Tuesday, January 31, 2017

See Current Weather Page for latest weather forecast of Sub Continent: "

The strength of Western Disturbance F-1 has weakened from earlier expectations.

3rd Feb: Rain/Snow (From F-1) is likely over..."

Area..1.84 lakhs sq.km , Population .. 72 lakhs
..The state lies along the pacific ring of fire..
  • SEATTLE REGION (Tuesday / Wednesday forecast)..The clouds will decrease as the day progresses. The minimum temp will drop below freezing (-2/-3 c) because of clear skies and north east winds .High of 6 c . The winds will make the temperature feel lower than the actual readings.
Compare with Mumbai weather.. Mumbai (North).. 33/18 .. Mumbai (South).. 30/20

  • 'Mount Baker ski area' (near the volcano of Mt.Baker) in the state holds the world record for highest seasonal snowfall (29 ft in 1999)
  • The western side of the Olympic mountains record annual precipitation of more than 4000 mms (Highest in the contiguous USA). Hence ,this region is a temperate rain forest.
  • The rain shadow area to the east of Cascade mountains is semi arid with precipitation of only 150 mms.
(Click and enlarge for better view)

(Pacific Standard Time is behind of Indian time by 13 hrs 30 mins)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Posted Sunday Night:

Hottest place in Asia on Sunday 29th January was Honavar (Karnatak, India) which recorded 37.4c. Again, the second place in Asia also goes to an Indian place, Panjim ( Sunny Goa) at 36.8c.
Coldest place in Asia is Delyankir ( Russia) which recorded a low of -56.9c.

Fresh Western disturbance F-1 will affect North Pakistan and Western Himalayan States of India on 2nd/3rd February. Precipitation will affect the plains of Northern & Western  India ( North and South Punjab/Haryana/ Delhi/North Rajasthan and West U.P.and Uttarkhand) and Pakistan (Punjab and Upper Sind) on 3rd/4th. More details here on 31st as movement gets more specifically clear.

Cloudy weather for Karachi on 3rd/4th February. Rainfall depends on the strength estimation of the WD on 31st.
Western Nepal will get rains on 4th/5th, with rains spreading to rest of Nepal on 6th.However, Kathmandu will get showers on 31st January from the current WD . Light rains from F-1
Very strong winds with rains in Abu Dhabi on 2nd and 3rd February.

Mumbai: The Weekend, Saturday and Sunday was warm and hot in Mumbai, with the days at 35/36c.We can expect a slightly better day on Monday at 33/34c and still a further fall on Tuesday at 31/32c in the daytime. Minimum night temperature will however be constant at around 18c.Expecting another cold spell from 7th February

Pune will be between 31c and 12c next 3 days.Expecting another cold spell from 7th February

In comments, See a write up on this year's NEM by our reader Murildhar sent to me by mail.

Friday, January 27, 2017


  •  The North subcontinent has received good amounts of precipitation(rain/snow) in the areas as per forecasted by Vagaries (refer the rain estimate maps of the previous posts ).
Kashmir received record breaking precipitation(rain/snow) on Republic day (Kukernag broke all time 24hrs January precipitation record with 105 mms of precipitation yesterday).
  • South India (coastal Tamilnadu) received good rains as well. Parangipettai measured 91 mms .South Interior Karnataka received light rains .
  • Currently, the Western Disturbance has moved east and weakening. Under its influence,it's currently raining /snowing at Nepal.

(Rains in mms during past 24 hrs ending 8.30 am on 27 Jan 2017)


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mumbai: Tuesday 24th, Mumbai was was warm with the maximum at 35.6c at Scruz with the minimum at 19.4c.
Wednesday will also be warm, but we see some clouds drifting in on Thursday and Friday. With partly cloudy skies on Republic Day (26th) and Friday,Mumbai may see a more comfortable day at around 30/31c with a hazy sun. Friday Minimum will be around 16/18c at Scruz.

Pune will be partly cloudy next 3 days (Wed/Thursday/Friday). Days will be around 30/31c and the nights will be slightly nippy at around 15c.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Posted Monday Night:

Hottest Place in Asia on Monday 23rd was Karawar ( Karnataka, India), with the mercury shooting up to 38.4c (5c above the normal), the town's highest ever for the month of January.
Again, the second hottest place in Asia was also in Karnataka. Honavar & Mangalore saw 37.6c.

Mumbai day was hotter on Monday by about a degree over Sunday, with Scruz recording 36c ( 34.7c on Sunday) and Colaba measuring 35.7c.
Tuesday Mumbai will see a high of around 34c. Days expected to return to 31c and min around 18c levels on Wednesday and Thursday. Further drop expected on Friday.

Towns in Konkan will see day time temperatures of around 35/36c on Tuesday. A drop by 2/3c on Wednesday and Thursday.
Ahmedabad rose to 33.6c ( 32c on Sunday).

J-4 coming as expected...
Delhi NCR: Cloudy weather with rains on Wednesday (evening) and Thursday. Cold day on Thursday 26th. and Friday 27th.
Karachi will start getting cloudy, with light showers commencing Wednesday night into Thursday.Max temp of 24c expected on Wednesday.

Rain expected in Abu Dhabi and Muscat on 24th Tuesday. Cold day on Wednesday.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Posted Sunday Night...22nd January...

West Coast Heats up:22nd Jan:
Panjim Goa saw a hot day on 22nd Jan with the mercury touching 36.8c. This apparently, is the highest ever recorded in January in Panjim. Mormugao was 34.9c.
Honavar was also hot at 37.6c  Karwar 36.8c, and Mangalore was 36.3c.
Kozhikode 36.3c and Kochi 35.1c. 
Ratnagiri was at 35.7c, Vengurla 34.9c.

Mumbai Scruz was hot at 34.7c. Not much change in temperatures expected next few days.

Ahmadabad shot up to 32c on Sunday.A couple of degrees hotter on Monday/Tuesday.

The Forecast below is in total a 5 day Forecast...may vary a little;

Friday, January 20, 2017

Posted 20th Friday Night:

> The trough in the South Bay has an embedded UAC. System might not strengthen, and lesser than expected rains from this event.Another Low following may bring rain after 5 days.
Chennai: Light Rain showers expected on Saturday.
Less possibility of rain in Bangalore.

> Western Disturbance J-4 approaching, and is currently in the West of the Sub Continent as an Upper Air Trough.
By 23rd, we can expect showers in North Pakistan and Hill States of India. By 24th, it will cover most of Balochistan, Central Sindh, Pak Punjab and of course the Extreme North. By the same 24th, rains will commence in the plains of Northern India.
25th will see good rains in most of Pakistan including Sindh ( Karachi), and Western ( Rajasthan), Central( Parts of M.P.) and NW India, Punjab, Haryana and including New Delhi.
26th may see rain showers in Delhi...and windy due to induced Low....??
More details and course on Saturday....with rain map on Sunday

Mumbai: Warm 32c days this weekend. Partly cloudy /Hazy sky for 2 days. Mumbai may experience a rise in night temperatures to the extent of 2/3c. Better weather next week after J-4 arrives. 
Pune: Weekend will be partly cloudy, with days around 29c and nights around 13/14c. 

Ahmadabad may see a rise in Day temperatures to cross 31c next week.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Posted 19th Thursday Night:
On Thursday Mumbai daytime temperatures showed a rise of 4.5c to 32.0c at Colaba and a rise of  3.8c to 33.3c at Scruz.

Panjim Goa was also warm at 33.7c on Thursday.
Chennai windy and cloudy weather expected on Friday with showers on Saturday.

Karachi in Pakistan was very windy and had dust raising strong winds on Thursday. After 12 noon, the wind speed increased to 40 kmph and peaked at 48 kmph at around 12.30 pm. Day's highest temperature was 23c.

Posted 18th January Night:

> We see rains coming to Tamil Nadu from an Upper air Easterly trough. Favourable MJO and factors will bring rain to Coastal Tamil Nadu on 20th of January. Heavy showers in some places. Spreading to interior TN on 21st and 22nd January.Precipitation may continue in Southern regions of TN till 24th January. This rain will be a blessing for the State after a poor NEM.
Gusty and strong E/NE winds likely in Coastal TN next 2/3 days. 
Chennai: Welcome rains in Chennai from Friday. Strong winds with good rainfall on Saturday, extending into Sunday.
Rainy Saturday in Puducherry also, with rainfall extending there to Monday.
Light rains likely in Bangalore on Saturday 21st.

> A Strong J-4 (Western Disturbance) coming. Precipitating over Pakistan on 24th, covering almost entire country, including some rains expected in Sindh and Karachi. 
Advancing into India on 25th onwards and covering large regions in North/NW and Central India. More of this in a couple of days on this page.
Very strong winds in Karachi on 19th and 20th with partly cloudy skies.

> Strong winds from NE likely in Saurashtra next few days.

> Day and night temperatures set to rise in Mumbai soon. With dominant SE winds likely to blow in a day, we may see a rise in day temperatures, leading to warmer days. The high at Colaba on 18th Wednesday was 27.5c and 29.5c at Scruz .Expecting a rise of 3/4c from here.

Below Normal Temperatures in Mumbai after 1st Jan 2017:

Muscat (Oman) can showers on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

14th Jan 
Karachi recorded a maximum of 15.8c, most probably its coldest day ever. Western disturbance J-3 has precipitated 
Karachi last 36hrs ..Karachi (PAF Masroor, PAF Faisal 53, north Nazimabad 46, Model Observatory 43, Airport 35, north Karachi 34, Landhi 17, Gulshane Hadid 07). 
Hyderabad Sindh saw a high of 15.1c.
Islamabad was 11.5c as the maximum on Saturday.  
Sibi in Balochistan saw a high of 13.1c.
Moin-Jo-Daro, (which holds a Asia record high of 53.5c in Summer 2010...See Vagaries Extreme Blog), was at a max temperature of 13.5c on 14th January 2017 !

14th Jan: Damoh ( M.P.) all time record low at 0.2c.

New Delhi Sjung saw a Low of 3.2c on Saturday morning.

13th Jan: Lucknow 0c, Udaipur 2.2c.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon:

SCMM Micro Weather Prediction for Sunday

Temperatures below in degrees Celsius.

Please note Temperatures given are shade temperatures. Runners doing the Marathon in direct sun will experience 2/3c more.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Today was the morning with lowest min temps of this winter season in Northwest India till now. 

Leh (JK) min temp @ -17 c

See the maps below

1) Many places in the North west plains and desert have recorded min temp just below freezing (0 c) or close to freezing ..Min temps are below normal by 2 to 8 c .
Press has reported of mercury dropping to -4.2 c in the plains of Rajasthan at Fatehpur (Sikar district).
Pantnagar (Uttarakhand) in the Terai region has reported a min of -0.8 c .

Gurgaon(Haryana) min temp@ 1.7 c
Lucknow (UP) min temp @1.5  c
Mt.Abu(Rajasthan) min temp @ -2 c.

2) Madhya Pradesh recorded below normal min temps by 3 to 8 c .Damoh min @ 1.5c .
Cold day conditions also prevailed with max temps below normal by 4 c to 8 c at most places (Raisen max @ 16.6 c , which is 8 c below normal)

3) Meanwhile in Gujarat / Maharashtra , below normal temperatures have been recorded, as winds blow from the north :
Mumbai (SCZ) : 29 c / 12 c ,  Mumbai ( Vagaries Club ) : 26 / 14 , Nasik : 26 / 6 , Pune : 29/ 7 ,
Aurangabad : 26 / 8 , Gondia :23 / 9 ,Amreli : 26 / 6 , Naliya : 25 / 6
Coastal Porbandar,Valsad min temp dropped to 9 c (below normal by 5 c) ..Okha maximum temp was 24 c (lowest max temp along the west coast)

3) Orissa has escaped the cold with most places reporting almost normal temperatures at this time of the year .Cuttack @ 27/16 , Phulbani @ 26 / 9 .

(Click and enlarge for better view)

( MAX/MIN temp in celcius..past 24 hrs ending 8.30 am on 12th Jan 2017 )

Jammu Kashmir state (India) in deep freeze -

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


1) Many places in the North west plains and desert have recorded min temp just below freezing (0 c) or close to freezing ..Min temps below normal by 2 to 5 c .
..Narnaul (Haryana) @ -0.5 c , Gurgaon (Haryana) @ 1.7 c, Churu(Rajasthan) @ -0.3 c, Kapurthala (Punjab) @ 0.4 c , Haridwar (Uttarakhand)@ 0.5 c , Agra (UP) @ 0.8 c ,Gwalior (MP) @ 3.5 c..

Mt.Abu(Rajasthan) min temp @ -2.4 c

Ground frost will occur at a few places and the cold conditions will prevail during next 2 days.

2) Meanwhile in Gujarat / Maharashtra , below normal temperatures have been recorded, as winds blow from the north :
Mumbai (SCZ) : 28 c / 12 c ,  Mumbai ( Vagaries Club ) : 25 / 15 , Nasik : 28 / 6 , Pune : 30/ 8 ,
Aurangabad : 28 / 8 , Akola :28 / 9 ,Rajkot : 26 / 8 , Naliya : 25 / 5
Coastal Porbandar min temp dropped to 8 c (below normal by 6 c) ..Okha maximum temp was 23 c (lowest max temp along the west coast)

3) East India has escaped the cold .. Daringbadi (Orissa) : 25 / 13 , Cuttack (Orissa) : 30 / 15
Few showers reported at Orissa,Chattisgarh Jharkhand ,north West Bengal under the influence of a dissipating circulation which moved east from North MP/Chattisgarh. Baharampur (WB) @ 3 mms with max temp of 17 c (-8).

4) Rain reported over North East India : Anni (Arunachal)@ 17 mms , North Lakhimpur (Assam) @ 14 mms under the influence of a circulation over Assam.

(Click and enlarge for better view)

( MAX/MIN temp in celcius..past 24 hrs ending 8.30 am on 11th Jan 2017 )


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Subcontinent Weather ..10 Jan 2017

..Phalodi (Rajasthan) min temp @ -0.5 c ..
It recorded India's highest ever temp of 51 c this summer (19 May 2016).. Info by Vagarian Abhijit..
..For more International/Indian extreme weather info : refer Vagaries extreme blog ( click from the tabs above )

As predicted  by Vagaries ( see the previous post below )..
  • Temperatures have dropped in North west and west subcontinent in the aftermath of western disturbance J-2 .
  • The plains of Rajasthan , Punjab and Haryana have recorded min temperatures close to 1 c.
  • Rajkot (Gujarat) recorded a min of 9.9 c.
  • Nasik (Maharashtra) has recorded min of 6.5 c . Nasik AWS has reported 5.9 c (refer below map ). 
  • In the Mumbai region , lowest min temp has been recorded at Palghar @ 10.8 c. Mumbai SCZ min temp dropped by almost 3 c as compared to yesterday , recording 13.6 c . 
Towns in the Himalayas are in deep freeze  (Leh @ -14 c ).
Down South ,the hill station of Ooty (Tamilnadu) recorded min temp of 5 c .
Hill station of Mt.Abu (South Rajasthan)min temp 1 c .

It rained over the 'Tiger country' at East MP (Seoni..17 mms , Umaria..10 mms ) , North Chattisgarh (Ambikapur.. 3mms), Jharkhand (Daltonganj ..13 mms ) under the influence of a circulation over north MP/ Chattisgarh.

Andaman and Nicobar islands continued to receive showers under the influence of a low pressure in the Andaman sea (Nancowry..18 mms).
Car Nicobar had received 132 mms rain on 6th Jan 2017.

( Click and enlarge for better view )
( MAX/MIN temp in celcius..past 24 hrs ending 8.30 am on 10th Jan 2017 )

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Posted Monday Night:
Pahalgam in Kashmir saw a high of 1.8c ( Sunday) and a low of -9.2c on Monday. Leh recorded a low of -11c, while Gulmarg saw a max of -5c and a min of -12c on Monday.

Pakistan Cold : Islamabad ZP recorded 0c and Islamabad AP 1.5c on 9th morning.Gujrat in Pakistan Punjab saw a low of 2.5c on Monday.
Karachi AP saw 10.5c on 8th morning, rising slightly to 12c on 9th. Murree hill station was -6c on Monday morning.

Mumbai Temps expected to touch around forecasted levels Tuesday morning.

Posted Saturday 7th Jan Night:

As mentioned in our last blog on 2nd January, Western Disturbance J-2 , is stronger, and good snowfall has been reported in Kashmir on 6th and 7th January.
Today’s snowfall is the first major snowfall this season and was going on across Kashmir The snowfall led to closure of roads in Srinagar city, towns and rural areas simultaneously.
The electricity too was snapped across Kashmir in the wake of snowfall.
Max ( Friday) and Min (Saturday)Temps: Srinagar: 2.3 / -0.3  , Jammu: 12.3 / 9.3, Banihal: 1.6 / 0.0, Qazigund: 2.4 / -0.2, Katra: 8.1 / 6.8, Batote: 2.0 / 0.3, Bhaderwah: 3.2 / -1.0, Pahalgam: 4.6 / -4.3, Gulmarg -2.4/-8.0, Kukernag: 3.7 / -2.3, Kupwara: 3.6 / 0.1, Leh: 4.4 / -4.1.
In the summer capital Srinagar—which received 17 cm snow till this evening—slippery roads led to massive traffic jams in several areas.
The higher reaches of Kashmir including Keran, Machil, Karnah, Gurez, Shopian, Sonamarg, Pahalgam, Amarnath Cave, Gulmarg and some other areas experienced continued moderate to heavy snowfall for the fourth consecutive day on Friday (continuity from J-1).
Srinagar received 17-cm snow, Qazigund 5-cm, Kupwara 5-cm, Pahalgam 13-cm, Kokernag  4-cm and Gulmarg two-and-a-half-foot.
the health resort of Sonamarg received about three-foot snow.
Upper areas of Ganderbal including Gagangeer, Kullan, Gund and Ganiwan received heavy snowfall.

Cold wave conditions in H.P. intensified today with Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamsala and the higher reaches receiving a fresh spell of snowfall.High-altitude areas reeling under freezing cold, widespread rain in the state
Keylong shivers at minus 5.6 °C
Keylong and Kalpa in tribal Lahaul and Spiti and Kinnaur districts recorded minimum temperatures at minus 5.6 °C and minus 2.6 °C
Manali shivered at 0.6 °C.
Shimla saw a max of 1.2c and 29 cms of snow in the day on Saturday 7th.

By the evening of 6th rains in plains of NW India & by night many parts of Haryana, Punjab, Delhi NCR started receiving rains which was continued till Saturday afternoon due to which cold day conditions was also observed (as estimated on 2nd Jan).
Delhi Sjung saw a Max of 16c and Palam 15.7c as max on 7th.
Chandigarh got another 9 mm on Saturday, taking the total rain from J-2 to 74 mm...max stood at 12.6c

Dense Fog likely in NW India including Delhi from Monday.
Cold wave with drop in temperatures expected in Rajasthan, Gujarat (Ahmadabad and Rajkot may drop to 10/11c), M.P. and Maharashtra next 2 nights.
Mumbai: Maximum on Saturday was 27.8c at Colaba and 28.8c at Scruz. The Lows on Saturday morning was 20c at Colaba and 15.9c at Scruz. Next 2 days: Cool winds in the daytime.Further fall expected in day and night temperatures on Sunday and Monday. Lows likely to touch 12/13c at Scruz and 18/19c at Colaba.Outer townships will see a fall of 2/3c next 2 nights.Pune and Nasik may touch 5/6c next 2 nights.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

RAINFALL FOR THE PERIOD 1-10-2016 TO 28-12-2016 
CHITTOOR 191.9 360.8 -47
SRIKAKULAM 141.1 285.7 -51
VIZIANAGARAM 106.1 250.1 -58
KRISHNA 95 242.2 -61
VISHAKHAPATNAM 103.8 267.6 -61
CUDDAPAH 85.6 238.3 -64
GUNTUR 81 234 -65
NELLORE 220.2 635.7 -65
EAST GODAVARI 83 276.2 -70
PRAKASAM 86.1 328.5 -74
WEST GODAVARI 59.4 275.8 -78
ANANTAPUR 27.5 161.5 -83
KURNOOL 12.7 139.9 -91
ADILABAD 98.9 104.2 -5
MEDAK 93.8 109.9 -15
NIZAMABAD 95.4 113.1 -16
KARIMNAGAR 89.8 112.3 -20
KHAMMAM 101.7 135.9 -25
WARANGAL 73 119 -39
HYDERABAD 70.7 125.3 -44
NALGONDA 50.1 144.4 -65
RANGAREDDY 32.4 117.9 -73
MAHBUBNAGAR 17.6 110.4 -84
TIRUPPUR 205.2 312.6 -34
MADURAI 226.7 417.2 -46
KANCHEEPURAM 334.8 636.8 -47
DINDIGUL 223.3 432.3 -48
NILGIRIS 243.2 473.9 -49
VELLORE 178.1 346.9 -49
CHENNAI 342.1 783.6 -56
COIMBATORE 142.0 327.8 -57
KRISHNAGIRI 120.0 288.6 -58
TIRUVALLUR 247.8 586.1 -58
VIRUDHUNAGAR 173.2 415.8 -58
RAMANATHAPURAM 190.5 487.0 -61
THENI 138.7 356.1 -61
TIRUNELVELI 177.3 459.7 -61
TIRUVANNAMALAI 172.6 443.9 -61
TAMILNADU 166.2 437.0 -62
PUDUKOTTAI 151.7 402.0 -62
SIVAGANGA 157.3 418.6 -62
TOOTHUKUDI 157.9 420.7 -62
THANJAVUR 196.0 546.3 -64
VILLUPURAM 175.3 495.6 -65
TIRUVARUR 233.1 712.2 -67
TIRUCHIRAPALLI 130.3 389.3 -67
KANYAKUMARI 153.9 493.1 -69
DHARMAPURI 99.4 328.9 -70
PERAMBALUR 127.1 438.1 -71
SALEM 100.3 368.8 -73
NAGAPATTINAM 246.3 929.5 -74
ERODE 74.9 313.6 -76
KARAIKAL 245.1 1038.8 -76
ARIYALUR 122.4 541.6 -77
KARUR 68.1 313.3 -78
PUDUCHERRY (UT) 191.7 909.7 -79
NAMAKKAL 57.5 290.9 -80
CUDDALORE 130.5 691.7 -81
PUDUCHERRY 162.6 839.2 -81
PATHANAMTHITTA 425.8 621.2 -31
KOLLAM 406.8 634.6 -36
ERNAKULAM 295.1 487.8 -40
KOTTAYAM 252.3 533.3 -53
ALAPPUZHA 208.4 569.8 -63
THRISSUR 152.1 467.4 -67
PALAKKAD 137.6 427.4 -68
WAYNAD 104.9 331.5 -68
IDUKKI 172.2 562.6 -69
MALAPPURAM 118.3 448.1 -74
KANNUR 84.4 343.5 -75
KASARAGOD 71.1 336.9 -79
KOZHIKODE 74.5 421.4 -82
BIDAR 138 120 15
KOLAR 112 228 -51
RAMANAGARA 115 243 -53
KODAGU 127 291 -56
SHIVAMOGGA 82 190 -57
MANDYA 82 214 -62
UDUPI 112 317 -65
KALABURGI 38 130 -71
HASSAN 62 221 -72
TUMAKURU 51 206 -75
MYSURU 50 214 -77
CHITRADURGA 34 159 -79
KOPPAL 28 142 -80
BELAGAVI 27 152 -82
DHARWAD 26 166 -84
YADGIR 23 153 -85
VIJAYAPURA 22 143 -85
HAVERI 26 169 -85
DAVANGERE 23 176 -87
BALLARI 20 157 -87
RAICHUR 17 138 -88
BAGALKOTE 14 145 -90
GADAG 7 161 -95
source: IMD chennai

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