Monday, August 31, 2020

Maharashtra's Top 16 Stations Seasonal Rainfall with Ghat sections, Mumbai MMR & lakes seasonal maps

Amboli is 1st station to achieve 8K mark from Maharashtra ghat this season & 2nd on India level after of Cherrapunji!

Maharashtra Rainfall Toppers from 01-06-2020 to ending till 8.30 am on 31-08-2020
in mms

1. Amboli, Sawantwadi - 8340
2. Tamhini, Pune - 6940
3. Kumbhi Dam, Gaganbavda - 6559
4. Kitvade, Ajara - 6288
5. Shirgaon, Mulshi - 5930
6. Patgaon, Bhudargad - 5844
7. Ghatghar Dam, Nagar - 5833
8. Mulshi Dam, Pune - 5805
9. Patharpunj, Patan - 5756
10. Dajipur, Radhanagri - 5731 
11. Davdi, Mulshi - 5620
12. Dongarwadi, Mulshi - 5550
13. Walwan, Mahabaleshwar - 5411
14. Gaganbawada, Kolhapur - 5408
15. Bhira, Raigad - 5121
16. Hasne, Radhanagari- 5078

Top 16 list Compilation by Abhijit

Maharashtra's Western Ghat Seasonal Rainfall Map below

Mumbai MMR seasonal Rainfall map below

Mumbai's MMR region water supplying lakes area seasonal rainfall with live water storage map below

All above three maps made by Tejas & it's data compiled by Abhijit 

 Posted 31st August 1PM

Now, with the series of BBs ending, we move into another phase for the 1st week of september.

Significant decrease in rains over Central India (M.P, and East Rajasthan), Western India  (Gujarat, Maharashtra and south Rajasthan). Decrease also in N.I.Karnataka.

Delhi & Jabalpur will see lower rainfall till Wednesday. Thursday will see some increase in rains for a couple of days.

Gujarat : Today's Rainfall; Sent By Vag. Shitij Jain (Surat)

Gujarat Outlook: Major reduction in rains from Tuesday 1st, with bright periods of sunshine till Friday 4th

Mumbai: Monday 31st: Some passing showers. 

Tuesday  1st- Friday 4th : Substantial reduction in rains. Days will be partly cloudy with sunny intervals.

Mumbai Lakes:

  • 96.06%
    Combined live storage across all lakes compared to 95% same time last year. 1,390,404 million litres - Live storage as at 6 am 31 Aug 2020. [Annual requirement: 1,447,363 million litres, Total capacity: 1,778,000 million litres]
  • 365 Days
    Number of days of supply left in all lakes combined (@ 3,800 million litres BMC supplies to city each day).

Pune Dams: Panshet 100%, Khadakvasla 98% Temghar    89%, Varasgaon 100%., Mulshi 100%, Pawana 92%.

Sunday, August 30, 2020


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Hurricane Laura and the Wind Speed Dilemma..So what is going on?  How strong was the storm?  Category two or four?. Very Interesting.

Phoenix Has Record-Breaking Heat Wave With 50 Days Of 110°F...43.3c

Saturday, August 29, 2020

 With 85 mms as on Saturday 29th Morning, Mumbai Scruz reaches a total of 3038 mms this season.

As per Vagaries' Records, this could be the earliest date (29th Aug 2020) for Santa Cruz to reach the 3000 mms mark.
In 1954, when the previous record of season's total was 3452 mms, end August was at 2532 mms.

As on 29th :Colaba with 108 mms, totals 2816 mms.
Mumbai and nearby rainfall ending at 8:30am on 29/08/2020: Compiled by Vag. Abhishek.
Vashi:151mms Pawane:142mms, Juinagar:140mms Khairna Village,#Sanpada,Dadar W(Pvt reading):131mms Chembur:126mms, Ghansoli:114mms, Airoli:110mms Colaba:108mms Dharavi:107mms, Powai:106mms Belapur:105m, Mumbra 102 mms
Dombivali E:98mms, Ghatkopar:97mm Bhayander:94mms, Kopri:92mms Mira Road:90mms, Santacruz:85mms Ram Mandir:81mms, Dahisar,Kandivali:77mms Andheri:73mms, Borivali:69mms

Good Rainfall in Nagpur as estimated: Rainfall as on 29th Morning (24 hrs): Nagpur Agri College 73 mms, Nagpur A.P. 60 mms.
Gondia 73 mms, Wardha 43 mms, Amravati and Yavatmal 33 mms.

Surat 52 mms, Valsad 35 mms.

The Monsoon Axis is expected to shift Northwards. Hence from 1st September, we can expect "Break Monsoon" conditions ( Subdued Rainfall) in Gujarat, West M.P,, Madhya Maharashtra, Konkan and Karnataka....More on this on Sunday.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

 Posted 27th Noon;

Active rainfall in Odisha from BB-6...

Rainfall in Odisha till 8.30am today. Minimum 100mm :-

Jamankira-173mm, Rengali-172mm, Phiringia-169mm
Jharsuguda-168mm, Barkote-160mm, Duduka-157mm
Harabhanga-155mm, Kochinda-154mm, Bamra-152mm
Gurundia-150mm, Phulbani-149mm, Lepripari-143mm
Knagar-139mm, Rajgangpur-139mm, Kgajurupada-131mm
Tangarpali-131mm, Badadahi-130mm
Bonai-129mm, Hemgiri-128mm, Kunta-127mm
Gbnagar-127mm, Hasta-127mm, Subdega-126mm
Naktideul-125mm, Paikmal-123mm
Reamal-123mm, Palahara-122mm
Parjang-117mm, Bargaon-115mm

Odisha now under Normal/Excess rainfall for the season. 10% Excess .

Figs sent by Vag. Mitan Batu

BB-6 tracks West/North West and leaves Odisha tracking towards Chattisgarh, Eats Vidharbh & M.P. 

Nagpur: Heavy rains expected on 27th/28th.

Rainfall increases in North Konkan, South Gujarat and Gujarat Region Northern areas, and some parts of Saurashtra from Friday 28th.

Mumbai to get some increased rainfall from Friday thru Saturday. Occasional showers with heavy spells.
  • 94.94%
    Combined live storage across all lakes compared to 95% same time last year. 1,374,148 million litres - Live storage as at 6 am 27 Aug 2020. [Annual requirement: 1,447,363 million litres, Total capacity: 1,778,000 million litres]
  • 12 Months
    Number of days of supply left in all lakes combined (@ 3,800 million litres BMC supplies to city each day).

Pune: No meaningful change this weekend from the current Weather
Dams: Temghar 86%, Panshet 100%, Khadakvasla 98%, Varasgaon 100%, Mulshi 100% and Pawna 79%.

Surat & Valsad also to get heavy showers starting Thursday into Friday 28th and Saturday.
Tracking West, BB-5 kept its strength even after crossing Kutch into Pakistan:

Karachi Regional rainfall on 25th/26th from BB-5,

Faisal Base 134 mms, Gulshan-E- Hadeed  122mms, Nazimabad 91 mms, Sadar 88 mms, Landhi 85 mms, 
University Road 79 mms, Saadi Town 72 mms, Masroor 68 mms, Jinnah Terminal  67 mms, North Karachi 50 mms.

Sent By Muhammad Zohair.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Posted 24th:

BB-5 overactive in Gujarat and Kutch..

..BB-6 ready in North Bay...Trackig NW....

Long Term View..Break Monsoon conditions possible after BB-6, around 1st September.

As BB-5 moves West and weakens, decrease in Gujarat rains from 25th..

Mumbai: A few spells of passing showers, showing a decrease in rains next 3 days.

Last Modified: 24-Aug-2020 10:42 AM

  • 93.91%
    Combined live storage across all lakes compared to 95% same time last year. 1,359,264 million litres - Live storage as at 6 am 24 Aug 2020. [Annual requirement: 1,447,363 million litres, Total capacity: 1,778,000 million litres].
  • 12 Months
    Number of days of supply left in all lakes combined (@ 3,800 million litres BMC supplies to city each day).

Pune: "Pune Showers" and light rains estimate for the next 3 days.Days around 28c and Lows at 21/22c.

Except for East Vidarbh, Rest of Maharashtra will see a decrease in rains for 24th/25th/ 26th..and 3/4 days.

Aurangabad: Light rains and few passing spells.( Next 3/4 days)

Kolkata: Chances of rain and heavy showers on 25th/26th and 27th. Around 15-30 mms/day. Drop in day temperatures.

Karachi will see showers for one more day extending into Monday 25th. Decrease in rains there after.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Posted Saturday 22nd:

BB-5 tracks West and batters West M.P.: 

️West Madhya Pradesh rains till 8:30am
Rains in millimetres, minimum 100mm
🌨            🌨     
Sehore 316mm
Indore 263.4mm
Badnagar 240mm
Khategaon (Dewas) 232mm, Badnawar (Dhar) 225.2mm
Arera hills (Bhopal) 215.4mm, Bhopal 210.6mm
Shujalpur (Shajapur) 200mm, Bareli (Raisen) 196mm
Vidisha 188mm, Hoshangabad 182.2mm
Narsingarh (Rajgarh) 145mm, Timarni (Harda)
Ujjain 115mm, Harsud (khandwa) 105mm
Barwaha (khargon) 104mm, Shajapur 103mm

Compiled by Amit Mishra.

Friday, August 21, 2020

 Posted Friday 21st Noon:

BB-5 ! Now deepening and moving West..Thru M.P, and into South Rajasthan, North Gujarat Regions and Kutch.

Weather Alert: As BB-5 tracks West, we can expect heavy rains on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd in South Rajasthan, North Gujarat regions and Kutch.

Patan ( Gujarat ) will get very heavy rains on Saturday and Sunday. Can record upto 100 mms.

Heavy rains expected in Ahmadabad and surroundings also on Saturday/ Sunday. Could touch .100 mms .Saurashtra and South Gujarat region coast will get moderate to heavy showers from Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th.....

Surat  can expect heavy rains on Saturday 22nd and Sunday...Same with Bharuch. .

M.P. will get Moderate to heavy showers on Friday and Saturday. Jabalpur will get showers ad moderate rains on 21st and 22nd, as well as  heavy showers in Indore on 22nd/23rd..upto 80-100 mms..

Mumbai: After a steady rain on Friday, decrease in rains by evening. Saturday and Sunday will see occasional spell of showers..No cause for flooding or water logging as showers may not persist for longer duration.

Thane: Weekend with occasional spells of showers. some heavy and persisting. 

Pune: For this weekend, Mostly cloudy and cool weekend. A few spells of showers in different parts of Pune. 

Outlook for 22nd Saturday and Sunday 23rd

No increase in rainfall for Aurangabad District this weekend,

Goa: Occasional spells of showers with about 30-40 mms/day

Kolhapur: Light to medium showers, upto 10-15 mms/day.

Southern Sindh Coast of Pakistan will get some showers in some parts on Friday and Saturday 22nd. Then, Karachi can expect showers of medium intensity on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th.

The system weakens after crossing the dry regions.


Maharashtra and Goa coastal region total rainfall till 20/08/2020




Thursday, August 20, 2020

Posted Thursday 20th Noon:

 Weather for Marathwada:From Friday 21st,  Much needed relief for the farms.Rains reduce from Friday for the next 4 days. With possibility of some sunshine also. The weather will help the standing cotton and maize crops.


BB-5 ! Now deepening and moving West..Thru M.P, and into North Gujarat Regions and Kutch.

Saurashtra and South Gujarat region coast will get moderate to heavy showers on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd....More weekend details on Friday . 

BB-4 rainfall in Odisha as on 20th Morning (From Vag.Mitan Batu)



Papadahandi-280mm, Nawarangpur-243mm

Th.Rampur-230mm, Mahanga-199mm

Kotpad-195mm, Bhandaripokhori-178mm

Jeypore-178mm, Kundra-174mm


Nandahandi-170mm, Piringia-163mm

Khariar-163mm, Rajnagar-160mm


Dabugan-155mm, Kalampur-154mm

Siniligula-152mm, Ghasipur-148mm

Dharamsala-144mm, Earsama-141mm

Khoirput-135mm, Bari-133mm

Phulbani-132mm, Boilariguda-132mm

Tangi-129mm, Koraput-129mm

Kasipur-129mm, Aul-128mm

Rajkankika-127mm, Ghatagoan-126mm

Tentulikunti-126mm, Parjang-125mm

Tirtol-124mm, Dasarathpur-121mm

Barchana-121mm, Puinatala-120mm

Duduka-120mm, Jajpur-116mm

Mathili-116mm, Odopada-115mm

Rasulpur-114mm, Binjarpur-108mm

Another Rainy Morning for Delhi NCR, 

Rainfall till 8:30 am 20th: 

Gurgaon 158mm

Ayanagar 122.8mm, Faridabad 102.0mm

Delhi AP: 89.1mm, Ridge 77.3mm

LodhiRoad 62.4mm, NewDelhi 54.8mm

Chandigarh 19.8 , Chandigarh (IAF) 20.0 , Ambala 6.6 , Hisar 33.6 , Karnal 30.8 , Narnaul  56.0

Data:IMD Regional.& Navdeep.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

 Posted 18th August Noon:

As BB-4 moves West, the rains continue in Gujarat..specially in Kutch region, Surat and Tapi Regions.

Much needed rainfall in Kutch, is now overflowing !

The latest sent by Vag. Nilesh Ladhad 

BB-5 is set to form off the Odisha/West Bengal Coast by Wednesday 19th..and will track along the Axis..West/North-West.

Hence moderate to heavy rains continue in Gujarat Region ( Good showers in Tapi, Surat, Valsad and Dang regions)., Saurashtra and Kutch for the next 2 days also.

Rainfall increasing from 19th in Odisha and Chattisgarh.

Mumbai; Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th will see on-off occasional showers with gusty winds. Frequency and intensity of rainfall to increase on Thursday 20th.

Pune: Pleasant Monsoon climate with cool days around 25/26c and pleasant night. Light to medium rain showers for the next 3 days around upto 10-15 mms/day.

Delhi NCR: Good moderate showers on 18th and 19th. Slight decrease in shower frequency from 20th.

Jabalpur: Cloudy with a few spells of rain. Rain intensity to increase from Thursday.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Cherrapunji crosses 10K mark & back at home ghats Amboli crossed 6K & Tamhini achieved 5K mark on 15-08-2020

World's Wettest place, Cherrapunji's crosses 10000 mm milestone Achievement details is as follow:

Pre-Monsoon Rainfall total till 31st May was 2469 mm

Seasonal Current Monsoonal Rainfall so far from 1st June till date 15 Aug 2020 stands on 7585 mm

So with this Annual Rainfall so far since 1st January till 15th August stands on 10,054 mms!

In Maharashtra ghats we have our wettest spots Amboli & Tamhini who also achieved 6K & 5K mark respectively !

Amboli in Sindhudurg district which is near of Sawantwadi town, achieved 6K mark ! As Seasonal Rainfall stands on 6175 mms till date.

Let us see how Amboli achieved the same with it’s monthly basis Rainfall in mm

June 2016
July 2324
Aug 1835 till date

Tamhini hill station in Pune district which is nearest tourist destination for Punekars, today achieves 5K mark after recording 230 mm rainfall ending 8.30 am today ! As Seasonal Rainfall stands on 5200 mms till 15 Aug 2020.

Let us see how Tamhini achieved the same with it’s monthly basis Rainfall in mm

June 1100
July 1770
Aug 2330 till date

Also Tulshi lake (Mumbai) in Kanheri Hills forest within city limits becomes first station in MMR to cross 3000 mm mark ! As seasonal Rainfall stands on 3026 mm till 15 Aug 2020

Note: For Aug Amboli data even more can be possible but currently assumed tentatively & Tamhini has rounded of total

 Weather Knowledge Page (14) updated..Please read

Posted 15th August:

Mumbai Region rainfall as on 15th Morning..

Sent by Vag. Abhishek Apte

Mumbai Region Rainfall till 8:30am(mm)
Kausa 114
Aadharwadi 111
Airoli 101
Manpada , Thane 100
Bhayander 97
Dombivli 88
Mulund 72
Ghansoli 75
Vikhroli 61
Dahisar 56
Andheri 52
Vashi 52
Chembur 52
Wadala 35
Kurla 35
Worli 26

And the Gujarat Rains continue...

List sent by Vag. Nilesh Ladhad

BB-4 effect on Odisha sent by Mitan Batu 

Massive rain in Odisha ..Min 200mm:-


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