustling City's air quality. The Air Quality Index fell from " Poor" ( 175) to "Good" ( 80).

This is chart on 16th...👇

All this brought smiles 😃 

Now, as the NW winds are going to relent, we may see the Air Quality Index rising again ( 140).

Today's chart 👇

OUTLOOK :The temperatures this week till 21st may remain in the range 

Day: 30/31° (Normal)

Night: 18/20° ( Slight above normal).


Outlook: Pune may still see some warm days around 31° and pleasant nights at 12/14°. 

Single digit still avoiding Pune.


*North India*

A strong Jet Stream across the North Indian plains, with winds at 150 knots,  has caused an High Pressure Region ( due to convergence).

This has resulted in

* Thick fog in the plains 

* Sharp drop in day and night temperatures. Almost sub zero temperatures. 

*The places in the plains of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi are colder than the Himalayan hill stations at night.

(Not unusual..for similar events check Vagaries Extreme Blog )

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

 Congratulations from Vagaries to The India Meteorological Department which enters into it's 150th year of existence today on the 15th of January 2024...our respect and greatfulness to all the scientists and officers at IMD who are and were  Associated with this great organisation serving India 🇮🇳 ..... Appreciating their service to the nation and congratulating them and wishing the best on this great milestone achievement occassion... 

👏 🙌 👌

Monday, January 15, 2024

15th January 

Was forunate to particpate in the 150 Anniversary celebrations of IMD Observatory at Mahabaleshwar On this auspicious day of Sankranti.

The IMD Mahabaleshwar team has put lots efforts and  saw good developments and upgradation since my last visit.

Was explained the working of the Observatory and realised it's Eco Importance. 

Thanks to Shri Vishal  Shri Dharmik and  Shri Svadesh for the kind invite for lunch and Hospitality.  

Sharing a few images.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

14th January 

Mumbai: Cool and pleasant weather expected for next 4 days in Mumbai region. With winds becoming northerly, daytime likely to be around 30°C and nights around 17-18°C. 

Wednesday 17th January may be the coolest with cool windy weather restricting max temperature to 27-28°C and minimum could possibly drop to around 16°C. 

Thane district will see cooler nights of around 14°C. 

Dahanu region can see slightly cooler max temperature than Mumbai. 

Madhya Maharashtra:

Mahabaleshwar now around 27-15° range, will gradually cool down to touch 9° by 18th.

Nashik region to see minimum dropping till around 12°C by Wednesday. 

Pune could see higher daytime temperature than Mumbai, with max around 31°C. Minimum can remain around 13-14°C, with outskirts more cooler.



Lows in the plains beat the Hill Stations of North...

Incessant January heat continues at Hill stations, on 13th January, 2024 Srinagar recorded 15.0°c maximum temperature appreciable above normal by 8.9°c, also this is the 6th highest ever max temperature for the month of Jan 🔥 

While Fog covered Jammu witnessed 8.9°c max lower compared to even Drass at 9.3°c at 3,300m height, Jammu's Tmax stayed in single digits for 4th day in a row. 

What say.."Vagaries of the Weather "

Report from Navdeep Dahiya.

14th Morning 👇

Chandigarh 3.2°C

Patiala 3.4°C

LodhiRoad 3.4°C

Safdarjung 3.5°C

Hisar 3.9°C

Ayanagar 4°C

Amritsar 4.1°C

Ridge 4.4°C

Palam 5.9°C

Thursday, January 11, 2024

11th January

Plains temperature sinks to sub zero !

Sikar reached sub-zero at -0.5°C, a first this season.

Churu at 1°c.

Narnaul in Haryana hit a sharp low of 2.5°C.



*Dry sunny weather. AQI around 125.

*Days: Current Temp: 4 days 32/33c....Bit warmer.

*Night: Current 23c....Next 3/4 days  18/19c.


* Days current Temp: 26c...Next 4 days 30c

Night: Current 17c...Next 4 days 13/14c.

single digit temp is not likely till 17 Jan.

Goa also expected to get warmer in the day to 32c..Nights around 21c.


Pan India

No rainfall expected in any region next 4 days.

The tropical trough over the Arabian sea that was redirecting tropical moisture towards western India along the western periphery of the anticyclone over east central India has moved west and weakened. Subtropical ridge to take over the Indian region in the days to come. (Courtesy Vag. Gokul)


See World Weather News Page for More on this:

Minimum Temperature Last 24h
01/11/2024 at 06:00 UTC
No.LocationStation IDAmount
1Yurty (Russian Federation)24588-55.8°C
2Iema (Russian Federation)24477-55.3°C
3Delyankir (Russian Federation)24691-55°C
4Agayakan (Russian Federation)24684-54.6°C
5Nera (Russian Federation)24585-54.5°C
6Ojmjakon (Russian Federation)24688-54.1°C
7Tompo (Russian Federation)24671-54°C
8Verhojansk (Russian Federation)24266-52.1°C
9Ohotsky Perevoz (Russian Federation)24871-51.8°C
10Ust'- Moma (Russian Federation)24382-51.6°C
11Susuman (Russian Federation)24790-51.5°C
12Teplyj Klyuch (Russian Federation)24771-51.4°C
13Toko (Russian Federation)31137-51.4°C
14Suhana (Russian Federation)24136-51.1°C
15Batagaj (Russian Federation)24263-51°C

Tuesday, January 09, 2024

 9th January 

Rain in various parts of North Mumbai 9th night

Cold day in Maharashtra ( don't compare with other places) 😉

Mahabaleshwar 18.9°c ..8 mm rain

Nagar 22.0°c...7 mm rain

Pune A.P. 24.2°c...4 mm rain

Parbhani 24.6°c

Pune 24.8°c...2 mm rain

Aurangabad 24.8°c

Several parts of Pune and Thane get light rains on 9th

Anomalous southerly moisture transport seen over western parts of peninsular India. Light Rainfall occurred over Pune and other Western districts of Maharashtra and parts of western Karnataka. Rainfall will gradually reduce from 11-Jan shifting to dry weather

By vag. Gokul 

Monday, January 08, 2024

Saturday, January 06, 2024

Weather outlook from Saturday 6th to Tuesday 9th January

Mumbai: The nominal nip during the night and early morning   from Sunday 7th / Monday 8th January  may remain. There is a chance of some cloudiness and light shower around Mumbai region during 7th-9th January. Temperatures may drop further during 9th/10th/11th January.

Mumbai in Dec 2023
Avg values for *Dec 2023*
*Clb tmax* 31.8...Tmin 22.9

Normal for Dec: 
Clb 31.7...24...
*So, almost normal*. 

*Dec 2023*:
*Scz* tmax 33.5...Tmin 21.1

Normal for Dec;
Scz 32.6. ..18.4
*So, overall much warmer*

Pune: Night time chill to remain absent till 8th/9th January. Increased clouding and some increase in humidity possible. Chance of rain during 7th-9th January.  

Madhya Maharashtra districts such as Pune, Satara, Nashik, Ahmednagar, Jalgaon, Dhule, Sangli, Solapur, Kolhapur can get some rain/thundershowers over next 2-3 days. Few places could see some hail. 

Some parts of Marathwada (Ch. Sambhajinagar, Jalna, Nanded, Latur, Dharashiv could also see some rain). 

Gujarat: Reduction in night time chill over next 3 days. Some rain/thundershowers possible in regions of Surat, Bharuch, Baroda, Godhra and outskirts of Ahmedabad mainly on Monday 8th January. Temperatures may drop from 9th January onwards. 

Thursday, January 04, 2024

 4th January

Day chill in Delhi..Coldest day of the season for Delhi NCR and adjoining region. ðŸ¥¶

Base observatory Safdarjung recorded 12.5°c maximum temperature which is 7° below normal while Palam Airport reported 11.4°c.

Tmax at other stations in NCR:

Jhajjar 10°c

Ghaziabad 10.8°c

Noida 11.1°c

Rohtak 11.2°c

Ridge 12.0°c

Lodi Road 12.6°c

Rajghat 13.6°c

Information by Navdeep Dahiya 

 4th January 

Pune: Can see some increasing cloudiness in the sky, with a chance of a light/moderate shower in few areas of the district. Night chill will reduce and minimum temperature will be above normal.

Madhya Maharashtra districts such as Ahmednagar, Satara, Kolhapur, Solapur may also get light rain in patches, not uniformly spread.

Moisture from the low pressure in the Arabian Sea will give some rain showers along west coast from Goa to Kerala

Compiled by Vag Shreyas 

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

2nd January : Cold Days 

Punjab and Haryana shivers as Coldblast 🥶 spread wings, more stations have joined single digit maximum temperature today;

Gurdaspur 9.0°c

Karnal 9.1°c

Ajnala #Amritsar 9.2°c

Balasmand 9.6°c

Fatehabad 9.9°c

Pathankot 10°c

Jind 10°c

Other stations with extreme day time cold: 

Moga 10.2°c

Amritsar 10.4°c

Kurukshetra 10.4°c

Hisar 10.5°c

Patiala 10.6°c

Ludhiana 11.4°c

Ambala 11.8°c

Rohtak 12.8°c

(Evening are super chilly as at 8PM temperature is already in the range of 7-9°c in most parts of Punjab Haryana Chandigarh Delhi NCR.)

Information Compiled by Navdeep Dahiya

Monday, January 01, 2024



The warm start to the Mumbai "Winter" will continue in the first week ( 1st -5th) of the New Year.

No major relief from the warmth seen in the first week of January. With the day temperature remaining above normal (+2c) at 31/32c, and nights around 18-20c, also above the normal (+3c), not much comfort is seen. In fact with some cloudy skies, there could be some humidity in the air.


The Pune weather will continue to be "just pleasant" in the first week of January. No drastic drop seen in the nights, may not see a single digit reading. Pune sees a single digit reading normally by end November or early december. Current season has dropped to 11c on 24th December.

Usual chill will be missing in Mahabaleshwar in the first week. Expect a temperature range of 25c (Day) and 13c (Night)

  21st  July afternoon post Comparative rain till 21st morning: Panji 2525 mms ( 100 ") and Ratnagiri 2572 mms ( 102") cross 100&q...