Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FINAL MONSOON REPORT (01-6-2015 TO 30-9-2015)

TOTAL ALL INDIA RAINFALL (as on 30-9-2015) 760.6 mm
SEASON +/- -14%

RAINFALL PER DAY from 01-06-2015 to 30-9-2015  6.23 mm

                     CATEGORY WISE SUBDIVISIONAL (%)



               2015 RAINFALL IN PERSPECTIVE


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mumbai Santa Cruz Sees the Hottest Day Ever in September.. on 30th September 2015 ..recording 37.4c...Previous Highest was also on 30th september last year (2014) when the record broken was 37.0c..

An Upper Air Circulation has formed in the South-East Arabian Sea off the Kerala Coast.This will bring rains to Kerala on Wednesday.
This system  may be nudged towards the West.

The other Low in the Bay (mentioned in Tuesday Night Post below) will be "pushing " West into the Peninsula, and can enter the A.P./North T.N. coast as mentioned and track thru the Interior Peninsula..more of this later...

Posted Tuesday Night ( 29th):
Mumbai: While Vagaries had forecasted hot days from October 1st, the mercury impatiently has already risen to 36c at Santa Cruz on Tuesday 29th. A hot Wednesday again expected.
But, the expected thunder showers  seem to be in no hurry to arrive....Mumbai City and surrounding regions can expected Thunder showers in the current week itself, within a day or two. 
Then after the (last) spell of thunder showers, we can  consider the Monsoon withdrawal from Mumbai.

Apropos to our post of Friday 25th, The South West Monsoon has further withdrawn ( on 29th) from all regions North of the retreat line, which runs through from  Gujarat, West M.P. and into Uttarakhand covering West U.P.

Further withdrawal from M.P, North Chattisgarh, U.P. and Bihar will be in the next 2 days.

We wait for the Maharashtra withdrawal till end of the current week.

Also, as forecasted, an East West trough has fromed in the Bay, along the 12N line from the East coast of India into the Bay. A Low (1006 mb) has formed in the Andaman Sea, embedded in the trough. ( Not yet numbered).
We can expect the Low to track West along the trough, and bring rains along the North T.N. coast (including Chennai ) in the next 4 days.( Increase in rains on Thursday for Chennai)

Rain and thunder showers expected this week in South Konkan and Goa also. Next few days this week, thunder showers expected in South Madhya Maharashtra also.

Bangalore will get thunder showers next 2/3 days. Wednesday may see heavy showers, amounting to around 30 mms.

Besides Mumbai, Ratnagiri, Surat, Ahmadabad and Veraval aslo saw 36c on Tuesday 29th September.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Astrosat", India's first Space Observatory (and only the 4th in the World after U.S, Russia, Japan), is set for Launch on Monday 28th September. 

Astrosat is a smaller version of "Hubble", the U.S.-European joint space Observatory. It will be Launched through Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle from Sriharikota at 10 am IST Monday.
Instruments on board will study Black Holes, Quasars, Neutron Stars, White Dwarfs and Pulsars.

In a first, the PSLV will also carry a payload of four U.S. Commercial Satellites, the first Launch of U.S. Satellites by India. The Satellites are  start up Satellites for Weather Monitoring.
Wishing all the Best to ISRO

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hot Day Temperatures in Kerala, Karnataka and A.P. (25th September)...Now headed for Heavy rains.

September All Time Highs Reached:
Kannur(Kerala):- Max temp-34.2 (4 degree above normal) ..Previous Record 34.0c on 30 Sept 2002
Kozhikode (Kerala)-35.6 (6 degree above normal)...Previous Record 34.7c  on 30 Sept 2014
Belgaum (AP) (Karnatka):-32.9(4 degree above normal)...Previous Record 32.8c  on 19 Sept 1987 (AP)

Places which have broken the record of at least 10 years:-
Bijapur (Karnatka):-34.5 (3 degree above normal)
Mandya (karnatka):-34 (4 degree above normal)
Kurnool (AP):-37.7( 5 degree above normal)
Ongole (AP):-38.7(5 degree above normal)
Anantpur (AP):-37 (4 degree above normal) it has breaking record of last 8 years
Gulbarga:-35.5 (3 degree above normal) it has broken the record of last 5 years

Input by Vagarian Vineet

Vagaries Meet on 26th September 2015 at Upvan Lake , Thane...Pics on "Vagaries Meet in Pics" Page

Friday, September 25, 2015

Posted Friday Night:

1.25th September, South West Monsoon Withdraws from Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Kutch and Uttarakhand.

Seasonal Low is weakening, and core, which is at 1002 mb today, weakens to 1004/1006 mb in next 3 days.
Likely withdrawal from West U.P., West M.P. and Gujarat by 28th September.

2. Weather Estimate for the Weekend 26th /27th September: 
Heavy rains in Kerala and Interior T.N.
Moderate thunder showers popping up in rest of T.N, Karnataka, Rayalseema and Goa.

Thunder showers likely in Goa this weekend.
Bangalore will get Thunder showers on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday showers will be heavier, may be between 25-30 mms in the city.

3. A Low pressure area is likely to form in the Andaman Sea (Bay) around 30th September. Initially weak, may deepen to a regular Low and then Well Marked Low, and track NW. Should be tracking towards A.P. coast and the current observations of upper winds show and indicate it crossing A.P. around 4th October.....These Systems, in season's withdrawal stage, are highly "unstable", and depend on the upper winds, which are themselves in a fluctuating mode this time of the year...will keep posting as things and cyclogenesis develops.

Mumbai: Hot and sunny this weekend.  Monday and Tuesday, some thundery developments, with some rains in parts of Mumbai.
Days getting hot after 1st October.

Actual Day Maximum on Friday 25th: Delhi Palam 35c, Mumbai Scruz 32c and Chennai (both stations) 36c, Calcutta DumDum 35.5c.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Friday 25th September Outlook:

Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Kolkata will be sunny and comparatively hot on Friday. Delhi and Kolkata may reach 35c, while Mumbai will be around 32c.
Chennai will be cloudy and may see some light showers in some parts on Friday, but day at 35c.
Light showers in several areas of Hyderabad on Friday.

Though Karachi will be dry and sunny, SW winds will keep the day around 34c...far better than last week's 42/43c !

Dry in Gujarat and Northern Indian States. Heavy showers in Interior TN and Kerala and S.I. Karnataka.

Vagaries Meeting on Saturday 26th at Upvan Lake, Thane.
Please make it convenient to attend . Inter action will be good and enjoyable. 

Please Note Vagaries App from Play Store is not being supported any more. 
Please visit in your browser since it is now formatted for mobile screens.
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1. Open in Google Chrome.
2. Click on Menu (3 dots in top right corner).
3. Click on "add to home screen"
4. This will create a short cut for vagaries on your home screen.

 If you need assistance, please ask.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rohit has Updated his Page...

Posted Wednesday Night;
WD brings very good rainfall to Kashmir, Punjab and H.P....

Afarwat area of ski-resort of Gulmarg in north Kashmir, and hilly areas of Pahalgam including Sheshnag, Mahaguns, Pisso Top and Panjtarni, received fresh snowfall.

Read details of North Rainfall updated in Vagaries North
 Vagaries Goa Updated with Goa Statistics...
422 mms in Mawsynram and more info on Vagaries Rainman ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mumbai will see ( almost) dry and sunny times the remainder of this week, till Sunday 27th at least. Hot days ahead.
Thunder Showers may resume around Mumbai from next week (week starting 28th). Could be the final phase of the monsoon.
(See Mumbai Page for Marathwada Report).

Monsoon will retreat rapidly from Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi around  26th September.
Gujarat and M.P. in the next phase.

Tuesday 22nd saw Heavy Showers in Punjab, Kashmir and H.P. : In cms
Batote­12; Katra­11; Baderwah ­7 each;
Quazigund, Banihal, Kokernag and Amritsar­6 each; Gulmarg and Jammu­5 each; Srinagar, Pahalgaum,Dharmsala, Manali 3 each and  Kangra­2. 

Showers in Kashmir and H.P. continue one more day on Wednesday.
Delhi NCR can also get a thnder shower in some areas on Wednesday. Rains decreasing from Thursday 24th.

On Monday and Tuesday, Very good showers in Pakistan Punjab and parts of Sindh...
Rainfall in mms:
Chorr 45 mms and Thatta 41 mms. 
Several parts of North Karachi got the much needed relief showers.Hadeed area got 30 mms and Landhi 13 mms. On Tuesday Karachi AP dropped to 36c and Karachi Masroor 34.5c.
More details and pics in Vagaries Pakistan

Monday, September 21, 2015

MONSOON REPORT (01-6-2015 TO 21-9-2015)  
TOTAL ALL INDIA RAINFALL (as on 21-9-2015) 728.6 mm
SEASON +/- -14%
RAINFALL IN SEPTEMBER 2015 upto 21ST 96.4 mm
CURRENT RAINFALL PER DAY from 01-06-2015 6.45 mm
A & N ISLAND 415.9
ODISHA 233.0
KONKAN & GOA 232.2
EAST U.P. 19.5
WEST U.P. 10.5
TOP FIVE SUBDIVISIONS ABOVE NORMAL (1-6-2015 to 21-9-2015) %
WEST U.P. -43%
EAST U.P. -46%
TOTAL ABOVE AVERAGE DAYS (1-6-2015 to 21-9-2015)    38 (34%)
TOTAL BELOW AVERAGE DAYS (1-6-2015 to 21-9-2015)    75 (66%)
source -IMD

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Posted Monday Night:
BB-6 merges in the seasonal Low as mentioned earlier...

(Forecast Chart)
Average Pressure in Kutch stations is 999 mb, and the Low seems to have merged in the seasonal Low as we see Bikaner  pressure at 998 mb. and Jaisalmer at 1000 mb.

And The other Low from Bay moves inland into Jharkhand

Middle Vaitarna Overflows..Water Diverted to Modak Sagar...See Mumbai Lakes Storage on Mumbai Page

Posted Sunday 20thNight:
Outlook for Next Few days:
Mumbai: Subsequent to a few Showers on Monday (5-10 mms), rainfall decreases to a few mms and sunny days from Tuesday.

Stray Thunder showers continue in Saurashtra, Parts of Kutch and North Gujarat regions on Monday.
Surat and Bharuch can get few showers on Monday, but, rains become very less from Tuesday, with days temperatures rising a bit. 
New Delhi: Thunder showers on Monday and Tuesday in many regions of NCR. Average rains around 15-20 mms/day.
Kolkata: Stray "hit and miss" thunder showers in many parts of City .
Some regions of Sindh get rains as BB-6 moves.Rain showers in many regions on Monday also. Westwards..towards the seasonal Low. 
Chorre received 40 mms in 3 hrs on Sunday evening.
Karachi: Temperatures have shot up to 42.5c last 2 days. Light rains expected on Monday, and a slight fall in temps.

SWM Performance Improves in Central India
SWM deficit on 20th September is -14%.
Marathwada shrinks to - 34% (19th)  from - 42% on 16th September.
Madhya Maharashtra is deficit at -28% (20th), down from -36% on 16th .
Vidharbha was -17% on 16th and currently at a comfortable -8%.
Konkan which was -32% on 16th is still around -31%

Compare the Change in the Last 5 Days (Between 14th and 19th Sept)....Blue= Excess, Green= Normal and Red= Deficient
Click on Pic

Day's Rainfall in Central Region on 20th September...

Compiled by Vagarian Tejas...Figures given by vagarians

Gujarat: Surat received 215 mms, Mahuva 109 mms, Amreli 72 mms, Diu 69 mms, Valsad 68 mms, Bharuch 53 mms, Bhuj 25 mms, Veraval 23 mms.Porbandar 15 mms.
More information coming...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Posted Saturday19th Afternoon:
BB-6 has weakened, and having moved West, is positioned as a Low (1000 mb) West of Surat.
System will weaken and merge with the seasonal Low (trough) over the Sindh region.
Rains decreasing markedly on Saturday in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Flow of moisture due to favourable winds will inter act with a WD, and bring heavy showers to Punjab and Haryana and HP.on 21st or 22nd.Pak Punjab, being closer to the originating WD, will get heavier showers.

A pulse from the East will create the conditions for another Low in Central Bay around the 23rd or 24th.

Mumbai: did not get the expected 35-40 mms on Friday. Sky was overcast and threatening, but no rains. 

However, the outer townships got the rains, and most important, the Lakes supplying water to the City got rains.
Mumbai rains decreasing now, with a few local passing showers for next 4 days.
Respite for Pune too

Lake Areas Rain Measured in last 24 hrs Ended 8.30 am 19th Saturday:
Upper Vaitarna 145 mms, Middle Vaitarna 139 mms, Vaitarna 78 mms, Bhatsa 97 mms, Tansa 83 mms, Tulshi 13 mms, Vihar 10 MMS.(Water storage will be put up on Mumbai Page later today)
Boisar 164 mms and Palgar 101 mms. Thane 33 mms, Kalyan 39 mms, Murbad 40 mms, Ulhasnagar 49 mms, Ambernath and Badlapur  55 mms, Bhiwandi 75 mms,

Heavy Rains in Pune Region:Rain Measured in last 24 hrs Ended 8.30 am 19th Saturday:
Rajur (Junnar) 350 mms, Khireshwar 228 mms, Amboli (Junnar) 188 mms, Aptale 180 mms,Junnar 145 mms,
Shirawate 251 mms, Kalra 183 mms, Kamshet 172 mms, Mulshi 168 mms, Wadgaon 123 mms, Lonavala 83 mms,
Pune 40 mms.
Heavy Rains in Parched Regions:

Taloda (Nandurbar 149 mms, Bhandardara 95 mms.
Lasalgoan 177 mms, Igatpuri 126 mms.Aurangabad received 74 mms, Nasik 82 mms, Pune 40 mms.

(Rain Amounts for Maharashtra compiled by Vagarians Abhijit and Rohit)

Gujarat got good rains from BB-6.Rain Measured in last 24 hrs Ended 8.30 am 19th Saturday:
Expectedly, Valsad 220 mms, Surat 73 mms, Bhavnagar 59 mms, Ahmadabad got 58 mms,  Amreli 45 mms. Rajkot 21 mms,  Idar 22 mms.

The Delhi NCR region too had welcome showers..Ayanagar measured 31 mms, Palam 30 mms, S'Jung 22 mms and University 15 mms.(Flow of moisture from system as shown in forecast map).

Complete list of  rainfall in Maharashtra in mm ending 8.30 am on 19.09.2015 ( From Pradeep)

Rajur - 350
Shirawate - 251
Amboli Junnar - 188
Karla - 183, Dhasai - 182, Aaptale - 180
Pimpalgaon Joge - 178, Lasalgaon - 177
Bhudhawadi - 172, Mulshi Dam - 168
Ladsavangi - 165, Manikdoh - 161, Chankapur - 150
Taloda - 149, Wadaj - 149, Khadkala - 149, Kalwan - 148
Dhargaon - 145, Vaitarna - 145, Dalwat - 145, Junnar - 145
Kanashi - 144, Abhona - 143, Kasbevani - 142, Dingore - 141
Nyahadi - 140, Ambhai - 140, Middle Vaitarna - 139, Yedgaon - 136
Makhmalabad - 131, Palkhed - 131, Ghotawade - 130
Vadivale - 130, Dolkhamb - 128, Igatpuri - 126, Ashte - 125

After a long gap, Gujarat gets heavy rains from Depression (From Pradeep)
in mm ending 8.30 am on 19.09.2015

Dangs (Ahwa) - 265
Waghai - 235
Valsad - 224, Pardi - 195
Kaprada - 189, Khergam - 182
Subir - 175, Dharampur - 162, Chikhli - 157
Jalalpor - 157, Vapi - 151, Navsari - 142, Vansda - 135
Songadh - 124, Madhuban Dam - 113, Gandevi - 113, Nanipalsan - 112
Nizer - 110, Ukai Dam - 109, Thasra - 101

Friday, September 18, 2015

Updated Friday Night 11 pm IST:

BB-6 will weaken on Saturday as it moves towards North Gujarat. By Sunday, it will be weak, as a Low, spread out over the North Gujarat/Kutch region. 

Rainfall in North Gujarat and Saurashtra till Sunday.(See Forecast Map for Saturday on blog post of Thursday). 
Still expecting heavy rains upto 70 mms or more in Surat.

Rainfall next week (21st September) in North Sub Continent (Punjab,Haryana, Kashmir, HP and North Rajasthan may occur due to WD and moiture  from erstwhile BB-6). More of this next week.

Downpours in Parched Regions...Relief as streams start flowing... 

BB-6 effect on Maharshtra. Moving due West, the system traverses through the main dry and drought regions of Marathwada and Vidharbha. Friday evening, BB-6 was over North Maharashtra (Jalgaon).
Much relief for the farmers as the small streams have started flowing and filled the smallest dams and reservoirs. This will surely raise the water tables, resulting in the local wells' levels rising.

Maharashtra Friday days rains : Till 6.30 pm: 

Khireshwar , Junnar Ghat: 190 mms, Asane 138 mms, Ambegaon 111 mms, 
Budhawadi,Kamshet 165mm ,Wadiwale, Maval 115mm 
Pimpalgaon Joga,Junnar 113mm, Ambegaon 112mm 
Kasar Sai Dam, Mulshi 100mm

Rains till 5.30 pm (Friday) :

Aurangabad 73 mms (Till 8.30 pm), Nasik 77 mms (Till 8.30 pm), Pune 40 mms (Till 8.30 pm), Pune AP 32 mms, 

Ahmedabad 24 mm, Gandhinagar 26 mm (till 8:30 pm), Surat 7 mms (Till 8.30 pm).

Kamshet 163 mms...Pune -Mumbai Express way at Kamshet Tunnel. 

Caution if going that way !
Rainfall on Thursday (17th) day and Night (As on 8.30 am Friday):

Marathwada getting much needed very good rains. Some Heaviest amounts last 24 hrs as on Friday Morning: 
Bharadi 180 mms, Borgaon 160 mms, Jalna 109 mms, Kinwat 103 mms,Sangawi (Parbhani) 98 mms, Phulambri 90 mms, Vadod Bazaar 90 mms and Aurangabad City 85 mms, Harsul (Water Supply Lake ) 61 mms, Gangamasla (Beed) 60 mms.

In Vidharbh
Buldana 128 mms,Akot (Akola) 124 mms, Murtijapur (Akola) 116 mms,Washim 106 mms, Chikhaldhara got 97 mms, Yeotmal 98 mms, Wardha 96 mms, Amraoti 80 mms, Akola 56 mms, Nagpur 45 mms
Madhya Maharashtra:
Mohide (Nandubar) 150 mms, Arthe (Dhule) 143 mms, Malegaon (Nashik) 93 mms, Nashik 35 mms.

Complete List of Rainfall in Maharashtra (From pradeep)

in mm ending 8.30 am on 18.09.2015
Sillod -262, Wakadi - 220
Shendurni - 193, Shindkheda - 180, Bharadi - 180
Aamthana - 180, Patanbori - 170, Pandharkawada - 162
Korpana - 161, Ajintha - 160, Borgaon - 160, Sillod - 158, Mandawa - 157
Kamargaon - 157, Chimthana - 153, Mohide - 150
Khondamali - 148, Deulgaon-City - 147
Wani - 147, Gidhade - 146, Shirajgaon - 145
Rajur - 145, Arthe - 143, Bhalar - 143
Shindola - 140, Deulghat - 138, Zari - 138, Zamani - 138
Dhanora - 137, Punawat - 137, Rasa - 137
Pahur - 136, Shivani - 136, Loni - 135, Shahada - 134
Shirpur - 134, Mahuli - 133, Maregaon - 133, Ranala - 132
Golegaon - 132, Kalamanuri - 132, Shindkhed - 132, Mangrul - 132
Nyahadi - 130, Wagrul - 130, Penganga - 129, Partur - 128, Buladana - 128
Nandgaon - 128, Shembal - 128, Ner - 127, Dhawada - 127
Sakali - 127, Kayar - 127, Shanimandal - 126
Kurhe - 126,Tuljapur - 126, Rajgaon - 125, Khandala - 125
Lonar - 125, Akot - 125, Darvha - 125,Umarkhed - 125

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Posted Thursday Night:
BB-6, a system with central pressure at 1000 mb, is now located near Wardha (Vidharbh), thus having moved West as estimated. Thursday rains in Vidharbh (till 8.30 pm IST);
Wardha 74 mms, Yeotmal 62 mms, Chandrapur 55 mms, Amravati 49 mms ( Max temp 24.8c), Nagpur 36 mms, Buldhana 22 mms and Akola 21 mms.
Posted Thursday Afternoon:
BB-6, a depression , is currently centred South of Raipur (Chattisgarh). Its cloud band convective effect is strong from good uplift and favourable upper conditions.
Expected to move Westwards.

Thursday: Getting cloudy by late afternoon. Thunder showers in evening.
Friday: Mostly cloudy. Rainfall increasing with intermittent showers and thunder showers. Heavy rains in patches. Around 30 -40 mms expected. 
As per request:

Valsad: Very Heavy rainfall on Friday ( 60-70 mms) and Saturday ( 50-60 mms).
Surat: Heavy rains on Friday (75-90 mms) and Saturday heavy, but less than Friday.
Very windy in both places.

Ujjain: Occasional Rainfall on Thursday night and Friday, almost overcast.Decrease by Saturday.

Rainfall will be good in Gujarat and Saurashtra from Friday night and Saturday. North Gujarat regions will be windy and will get very good showers (Heavy in many places). Sabarkantha region and Ahmadabad region will get good showers on Friday and Saturday. Maybe around 35-40  mms in many places on Friday.

Kurduvadi (Solapur): Light rains next 2 days.

Buldana  (Amravati ): Maximum rainfall, (maybe 50-70 mms) will be till Thursday. Rainfall decreases from Friday as system moves away.

Kolkata: Usual thunder showers possible in parts of city.(10-15 mms) No major increase.

Kashmir: Meaningful rainfall for Kashmir next week.

The system BB-6 will not actually reach upto Sindh, not in strength at least. But on Sunday or will bring some thunder showers in Southern and Central Sindh. In some patches, showers may be strong and windy.
This is the estimate today (Thursday). We  will see the movement and revise on Friday if required for Sindh.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Well. its Wednesday 16th, and BB-6 crosses the coast, and is over South Chattisgarh as a depression.

Now, the predicted heavy rains. as BB-6 tracks West.
Thursday:Very heavy rains in Vidharbh and adjoining East M.P. Heavy rains in West M.P, Marathwada and Madhya Mah. Heavy falls in south Konkan and Goa.

Mumbai: Thursday will be getting cloudy by late afternoon. A thunder shower in the evening.
Rains increasing on Friday.
Mumbai and general Forecast for week end will be published on Thursday afternoon.

Please mention if any region/city forcast needed.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Tuesday...and the Capital Heat continues (Weather not Politics)...Gurgaon 40 .5c, Palam 39.0c, S'Jung 38.0c, 

Maharashtra Rains till 5.30 pm Tuesday: Ratnagiri 39 mms, Mahableshwar 36 mms, Pune 22 mms, Pune AP 20 mms, 
Akola 36 mms

Panjim 35 mms.

Mumbai Water supplying Lakes Position as on 15th September...See Mumbai Page

Vagaries Goa also Updated.
Mumbai gets Heavy Thunder showers on Tuesday 15th (early) morning : 129 mms in Colaba, Vagaries (Club) 114 mms, Mumbai Central 89 mms, Vagaries 73 mms and Santa Cruz 33 mms...( All readings as on 24 hrs ended 8.30 am)
Compiled by Vagarian Tejas

Kolkata also got its share as 51 mms measured by Tuesday morning.

Posted Monday 14th Night:

Mumbai: Mumbai received thunder showers on Monday...The day's rainfall in 12hrs till 8.30 pm IST:  Colaba 14 mms, S'Cruz 7 mms and Vagaries  5 mms.

Tuesday and Wednesday Mumbai City can get thunder showers, more in the late afternoon/evening. Rains increasing (and heavy)  in Mumbai on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th.

BB-6 has deepened to a well marked Low off the North A.P. /Odisha coast on Monday. Current pressure now has lowered to 1000 mb. System will cross the coast , after lingering in this region off the coast for the next 24 hrs. Heavy Rains on Tuesday in Odisha/Chattisgarh and parts of Vidharbh, East M.P.) 

Crossing into land on Wednesday,16th, it will traverse westwards into South Chattisgarh and Vidharbha. Heavy rains in A.P./Telengana, Interior Mah and N.I.Karnataka on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th. 

The system weakens and tracks through a trough into Interior Maharashtra ( Madhya Mah) .

Crosses and emerges in the Arabian Sea as a Low off the Konkan coast by Friday18th/ Saturday19th. Could be having pressure around 998 mb. System, it seems as on today, may bring rains to Konkan and South Gujarat around Friday 18th, and fizzle out in the South Gujarat (and adjoining regions of Saurashtra) region by 20th.

Pune: Light to medium thunder showers on Tuesday (15th) and Wednesday (16th) . Heavy showers on Friday 18th.

Delhi NCR: Monday was hot again. Gurgaon 39.8c, palam 38.6c and S'Jing 37.8c. 

Tuesday and Wednesday will remain hot, maybe touching 40c in some parts.

Kolkata: Thunder showers expected in Kolkata on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th. Around 15 - 20 mms on Wednesday.

Hyderabad: Thunder showers on Tuesday (12-15 mms) and lesser amount on Wednesday.

With a Thunder shower in the vicinity on Tuesday and Wednesday, Roha and surrounding regions may get heavy increasing showers on Friday and Saturday.