Tuesday, December 29, 2020

 Posted Tuesday 29 th afternoon

Britain will be buried in up to SIX INCHES of snow before New Year's Day: Met Office issues four-day warning for large swathes of the country - including London... Europe Freezes..See World weather News Page

India Cold wave showing up..

Yesterday's Snow and Rain in H.P...

Shimla Receives first snow of this season... on 27th/28th..

Kufri, 14 kilometres away from Shimla has received 30cm snowfall, Dalhousie 22cm, Manali 14cm, Shimla 9cm, Jubbar Hatti 4cm, Khadrala Khada Pathar and Sungri have received 7cm snow each, while Narkanda and Rohru recorded 2cm snowfall each. Apart from this, Palampur received 16mm of rain, Nahan 14.6mm, Solan 13.8mm, Bilaspur 13.5mm, Chamba 13mm, Kangra 12.8mm, Una 9.8mm, Mandi 8.4mm and Dharamshala 2.6mm.


Sunday, December 27, 2020

 Posted 27th  evening

A moderate WD now over North Sub Continent. 

Rain/snow expected and going on in Northern Hill States, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi. 

Cold conditions follow from 28 th thru 31st in North, NW India, Kutch, Parts of Northern Kathiawar, North Maharashtra. 

Mumbai & Pune getting cooler from 28th to 31st Dec:

30- 16/17c range for Mumbai. 

Pune range 28- 11/12.

Delhi in range of cold wave with Cold days below 18c and cold at night in 3/4c range.

Towns in Saurastra dipping to 7/8c.

Bharuch: getting cooler from 28th.very cold on 29th and 30th. Possibly touching 8/9c.

Surat on similar lines, getting cooler from 28th, possibly touching 10/11c on 29th/30th.

Severe Sub Zero temperatures in Kashmir, Ladakh, H. P, Uttarakhand. 

Freezing and frost expected in some placed of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. 

Showing the Northerly wind flow from 28th 

Upper Sindh will see low temperatures ( 4-6c) and Karachi 6-8c.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

 Posted 22nd Evening:

Winter’s First Snowfall in Daringbadi (Odisha)

Daringbadi is a hill station in Kandhmal district of Odisha state. Widely known as "Kashmir of Odisha", it is situated at a height of 3000 ft 

Dal lake Srinagar frozen..

Sunday, December 20, 2020

 Posted 21st Morning 

Temperatures of certain Mah. cities..Dropping well 

1.Parbhani University:5.6c
22.Mulde, Sindhudurg:15c

Posted 20th morning:

Drop in Interior Maharashtra towns on Sunday Morning: 
Gondia : 7.6c, Nagpur : 8.6c,, Wardha: 10.2c.

Jalgaon : 12.0c, Mahabalashwar: 12.1c, Pune: 12.2c, Aurangabad :12.4c, Nasik: 12.2c, Pune A.P. 12.7c.

Mumbai Colaba 21.8c, Mumbai Scruz 20.2c.

Mumbai will get cooler by 2/3c from Monday. But due to easterlies, the days will remain in the 31/33c range till 25th at least.

The days will get cooler next week by a few degrees in Interior Maharashtra ( Madhya Mah.).

Delhi (Lodhi Road) saw 3.3c, and S'Jung 3.4c on Sunday Morning.

The mercury dipped to  -6.6c in Srinagar on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday.

“Lowest minimum temperatures in the last 10 years in the month of December were -7.7 °c on December 25,2018, -6.6 °c on December 18, 2020, -6.5°c on Dec 21, 2016 and Dec 30, 2019 and -6.4 °c on December 17 ,2020,” 

Gulmarg witnessed a temperature of -9.9c. Gulmarg had already four spells of snow this winter.

We see no W.D, No Easterly wave or any systems till 25th  in the Indian Sub Continent. 

No meaningful rains expected in any Metro Cities or in any regions till 25th.

Across the Border Weather;

Mild Cold wave in Karachi as mercury drops to 8.8c. Expected to be between 11-12cc next 2 nights. Days around 25c.

Islamabad in the grip of a biting cold as the mercury dipped to -2c

Friday, December 18, 2020

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

And the cold in North India continues on 16th...

Kashmir and Ladakh freeze !...

The mercury’s free fall continued across Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh on Tuesday as Drass town recorded  -18.6c amid an ongoing cold wave in the two union territories.

The minimum temperatures dropped below the freezing point in the Valley and Ladakh, while night temperatures also came down in the Jammu division. 

Srinagar recorded  -3.2c, Pahalgam -5.3c and Gulmarg  -10.2c. Leh in Ladakh recorded  -10.7c, Kargil  -13.8c.

Jammu recorded 3.1c, Katra 6.5c, Batote 0.1c, Bannihal -2.2c  and Bhaderwah -1.8c as the night’s lowest temperatures.

Temperatures as on 15th Morning.

Delhi’s temperature: A rapid decline in minimum temperature in Delhi was noted from 14.4c on December 12, when the city witnessed light rainfall, to 4.1c on Tuesday, 15th December, the lowest during the season this year....and due to significant amount of snowfall over the past few days in states falling in the western Himalayan range — Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

The maximum or day time temperature has also dipped in Delhi from 29c  on December 10 to 19.4c on Monday, 14th.

 Lack of cloud cover also leads to higher radiation from the Earth’s surface into the atmosphere at night time, which also cools the ground.

On 16th, Amritsar saw a Low of 2.0c and Sri Ganganagar 2.5c

Monday, December 14, 2020

14th Monday cold day in North India

 Posted 14th December Afternoon;

Mumbai: We had expected this sudden change in Mumbai weather..December rains...but the change puled on for a day beyond expectations...Colaba received 13.8 mms and Scruz 4.8 mms till Monday 14th Morning.

Now, with the systems fizzling out, Mumbai will get back to clear weather from Monday evening. No rains expected now. As the weather turned pleasant for Mumbai, with the high at 27c, we may expect some cooling now ..by Mumbai standards ...2/3c (From current levels of 22c)

Pune too, will see a decrease in rains from Monday evening and no rains then. cooling down by 3/4c possible next few nights.(  From the 17.7c level today).

Goa: Sunny Goa back to its typical weather from Monday..Days sunny and warm.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

 Posted Satuday 12th Morning:

Cause of Unseasonal Rains & Wind Effect in Gujarat, west M.P. Konkan and North Madhya Mah.

On Friday 11th December, In Gujarat, V.V.Nagar saw a high of 22c, Surat recorded a High of 23c along with 29.4 mms rain ,Bhavnagar saw a high of also 23c, while Ahmedabad recorded 23.5c.
Valsad recorded 39 mms of rain.

Friday, December 11, 2020

 Rains due to "wind effect" From 1010hpa an 1012 hpa isobars as explained earlier

Gujarat rains today
Data from vagarian Shitij ( Surat) 

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Monday, December 07, 2020

 Posted 7th December Noon:

BB-15 has changed the "Plan of Action" and scenario now has become unfavorable for BB-15 to form.

UAC over the SE Arabian Sea lies off South Kerala coast.

Light rains may occur on 11th in south Gujarat (Surat/Valsad) and Southern Saurashtra (Parts)

Western Disturbance D-1 approaches North India and Northern Sub Continent on 7th thru 9th.

Rain/snow expected in Kashmir, Ladakh and H.P.

Mumbai; getting some cloudy weather from 9th..with a possible light rain in some areas, on  9th or 10th.  Day temperatures  can become a  bit cooler by a few degrees, with some clouds. After the clouds clear from 12th, we may see much better and pleasant weather for Mumbai. 

Pune: Partly cloudy for the next 3/4 days, with not much change, or maybe a rise by 2/3c in the current minimum temperatures. 

Goa: Expecting some rain showers for Goa on 9th/10th....around 5-10 mms/day on 9th.& 10th December..

DEEP FREEZE forecast for U.K.

UK weather forecast – Britain braced for -10C Arctic blast as temperatures to plunge lower than Moscow.

THE country is about to be blasted by a -10 Arctic chill as temperatures plunge to lower than Moscow.

This month is set to be the coldest December ever as the mercury plunged to -9 with forecasters expecting it to drop even lower.

More snow is forecast this week on higher ground as the Met Office predicted colder than average temperatures for much of the month.

For most in the country it's going to be cold and frosty.

Saturday, December 05, 2020

 Posted 5th December 1 pm:

The Cyclone "Burevi" , now as  depression in the Gulf of Mannar, will further weaken to a "Well Marked Low" state. Will then merge with the UAC off the Kerala Coast by 6th/7th. 

The system, again BB-14, will travel as a WML Westwards (estimate 1008 hpa) into the Arabian Sea, and enlarge its outreach.

Outer isobars may stretch to the Gujarat coast at 1010 hpa /1012 hpa. around 10th/11th, and with moisture incursion due to the WD, bring some light rains in Saurashtra.

A Western Disturbance will approach Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh & H.P.. Bringing Rains/Snow in these states on 7th/8th.

from Vagarian Gokul

Thursday, December 03, 2020

 Posted 3rd December 11 am.


The Cyclonic Storm with wind speed of 70-80 gusting to 90 kmph would be centered very close to Pamban around noon of 3rd December.

Warning for South Tamil Nadu and South Kerala coasts

Rain amounts as on 3rd Morning:

20 cm Vedaranyam (dist Nagapattinam)
16 cm Karaikal (dist Karaikal)
15 cm Thalaignayer (dist Nagapattinam) , Tirupoondi (dist Nagapattinam)
14 cm Nagapattinam (dist Nagapattinam)
(From Gokul)

Karaikal 164 mms,

Nagapattinum  143 mms, 

Pamban 81 mms,

Adiramapatinum 100 mms, Cuddalore 66 mms, 

Chennai  34 mms,

Chennai A.P. 46 mms,

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Posted 1st December Evening:

Cyclone formation Possibility...Next 12 hrs.

 Southern Kerala:

Posted Tuesday 1st December 3.30 pm:

BB-14..Deep Depression. Next stage:  Cyclone ! 

Tracking West/North-West.

Current Strength:

Estimated wind speed 55 kmph..Gusts to 75 kmph. 

Estimated Central Pressure 1000 hpa

Minimum CTT -93c.

Monday, November 30, 2020


Posted Monday 30th Afternoon;

BB-14, now a depression and likely to be the Next immediate cyclone after Nivar in 2 days from 30th...Though not as strong as Nivar... !

 BB-14 To track West towards North Sri Lanka and South T.N. ...and cross land by 2nd December over these regions.
To emerge again in the Arabian Sea in a weaker strength.

BB-15 getting formation stage by 3rd december..in around 8N...due to location, could also re emerge in the Arabian Sea.

Mumbai: Outlook for the period 1st -5th December:

With the developments taking place as explained above, and no WD in the North, we see no major change in the Mumbai weather. Slight feeling of humidity which remains in the 50%-70% range in the mentioned period of Forecast.

Sunny periods, with day warm at 33c and nights at Scruz not falling below 20c.

Last week's Temperature Variation:

Outlook for the Period 1st December-5th December:

: Also dry and warm in the day.. with the temperature around 31/32c. Night lows not going below 14c..remaining around 15-16c in the next 5 day forecast period.

Last week's variation:

Goa: partly cloudy and warm and sunny...typical weather with the range around 34-23c.

Jalgaon: Clear skies, around 31-16c  for the next 5 days.
Aurangabad: Clear and around 30-16c range.

Chennai: showers expected in Chennai on 2nd,3rd and 4th December...as BB-14 comes closer.

Record Heat in Sydney: See World Weather News.

13th June Morning  Mumbai : June summery:  The average daily maximum temperature was  34c.  At night it cooled down to temperatures between ...