Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Badlapur PWS Weather summary for March 2020 

Highest Tmax 40.1℃ on 23 Mar

Lowest Tmax 29.8℃ on 12 Mar

Highest Tmin 24.7℃ on 25 Mar

Lowest Tmin 15℃ on 14 Mar

Avg Tmax 35℃
Avg Tmin 19.5℃
Mean Tavg 27.3°C

Further bifurcation of March Average:

First half of the month: 32°C/17.6°C

Second half of the month: 38°C/21.4°C

Tmax > 40°C = 1 Day
Tmax < 30℃ = 1 Day
Tmax < 35°C = 12 Days
Tmax > 35°C = 17 Days
Tmin > 20°C = 10 Days
Tmin < 20°C = 20 Days
Tmin = 15℃ = 1 Day

Max Humidity Avg 79%
Min Humidity Avg 30%

Karjat AWS Weather summary for March 2020 

Highest Tmax 41.6℃ on 30  Mar

Lowest Tmax 31℃ on 12 Mar

Highest Tmin 24.7℃ on 27 Mar

Lowest Tmin 13.6℃ on 14 Mar

Avg Tmax 36.6℃
Avg Tmin 18.7℃
Mean Tavg 28.1°C

Tmax > 40℃ = 10 Days
Tmax < 35°C = 9 Days
Tmax > 35°C = 12 Days
Tmin > 20°C = 9 Days
Tmin < 20°C = 21 Days
Tmin < 15℃ = 1 Day
Keep seeing "World Weather News" Page...Regular Updates.

Mt Merapi erupts�� Lightning ash clouds over Yogyakarta, Indonesia! March...

Air Quality Index..India...1 pm  31st March


Long..But excellent, if you have the time..(Now plenty available )

Monday, March 30, 2020

Posted 30th March evening:

A moderate to strong W.D. (M-6) will be on North and North West plains on 31st March and 1st April.
Will keep the day temperatures low in the region as at present, and bring rains/snow (Upper reaches).
Current spells of Rains and Thunder showers from Interior Maharashtra and Central India now over.

The rest of Western and Central India day time temperatures are below the normal for this time of the year. And above normal in parts of North Konkan (Interior), Coastal Odisha and NE States.

On 30th too, the Interiors of Maharashtra remained almost normal in the day..
The readings:
Amravati 36.6c (- 2.0c)), Brahmapuri 34.8c (- 3.6c)
Akola 37.7c (-1.0), Gondia 34.4c (-3.5c), Wardha 34.4 (-4.4c)

Aurangabd 35.7c ( 1.4c)
Mumbai Clb 32.0c (N), Scruz 33.4c ( +0.1c)

Pune 36.2c (-0.5c), Mahableshwar 31.1c (-0.4c),
Solapur 39.9c (+1.1c)

Interior Kokan: Palghar 35.6c, Badlapur 39.0c, Manor 39.0c, Karjat 41.6c, Thane 38.2c.

Outlook for 31st March/1st and 2nd April:
Mumbai: Fair weather with scattered clouds. Day temperatures around 33-35c, and nights 24/25c. 

Pune: Fair weather, warm at around 37c, with warmer nights now after the pleasant 20s...will be 21/22c.
Current spell of Thunder Showers over....For now.😉

North Interior Konkan and Eastern townships of Mumbai will remain hot at around 39/40c.

No nippy mornings now !😕

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Posted Sunday 29th Evening:

Day Temperatures in Maharashtra on 29th:
Solapur 39.9c, Parbhani 39.0c, Akola 38.8c, , Nagpur 37.6c, Aurangabad 36.0c, Pune 35.8c, Mumbai Scruz 35.1c, Mumbai Colaba 31.6c,

Interior North Konkan expected high days temperatures...Sunday 29th readings (From Vagarian Abhijit)
Karjat 40.5c, Bhiwandi 39.5c, Thane 39.3c, Manor 38.9c, Badlapur 38.7c, Powai 38.5c, and Palghar 37.2c.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Posted 28th March Afternoon:

Northern  India: Kashmir, H.P, Uttarkahand, Punjab &Haryana :Massive rainfall/snow in Upper reaches as  27th March from WD ...

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

25 MARCH 2020..NEW YEAR..
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NEW YEAR AVERAGES(2000 to 2019)..
Duration : 16 March to 13 April

This is the start of summer season over most of the country .

a) Interior (more than 7 kms inland from the sea):
(Thane city , Kalyan Dombivali , Navi Mumbai , Badlapur Karjat , Shahapur Asangaon ,Murbad,Pedne)

It gets dry and hot during the day .Temps can go upto 40 c many times during this period.West (sea) breeze effect is felt during late evening .Nights get relatively cooler as we move inland from the sea. Daily temp range is higher than the coastal areas nearer to the sea.

b) Coastal (upto 7 kms inland from the sea):
West (sea)breeze effect keeps the maximum temp at check.The more closer to the sea, more is the west (sea) breeze effect which keeps the max temp in more check.Though on few days , delayed onset of the west breeze can cause daytime temps to rise with dry conditions.
Mostly humid,breezy and sunny weather prevails.Daily temp range decreases compared to the winter season.
Goa coast is bit warmer and humid than the North Kokan coast.
(Mumbai western suburbs, Ratnagiri,Panji)

The plateau mostly remains hot and dry. Humdity during day time drops below 20 % , on few occasions dropping below 10%.
The western part of the plateau generally has cooler nights (Nasik , Pune) after dry hot daytime.Daily temp range is high.

The hotness increases as we move South East / East across the plateau (Solapur , Nagpur).
Vidarbha (East Maharashtra Nagpur) starts to heat up and gains the coveted title of the world's hottest region from roughly mid April to mid May.

The dry heat is sometimes punctured by hit and miss thunderstorms which generally follow the lwd (Line of Wind Discontinuity).

☈ (see the post below for today's thunderstorm over Pune and leeward side of the Deccan)

Bengaluru is hot and dry but still , daytime temps are less compared to Hyderabad or the North Deccan plateau because of the higher altitude of the south Karnataka Deccan plateau.
The dry heat is sometimes punctured by hit and miss thunderstorms which generally follow the lwd (Line of Wind Discontinuity).
 The thunderstorms of Karnataka Deccan can be more pronounced.

The valley has spring during this time of the year .Navreh is celebrated by the Kashmiri pandits.
Tenperature is similar to that of winter of the North India plains.
The sunny and dry cold weather gets wet, chilly and rainy during western disturbances.

Posted 25th afternoon
 Thunder ⚡ storms along Western Ghats of Maharashtra and up to Belgaon on 25th

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Posted Wednesday 25th Afternoon:

Pune gets overnight Thunder Showers...
Pune Local Readings as on *.30 am Wednesday:
Wadgaon Sheri..13mms, NDA & Pashan 4 mms, shivaji Nagar 3 mms, Wakad & Bhosari2 mms..

Sholapur 16 mms, Mahableshwar 0.5 mms.

(Also keep referring to our Twitter Handle)

Posted Tuesday 24th Afternoon:

As mentioned in the blog on Saturday 21st, 
We re-iterate that Rain or thundershowers are likely in Interior Maharashtra from Late 24th night (Tuesday) and into Wednesday 25th, 26th and 27th.
Pune, Aurangabad, Nasik and Nagpur, as mentioned in the Saturday forecast, may all get rains.

Pune: As forecasted , moderate rains expected for 3 days from 25th March.

As also expected Interior North Konkan touched the 40c mark. Karjat saw 41.9c and on 23rd, Badlapur 40.1c
Picture from Abhijit's PWS

Pasted from 21st Forecast: "Interior Eastern Townships of Mumbai (Kalyan, Badlapur, Karjat ):  Hot days around 39-40c, and cloudy on 25th and 26th. Chances of rain in some parts on 26th."

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Posted Saturday 21st Night:

Special Mumbai/Pune Weather:

Saturday 21st saw pleasant temperatures in Mumbai. 
Day temperatures on 21st around Mumbai as per data compiled by Vag.Abhijit: 
Scruz 30.6c, Colaba 30.8c, CSMT 28.5c, Shivdi 29.3c, IIT Powai 32.5c , Thane 33.5c, Badlapur 34.9c and Karjat 37c.

What is the weather likely to be in the coming week for Mumbai region ...temperatures vary in different parts of the city, so generalized locations can be estimated:

--Sunday22nd/Monday 23rd /Tuesday 24th: 
SantaCruz: Mainly clear with Maximum around 32-33c. Nights just about pleasant at 22/23c. No sharp rise in humidity.

(Thane will be 2/3c hotter than Mumbai..Forecast of weather same.)

Interior Eastern Townships of Mumbai (Kalyan, Badlapur, Karjat ) : Days will be getting hotter to reach 39-40c. 
--Wednesday25th/Thursday 26th/Friday:  

Santa Cruz: Somewhat cloudy and windy..Days around 31-33c..varying more in diffrent parts of city. Nights around 23/24c, increase in humid conditions.

Interior Eastern Townships of Mumbai (Kalyan, Badlapur, Karjat ):  Hot days around 39-40c, and cloudy on 25th and 26th. Chances of rain in some parts on 26th.
Nights getting warmer and humid.from Tuesday 24th .

--Sunday22nd/Monday 23rd /Tuesday 24th: Partly cloudy post afternoon..Days around 35/36c and nights lingering around 17-19c.

--Wednesday 25th/Thursday 26th/Friday: Light showers expected on 25th and 26th. Temperatures will be slightly lower by 2/3c in the daytime.

Posted Saturday 21st  Afternoon:

Medium Term Forecast: (Its a 1 week forecast from my studies. I normally do not give more than 3/4 days forecast, as a week's  forecast is subject to change after 3 days. But, displaying medium and long forecast is a good  & harmles way of sharing during these "Curfew" times) 😉

1. Gradually the UAC over Vidharbh with the trough going NE weakens to a large extent. The rainfall patch over Chattisgarh and Odisha (Bhubaneshwar) remains another 2 days, till 23rd, daily on a weakening trend. 

2. From 23rd thru 25th March, Western Disturbance M-4 approaches the North India Mountains and plains of Punjab, Haryana, N.Rajasthan and West U.P.  Moderate precipitations expected in the region.
Delhi: Light rains on 24th.
Jabalpur: Showers on 26th.
Kanha: Showers on 27th/28th March.

3. As the High Pressures in the Arabian Sea and Bay weaken, the winds Clockwise movement ceases and changes...An UAC forms over the South Madhya Maharastra and adjoining Marathwada region on 24th March.
Light Showers expected in Maharashtra on 25th. Showers will occur in South Madhya Mah and Marathwada on 24th.
Aurangabad: Light rains on 25th.
Pune: Light rains on 24th/25th/26th...
Nagpur: Showers on 25th/26th.
Jalgaon: Light rains on 25th/26th.

Goa: Heat Wave on Sat 21st/Sun 22nd /Monday 23rd  with mercury at 37/38c.

4. Easterlies from the Northern segment of the system will bring in moisture to East and South Gujarat.
Surat: Light Rains on 25th.
Valsad: No rains.
Ahmadabad: Very windy and partly cloudy on 25th/26th.Light rain possible.


Friday, March 20, 2020

Posted 20th Evening:
Delhi S'Jung records 31.4c on 20th..just few days back it crossed the 30c mark for the season..Palam on 18th and S'jung on 19th..(Our uptodate Vagarian Abhijit reports)↓

Goa: The weekend will be sunny with mainly clear skies. Warm sunny days at 34c and Monday 23rd going to 35c..But nights will remain around 22/23c. Getting slightly warm on Monday.

Posted 20th Friday Afternoon:

Rainfall as recorded on 20th Morning in the Eastern India  regions:

Chattisgarh:Jagadalpur 26 mms, Ambikapur 11 mms, Pendra Road & Bilaspur 7 mms.
Vidharbh: Gondia 42 mms.
East M.P: Jabalpur 25 mms, Umeria 10 mms.

Rainfall likely to move Eastwards with Bhubaneshwar getting showers this weekend..Saturday - Monday..
Kolkata will see rains on Saturday. Possibility of heating up from Tuesday 24th and likely to touch 39/40 by Thursday 26th.

Forecast for Friday 20th/Sat 21st/Sun 22nd and Monday 23rd:

Maharashtra will see no rain. Dry weather with days heating up gradually from Saturday. To touch 39/40c in North Interior Kokan, (Badlapur, Karjat, Bhira). 
Likely to be in the range of 36-38 in Vidharbh ( Nagpur, Akola) and North Madhya Mah ( Jalgaon).
------------------------------------------------------------------------General Weather scenario
Western Disturbance M-4 approaching Pakistan on 22nd/23rd (Almost the full country). And over India on 23rd 

High Pressure Region in Arabian Sea.

An UAC has formed over Central India Vidharbh Region.

A LWD runs from this UAC to North Interior Tamil Nadu.

General Long Term Estimate: Good above Normal pre Monsoon Rains Expected in Peninsula India, Central India and Eastern States..During March/April.
Mumbai: Weekend clear skies and gusty winds in the evening. Temperature range around 32-34c..nights getting to 21-23c.

Pune: Days warm around 36c, and night on 20th was 14c, but now the weekend will get warmer and will be around 16c- 17c at night.

Mahableshwar will be having a warmish weekend. Days  around 31/32c and nights at 17/18c.

See International Page Updated

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Posted Wednesday 18th March Afternoon:

The first official 40c of this season..in India was recorded at Anantapur* (Rayalseema) on 17th March 2020.[Anantapur also was the first 40c in India in 2010 on 5th March]

* Though for 2020, the first 40c on IMD AWS Station was recorded on 17th Febraury at Karjat (North Konkan) ..see the article here.

{The earliest 40c ( IMD) as per Vagaries' record was on 20th February 2016 , 40.9c at Bhubaneshwar . Next was on 22nd February 2006, 40.5c at Akola (Maharahtra).These are as per records kept with Vagaries since last 40 years} 

[ Earliest 40c for Mumbai was 0n 5th March 1981, also first 40c in India]

Rainfall in Vidharbh and Marathwada measured in last 24 hrs

Parbhani 4.8 mms.

Rainfall expected next 2 days in Vidharbh, East M.P., Chattisgarh and South Odisha.
Jabalpur: Showers expected on Thursday 19th.

M-3 expected (Moderate) around 21st March....

Mumbai will have almost clear skies. The last 2 days have seen 36/37c, but expect now to stabilise around 34/35c next 3 days...18th/19th/20th. Warmer nights hence around 21/23c, hence wiping out the mild nip felt recently.
Pune will also warm up and stabilise around day temperatures of 36/37c next 3 days.

Jalgaon will se mostly clear skies with the days warm/hot around 36/37c next 3 days, 18th/19th/20th.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Posted Monday night
Light rains and hails expected in Vidharbh on Tuesday and Wednesday 18th.
Akola and Nagpur regions will get showers.
Light rain possible in Aurangabad on 17th.
Rains spreading Eastwards on 18th and 19th. 

Earth's Magnetic Field and Arctic Sea Ice Anomalies (947)

Another icebreaker stuck in “unexpectedly thick” Arctic ice – Video

What?!?! That ice is supposed to be all gone. How are they getting stuck?
“What is this?” asks David Dubyne. “The third year in a row that we’ve seen climate-change scientists rescued from vessels in both the southern and northern hemispheres due to ice too thick?”
“That ice is supposed to be all gone,” says Dubyne. “How are they getting stuck? And yet, here we are. Another icebreaker stuck in unexpectedly thick Arctic ice.
“We lack even the basic observation of the climate process in the central Arctic from winter, explains the research expedition leader, Markus Rex.
“What?!?!” exclaims Dubyne. “I thought the science was settled.”
Thanks to Winston Smith for this video

Saturday, March 14, 2020

On Saturday,14th March, Shimla, Dalhousie and higher reaches of Himachal Pradesh received fresh snowfall intensifying the cold wave conditions in the state. "Popular tourist spots Shimla, Kufri, Chail and Dalhousie received overnight snowfall, while lower hill experienced rains, plummeting the minimum and maximum temperatures by several notches,"


Posted 14th March Evening:
Heavy Showers in Delhi on 14th, with Hail..

Raifall till 5.30 pm: Lodhi Road 5 cms, S'Jung 4 cms ( Max temp 24.7c) Ridge 2 cms.Induced Low off M-2.
There was torrential rain and heavy hail in Dehradun. The rain continued intermittently until after noon. (18 mms)....
The high hills including Chardham in Uttarakhand are covered with snow. 

All four Dhams covered with snow

, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri, along with Hemkunt Sahib, saw snowfall.
The higher reaches of Himachal Pradesh are covered with snow. The cold wave intensified with the fall in mercury due to rain in the plains. At the same time, in many parts, the roofs of the houses were blown away and the roads are blocked due to falling trees. 
Dharamshala 42 mms, Shimla 21 mms, Solan 15 mmms, Kullu 13 mms, Manali 12 mms,
Todays Pictures from Solang Valley, Manali

In the northwest region, in the last twenty-four hours, with heavy rains and a hailstorm, the standing crop was ready to ripen.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Posted Thursday Morning:


Mumbai has had very variable and extreme weather (as per Mumbai normals) since the last 1 month, 30 days.
From hot weather in the 2nd half of February to a a pleasant March so far. 
From rising to 38c in latter half of February to the days around 30c and Nights a "pleasant" 20c in March 1st half.

March  First  Few Days 

Now, Summer will be showing up from Saturday 14th:

As the winds change direction, Saturday will see a rise to 34c, and Sunday 15th even more to 36c. Sea breeze onset time will play a crucial role in the movement of the day temperatures for Mumbai.

Even hotter at 38-40c from Sunday 15th will be interior North Konkan places like Badlapur, Panvel, Karjat and Thane to an extent.

Monday, March 09, 2020

Posted Monday 9th Afternoon:

M-2 approaching...Another Western Disturbance.

Outlook for 10th/11th/12th:
Rains/snow  likely in J&K, Ladakh, H.P. and upper Uttarkhand. on 10th/11th.
Due to an induced Low on 11th in Rajasthan and adjoining areas, heavy showers likely in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, West U.P. and North Rajasthan on 11th.

New Delhi: Showers on 11th, with the day around 28/29c.

Jabalpur gets some medium showers on 10th, with the day around 30c.
Light/Medium  showers expected in Kanha on Tuesday Evening and Wednesday.

In Maharashtra, All districts of Vidharbh gets some showers, heavy in some regions, on 10th and 11th. 
Nagpur gets thunder showers on 10th.

Outlook for 9th/10th/11th/12th:
Mumbai will be almost clear with the days remaining around 29/30c during Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs...
Nights just ok around 20/22c..Maybe getting a shade cooler on Wednesday 11th/Thursday 12th night.

Pune too, partly cloudy with warmish days around 33c and nights till Wednesday at 16/17c. Getting to 14/15c on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th Night.

Interior North Konkan places like Badlapur, Karjat and Panvel expected to heat up more from this Saturday 14th...

Parts of Mumbai Andheri, Jogeshwari, Ram Mandir and Goregaon got the estimated( by Vagaries) showers on Friday Night (6th)..

We had mentioned these showers in "parts of the city" in our earlier forecast..But what we see is..

#MumbaiRains Starts Trending on Twitter With Funny Memes and Reactions as City Experiences Light Showers in March

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