Sunday, February 27, 2022

Maharashtra/Mumbai Outlook for next week 28th February - 3rd March. 


Gradual diminishing of the "winter nip" Of the last few weeks. Days getting warmer to 34/35c ( currently 30/32c).

Nights not yet getting stuffy or warm as it may hover around 21/23c.

Low humidity and low sweat conditions will be the added advantage yet. 

Pune: Days are warm today at 35c..will see next week slightly warmer days now onwards around 37c. Nights pleasant still to remain comfortable around 18/19c.

Interior Konkan, (Karjat, Bhira, Badlapur Thane) where there are AWS & "part time" Weather Stations ( Non IMD), days next week may shoot to touch 40/42c.

Rest Maharashtra will be warming up, specially Vidharbh. ( 35/38c) 

All of Gujarat, and more South Gujarat coast may see some 2/3c rise in next week. 

Bharuch expected to reach 40c coming week. 

Other weather Outlook:

Quick snippets:

NCMRWF forecast for next week ⬇⬇⬇

Gujarat, Maharashtra and peninsular India (N.I.Karnatak )warming up gradually. ... 35/38c.

A low pressure area BB-2 is likely to form in the Bay of Bengal by March 1 and move in a northwest direction towards Tamil Nadu coast. Parts of coastal Tamil Nadu can get some rain during 3-4 March. 

A weak WD will affect western Himalayas during 2-3 March. 

Assisted by Vagarian Shreyas. 

Friday, February 25, 2022

February 25th/26th:

Snowfall in Himachal

Delhi Hailstorm 25th Night

 25th February 2022...The Hottest Places ( in order) in the Northern Hemisphere on 25th...Africa turns out to be hottest  ! 

And thru last year.. 2021, 

Kuwait – the hottest place on Earth in 2021

On June 22, the Kuwaiti city of Nuwaiseeb recorded the highest temperature in the world so far this year at 53.2C (127.7F).

 In neighbouring Iraq, temperatures reached 51.6C (124.8F) on July 1, 2021, with Omidiyeh, Iran, not far behind with a maximum temperature of 51C (123.8F) recorded so far. 

Several other countries in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia, recorded temperatures higher than 50C (112F) in June.

 Posted 25th February...

Dharamsala : Forecast and conditions  for T20 cricket match v/s Sri Lanka.....Cloudy weather with light showers possible

Afternoon Readings from Ladakh 

Friday, February 18, 2022

18th February Evening..

See Mumbai Air Quality below

Outlook for the Weekend and next 4 days...19th - 22nd..

Dry Weather except for the Andaman Islands (BB-1)...

Days to get warmer in Gujarat and all Peninsula ..May be hotter in Interior Maharshtra and N.I.Karnataka

Forecasted for 22nd..

Low, BB - 1,to fizzle out ⬇

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Loyalists of Vagaries, who have been with us for years, now please utilise your experience to explain this  ⬇

Something very amazing and bizarre..Vagarians can give an explanation for this in comments...please read and study the full

article, and explain this to me..

Shocking Cloud Pattern: Random Chance, An Unknown Phenomenon ?

 An unusual, if not disturbing, cloud pattern in the visible satellite imagery....18th November 2021.

I mean odd.

As shown below, you can see the object of concern.....a nearly perfect rectangle in the low clouds (mainly stratus and stratocumulus) due west of Baja California

Here is a closer view.   Wow.

What is particularly odd is that the box seems to nearly remain in place over time.  This is not normal.

We have some international experts on low clouds in the subtropics in my department. In the past, several have talked about human intervention to modify such clouds artificially as a tool to reduce global warming.

They assured me that no such experiment was going on and they could not explain this bizarre appearance.

The Guardian newspaper also emailed about it, asking if this feature is the result of global warming.  I assured them that there was no reason to expect that to be the case.  

(And Charles Mudede, the self-styled "Green Mussolini"  at the Seattle Stranger, also called, suggesting it was a "Wiccan rectangle."   He also noted that it could be related to "Lucifer's rectangle." )   

The truth is that the cloud rectangle is probably just a random natural phenomenon: with enough time a strange geometric pattern is bound to appear.  

But you never know....

Cliff Mass Weather Blog

Expecting experts to comment.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Clouds formation thru 16th February


 Very Good Air Quality Index in around Mumbai on Wednesday Evening 16th February. 

Pictures from Vagarians

Salil.. Dadar

Nilay.. Dahisar

Abhijit.. Badlapur

Rohit.. Andheri

Pavan.. Pune

 Assessing Lightning Risk in South Asia...Nepal & Bangladesh.

Suggestion: please visit Weather Knowledge Page regularly.
Very Interesting Knowledge and reading for all Meteorologists..

Monday, February 14, 2022

Posted 14th Monday Night

Outlook for next 4 days.. 15th - 18th February

No rainfall expected in entire Indian Region next few days. 

Dry weather in Maharashtra, Gujarat and in North India. No major change in conditions also. 

But, there is no major change expected in the weather, & The day and night temperatures are expected to be same as last week. 

The weather conditions of last week ( as compared to normal) of some places are shown below for reference. 

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Very Hot in California: 86°F..

 Top 10 Pollution AQI cities on 12th afternoon

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

 Excellent Images of recent Cyclone in Indian Ocean (Batsirai)...For Academic Interest ..Must See

See World Weather Page

Monday, February 07, 2022

Posted 7th February afternoon:

Outlook for 7th -10th February.

Maharashtra and Gujarat gradually warming after 10th..

Mumbai: Clear weather with slight haze. Next 3 days will be pleasant   in the day time with temperatures around 28c. Night time will be pleasant without any extreme nip.

Pune: Very pleasant in the day for the next 3 days till 10th. Night time weather will be pleasant and cooling in the evenings. Lows around 13/14c.

Aurangabad: Clear skies with moderate North winds. being drier, soil moisture may reduce to some extent. Temperatures around 30c - 15c range.

औरंगाबाद: उत्तरेकडील मध्यम वाऱ्यांसह निरभ्र आकाश. कोरडे असल्याने जमिनीतील ओलावा काही प्रमाणात कमी होऊ शकतो. सुमारे 30c - 15c श्रेणीचे तापमा

Saurashtra (Rajkot/ Junagadh) next  till 10th,  31/32c and 15c range. Days may start warming after 10th.

Surat: Next 3/4 days will be around 32c, -18c. Will be gradually warming up after 10th...

Bharuch: Range of fair weather continues till 10th, ranging from 31c in the day to 16c at night. But warming up from 10th onwards.

Delhi: Current weather next 2 days. Rain expected on Wednesday 9th, and cold day. 

Sunday, February 06, 2022

February 6th

Shimla records 2022's lowest temperature at -2.1 degrees after heavy snowfall

Friday, February 04, 2022

Major drop in Day Temperatures i Haryana & Delhi on 3rd February...

Sharp Drop in Day Temperature in Delhi !

Thursday, February 03, 2022

Posted 3rd February Morning:

*Thunderstorm and moderate rainfall is likely over Delhi NCR Moderate 

*Widespread rainfall may occur over Bihar and Jharkhand 

*Mercury will dip in Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Rajasthan and parts of UP

Due to ⬇

Western Disturbance F-1 affecting the country

Moderate to heavy rain/snow likely over western Himalayan region on today 3rd and tomorrow 4th February. 

An induced cyclonic circulation over Rajasthan/Punjab region (associated with the WD F-1) is likely to give rain/thunderstorms with chance of hail over northern plains today and reducing from tomorrow onwards.

Both the WD and cyclonic circulation likely to move east which would result in rains across UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, northern parts of Chhattisgarh, Odisha and West Bengal starting today afternoon and continuing tomorrow. 

Almost entire Northeast region of India to also get rain/Thundershowers starting with some heavy intensity on 4th February. 

Eastern Himalayas to get heavy precipitation on 4th Feb. 

Weather becoming cooler again for Mumbai!!

Increase in westerly winds from the Arabian sea has resulted in rise in humidity and a foggy morning in Mumbai and Thane region. 

Pics by Vaibhav Dandekar  ➡

Outlook: Day temperature today 3rd and tomorrow 4th Feb is likely to remain below 30°C, possibly around 28°C owing to WD F-1 effect. Nights will be cool and pleasant around 16°C, more cooler for interiors in Thane district. 

Daytime temperature may however rise again from 5th Feb as the WD effect diminishes.

Pune: Warmer days with max around 31°C today and tomorrow, while nights can remain cool around 10-11°C.  

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

 Delhi recorded 88.2 mm rain against the normal of 19.3 mm thus the wettest January since 1901. So, highest rainfall in last 121 years for January

Average maximum temperature was 18°c which is around 2.4 below normal. This is second lowest average of maximum temperature after 2003 when it was 17.6°c.

Compilation from Navdeep Dahiya

World Weather Page Updated.

Weather Knowledge Page -39 Updated

January 2022 ...Exceptionally Good for Rabi Crops.  🌿!

North India Excels  !

Diurnal Temperature Variation across Maharashtra!

Question: What exactly is Diurnal Temperature Variation?

- Diurnal temperature variation is the fluctuation/variation between the maximum and minimum temperature recorded in the day.

Some Diurnal temperature variations seen across Maharashtra state in °C:

Max/Min temperatures on 1st February, 2022 (Given in brackets is the temperature difference):

1.Ahmednagar:33.8/8.8 (25)

2.Jalgaon:31.1/7.5 (23.6)

3.Pune:32.8/9.9 (22.9)

4.Washim:32/10 (22)

5.Solapur:34.2/12.6 (21.6)

6.Jeur:32/11 (21)

7.Nashik:30.4/9.5 (20.9)

8.Wardha:32.6/11.8 (20.8)

9.Nagpur:31.2/10.6 (20.6)

10.Yavatmal:32/11.5 (20.5)

11.Akola:32.9/12.6 (20.3)

12.Aurangabad:30.7/10.8 (19.9)

13.Gondia:30.2/10.4 (19.8)

14.Nanded:31.2/12.2 (19)

15.Satara:31.9/13 (18.9)

16.Sangli:34/15.3 (18.7)

17.Parbhani:32.6/14.5 (18.1)

18.Mumbai Scz:32.1/14.8 (17.3)

19.Kolhapur:33/17 (16)

20.Ratnagiri:32.2/16.5 (15.7)

Data Credits:IMD

Compiled by: Vagarian Abhishek Apte

 14th July Good rains tops Mumbai lakes to 29.7%  ! ( Last year this date 29.7%!) Tamhini tops the list by recording 315mms #Khandala: 264 #...