Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Posted Tuesday Afternoon:  See Article Below

J-5 approaching from Tomorrow as mentioned...

Minimum Temperatures recorded on Tuesday 29th  Morning:
Churu -1.1c, Mt Abu 0.0c and Udaipur 2.8c, Pilani  2.5c.

Jammu and Kashmir:
Leh  -17c, Pahalgam  -14c, Gulamarg  -12c, Srinagar  -5.4c.

Keylong  -16c, Kalpa  -9c, Manali  -5.8c,   Kullu -1c,  Shimla  0.8c.

Punjab: Jalandhar & Kapurthala  1.0c, Amritsar 1.5c, 

Delhi Palam 5.1c, Sjung 5.4c.

Nagpur 6.5c, Nasik  7.0c, Ahmedngar 7.2c, Aurangabad 7.9c, 

Satna 0.8c, Umeria 2.3c , Panchmarhi 3.0c, Betul & Gwalior 3.8c, 


Inverse Hockey-Stick: climate related death risk for an individuals down 99% since 1920

Fewer and fewer people die from climate-related natural disasters.
This is clearly opposite of what you normally hear, but that is because we’re often just being told of one disaster after another – telling us how *many* events are happening. The number of reported events is increasing, but that is mainly due to better reporting, lower thresholds and better accessibility (the CNN effect). For instance, for Denmark, the database only shows events starting from 1976.
Instead, look at the number of dead per year, which is much harder to fudge. Given that these numbers fluctuate enormously from year to year (especially in the past, with huge droughts and floods in China), they are here presented as averages of each decade (1920-29, 1930-39 etc, with last decade as 2010-18). The data is from the most respected global database, the International Disaster Database. There is some uncertainty about complete reporting from early decades, which is why this graph starts in 1920, and if anything this uncertainty means the graph *underestimates* the reduction in deaths. 
Notice, this does *not* mean that there is no global warming or that possibly a climate signal could eventually lead to further deaths. Instead, it shows that our increased wealth and adaptive capacity has vastly outdone any negative impact from climate when it comes to human climate vulnerability.
Notice that the reduction in absolute deaths has happened while the global population has increased four-fold. The individual risk of dying from climate-related disasters has declined by 98.9%. Last year, fewer people died in climate disasters than at any point in the last three decades (1986 was a similarly fortunate year).
Somewhat surprisingly, while climate-related deaths have been declining strongly for 70 years, non-climate deaths have not seen a similar decline, and should probably get more of our attention.

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Posted Sunday Evening 27th:

The mentioned effect on Telengana was there ,with many stations recording between 50-100 mms (and lower of course):
Telengana rain as on 27th morning 24 hrs in cms: : Nangnoor(arg) (dist Siddipet) 10, Nanganur (dist Siddipet) 9, Dubbak (dist Siddipet) 9, 
Narmetta (dist Jangaon) 8, Bhupalpalle (dist J. Bhupalpally) 8, Mogullapalle (dist J. Bhupalpally) 8, 
Huzurabad (dist Karimnagar) 7, Manthani (dist Peddapalle) 6, Thimmapur (dist Karimnagar) 5, Gangadhara (dist Karimnagar) 5, Bejjanki (dist Siddipet) 5, Venkatapur (dist J. Bhupalpally) 5, Jangaon (dist Jangaon) 5, Parkal (dist Warangal_rural) 5, Mustabad (dist Rajanna Sircilla) 5, Husnabad(arg) (dist Siddipet) 5,

Hyderabad, with 10 mms of rain on Saturday and rains on sunday keeping the day's high in Hyderabad at 21.2c, 9c below normal.

Concentrating on the North again...
Mount Abu touched freezing at 0.0c on Sunday morning. Freezing again next 2 nights at Churu as well.

Western Disturbance J-5 is likely to cover the entire Pakistan region by 30th January. Karachi can expect light rains on 30th.

J-5 into India on 30th...with plenty of rain and snow again in the Northern states of Kashmir, H.P. and rains in the NW plains of India.

Mumbai had dropped to a minimum  13.2c at Scruz and 16.5c at Colaba and max around 27/28c this weekend. 
But, now, we will see the days crossing 30c to maintain at 31/32c for the next 3 days. Minimum also rising.

Cold conditions s in Delhi on Monday with the lows going down to 4c, which will be 5c below normal.

A very strong ridge of high pressure will prevail over the West, with very warm temperatures aloft, while the east will be dominated by a deep trough of low pressure, that will bring extreme cold down to the surface.

Chicago Weather:

Chicago is bearing the brunt of cold conditions now, with some records about to topple.. 
Jan minimum temperatures

 now forecasted to reach -30c by month end !

On Sunday, as much of the country plunged into polar temperatures, President Donald Trump took the opportunity to make a dig at climate science on Twitter.

"Be careful and try staying in your house," he tweeted. "Large parts of the Country are suffering from tremendous amounts of snow and near record setting cold. Amazing how big this system is. Wouldn't be bad to have a little of that good old fashioned Global Warming right now!"

Friday, January 25, 2019

Posted Friday 25th Morning:

Republic Day, 26th January, Delhi can experience dense fog as the skies clear. And  drop in night temperature to around 7c. 

Thursday Rains in East Vidarbh, East M.P. and Chattisgarh...

East Vidharbh received the thunder showers on Thursday...with Nagpur getting 13.6 mms, Gondia 9.4 mms and Wardha 8.8 mms. 
In East M.P., Seoni measured 29.4 mms, Chindwara 10 mms.
44.6 mms in Pendra Road Chattisgarh.

As explained, the trough from the induced Low brings about an interaction and confluence between the West winds and the East winds over this region.

On Friday 25th, The showers will continue in these regions as well as spread Southwards into Telengana.
Nagpur will get showers on Friday, decreasing thereafter on the weekend. Drop in night temperatures on the weekend.
On Saturday, the rains will continue into Sunday in Telengana. Heavy showers in Hyderabad on Saturday and Sunday.

Mumbai:  The current pleasant spell continues till Saturday. Friday and Saturday will see a maximum of 27/28c and a low of 13-14c at Scruz. Cool winds will continue for 3 more days.
Sunday will see a gradual rise in temperatures.

Pune will be cold at 8-9 c on Friday night. Saturday will be around a couple of degrees more at 10c. Slight rise on Sunday as clouds appear.

Mahableshwar will have a pleasant and windy weekend. Temperatures between 25c and 14c.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Posted Thursday 24th Jan:

Shimla recorded 44.5cms of snow in 24 hrs ended on January 22nd.

The Highest recorded  (Jan 24hrs) was in 2004 when 24 hrs on Jan 23rd saw 57.7 cms of snow.

2005 saw 94.3 cms in the whole month.
2006 and 2007 saw NO snow. 2008 1 cm, 2009 8.7 cms and 2010 1.8 cms. and 2011 8.5 cms.

The highest for any month 24 hrs is 62 cms on February12th 2007

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Posted Tuesday 22nd Afternoon:

Yes....As mentioned in the last post, J-4 has had its effect on the Northern parts of the Sub Continent.

Pakistan had its share of rain, with Karachi also getting the expected rains...Rain amounts from Pakistan J-4:
Islamabad (Golra 44, Saidpur 39, IIAP 37, Bokra 31, Z.P 27), Murree 38, 
Rawalpindi (Chaklala 29, Shamsabad 28), Sialkot (A/P 24, City 20), Gujranwala 23, Gujrat 22, Lahore (A/P 20, City 16), 
Hafizabad 17, Jhelum 15, Okara, Sahiwal 14, M.B.Din 12, 
Mangla, Narowal 10, Bahawalpur (AP 09, city 08), Kasur 09, Kamra 08,  Khanpur 05, Bahawalnager, Faisalabad, T.T.Singh 03, Sargodha 02, Chakwal 01

Sindh: Karachi (University road 40, Phelwan Ghot 33, Landhi 31, A/P 19, PAF Masroor 18, Nazimabad 14, Shahrah e Faisal 12, Ghulshan e Hadid 10, North Karachi 07), 
Padidan 17, Sakrand 15, Rohri 13, Tandojam 12, Dadu 11, Shaheed Benazirabad 10, Mirpurkhas 09, Sukkur, Jacobabad 07, Larkana,  Hyderabad 06, Moenjodaro 04,

Maximum recorded in Karachi (AP) was 22.1c. on Monday and Minimum 12.1c  Tueday.
Some pics sent by Muhammad Zohair from Karachi....

 In India, Delhi had lashing rains and hail...Some figures Palam 23 mms, s'Jung 15 mms, , Nareala and Ridge 14 mms as on Tuesday morning..

In H.P. Shimla, Manali, Kufri, Narkanda are witnessing heavy snowfall since morning.
Manali 17 mms, Shimla 18 mms ...Max  12c and min 0.7c. Keylong saw a max of 0c and a low of -8.6c.

In Kashmir, Gulmarg had 28 mms of snow, with a max of -2.5c and a min of -4.0c.  Pahalgam received  18 mms of snow,. 
Jammu had 43 mms of rain. Srinagar had a high of 4.5c and a low of 0.2c with 14 mms precipitation.

In Punjab, Pathankot had 94 mms of rain, Ludhiana 54 mms and several places between 10-20 mms.

Effect of the Western Disturbance  in North will continue till Wednesday...
As Vagaries had mentioned, parts of Kutch got rains on Monday. Kandla (AP) received 27 mms ' Okha 9 mms and Dwarka saw 2 mms

Mumbai: Tuesday and Wednesday will see few clouds in parts of city. Maybe a few drops in one or two areas...Cooling down to 12-14c in Scruz by Thursday and days will be cooler around 27c. Cool and pleasant weather till Friday.

Pune has started cooling , with 10.8c as the Low on Tuesday. Further cooling by 2/3c expected next 3 days till Friday.Days will be around 27c.

Rain (Trough effect from Induced Low) will be possible in Marathwada and Vidharbh on Saturday 26th...more later.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Posted Saturday 19th Afternoon:

Western Disturbance J-4 will approach the the Northern Parts of the Sub Continent from 19th as mentioned. 
All regions of Pakistan are expected to get showers, with snow in the North on the 20th (Sunday)

Karachi will get moderate rains , maybe thunder on Sunday. Day temperatures expected to drop on Sunday. After Sunday, day and night will be cooler with the minimum dropping 3//5c .

North and Western India in for another cold spell...Gujarat will get colder too...
Kashmir/H.P. will get rain/snow this Sunday 20th thru Tuesday 22nd.. Wintry rains are likely in Punjab, Haryana, North Rajasthan , parts of Kutch,, parts of M.P, West U.P. and Uttarakhand.

New Delhi will get rains on Monday and Tuesday. Rains could linger on for another day on Wednesday. Cooler weather next week, with the day around 16/17c on Wednesday.

Mumbai expecting another cold spell next week...

Mumbai: Temperatures start dropping from Monday 21st. 
Tuesday  22nd/Wednesday 23rd expected to be cooler in the day, around 28/29c, and nights around 13/14c.

Pune also expected to cool from Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we may see the day dropping below 29c again, and nights around 9/10c.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Friday 18th coastal Panji and Ratnagiri record 35c as expected. 
Mumbai sees very hazy conditions. Due to heat temperature inversion and trapping of smog in moist sea breeze winds. 

Posted Wednesday Morning

With the arrival of J-4 by 19th, and which is fairly intense, we can expect widespread rain/snow in the North. Northern plains of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi can expect winter rains this weekend. Including West U.P.
Temperatures expected to drop in Konkan, Madhya Maharashtra , and Gujarat from Sunday 20th.

Mumbai (Scruz):

Wednesday/: Clear skies...Morning East winds, turning NW by late evening. Temps: 33- 18
Thursday: Clear skies...Morning SE/East winds, turning NW by late evening. Temps: 35- 20
Friday :Hazy skies...Morning SE/East winds, turning NW by late evening. Temps: 36- 20
Saturday: Clear skies...Morning NE/East winds, turning NW by late evening. Temps: 36-19.


Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Temps: 31-14.

Further outlook on Friday.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Posted Monday 14th Morning:

 Himachal Turns into a White Fairyland

All reaches of Himachal received a second spell of Snow from J-3 (Western Disturbance)..The upper air trough was deep ,and dipped into a 200 level Rossby (Type) wave,
The low hills and plains had also received rainfall. 
 While residents could be seen pulling snow from their backyard, in Solang Valley kids played with snowballs.
Shimla received a snowfall of 3.5 cm which brought down the minimum temperature to 0.2c Meanwhile, Dalhousie got showered with 30 cm snowfall while Manali and Kufri  received 23 cm and 8cm bouts of snow respectively.
Naldehra and Narkanda also had snow.
 Keylong, which continues to be the coldest place in the state with a temperature of  -11c and received 9 cm snowfall.
Some Wonderland pics from Himachal:

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir too received a fresh snowfall on Sunday due to which the Jammu Srinagar National Highway had to be closed. Water bodies in the valley including the magnificent Dal Lake have also frozen.
Leh saw a minimum of -16c, Pahalgam -15c and Gulmarg -12c. Srinagar was -6.4c.


Australia heatwave: temperatures to soar in every state and territory.

One town in northwestern Australia, Marble Bar, has now had 22 consecutive days of temperatures above 40 C, at one point almost reaching 50 C.

Much of Australia will bake this week with meteorologists forecasting the hot conditions 
The Bureau of Meteorology said hot days were expected in January but multiple days in a row of temperatures above 40C were unusual.
“Particularly northern South Australia, they’re looking at maybe five days in a row above 45 and normally they might only get five or 10 a year,” 
Sunday 13th Jan Australia Max temperaturess..

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Posted 9th January Afternoon:

Moderate Cold Wave in  Maharashtra:

Minimum Lows on 9th Jan Morning

Mahableshwar Lake (agency Reading)  3.5c
Jalgaon  6.0c
Ahmednagar  6.1c
Nasik  6.9c
Pune 8.0c
Chandrapur  8.2c
Aurangabad 8.7c
Amravati 9.2c
Navi Mumbai  10.8c
Mahableshwar (IMD) 13.2c
Mumbai Scruz     13.8c
Matheran  17c 

Western Disturbance J-3 expected over Northern India by 10th Jan. Cold days expected as WD peaks on 12th. 
Very light rain in some pockets expected in Kutch and Coastal Sindh 0n 12th.

Cold conditions with Winds expected in Gujarat and Maharashtra on  12th/13th/14th.

Mumbai: Temperatures dropping to 12-14c from 12th Jan for a couple of days with windy conditions.
Pune: Cold weather around 6-8c from 12th Jan  for a couple of days..
Pune has been having continuous night temperatures at 10c or below since 28th December 2018..That is last 13 days continuously....and still running !

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Posted 8th Afternoon:

Kerala's Munnar recorded sub-zero temperatures over the weekend, resulting in a blanket of frost across the popular hill-station on Saturday. According to reports Chendura, Chittuvara and Lakkad areas of Munnar recorded a temperature of -3 degrees Celsius on Saturday.
A thick layer of frost and dense fog descended on Munnar on Saturday.

 (Meteorologists please note the frost has occurred only in the valley, not on the mountain tops. Cold air settles down in vales being heavier. And also due to lesser winds as compared to tops.)

The Times of India reported that the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said that minimum temperatures were falling below the usual in Malappuram and Kollam districts. Idukki, Wayanad, Alappuzha, Kannur, Ernakulam and Thiruvananthapuram districts recorded a sharp fall in minimum temperatures on Sunday.
Valparai in TN saw 2.5c on 7th Jan.
Jan 4th: Ooty aw 6.4c, and Kodai 7.8c. Valparai was 3c.
Nagpur was  cold in the state, recording 3.5 degrees Celsius at night, an almost 9-degree deviation from the norm. It was colder than places like Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, Patiala in Punjab and Banihal in Jammu and Kashmir on 29 December. 
At 5.9 degrees Celsius, Pune recorded its coldest morning in 18 years on 29 December. 
Reports from Mahabaleshwar also indicated ice and ground frost formation around Venna Lake. Private agencies reported 4c around Venna Lake, Mahableswar.
Niphad (GrapeFields in Nasik Dist). recorded i low of 1.8c on 27th Dec. However , the lowest record in Niphad  is -2c. (See Vagaries Extreme Blog).
Shimla, the Himachal Pradesh capital witnessed snowfall on Sunday
Shimla received 5 centimetres of snow between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm on Sunday and recorded a maximum temperature of 3.7 degrees Celsius, while tourist spots Narkanda and Kufri in the district also witnessed light snowfall.
excerpts from Firstpost

Posted 8th January:

A heat wave is currently hitting Malaysia.... 
with weather experts saying that it could have been brought on by tropical storm Pabuk.
Malaysian Meteorological Depart­ment (MetMalaysia) director-general Alui Bahari said the hot spell over the past week was due to the changes in wind directions in the region.
“The wind direction changes were influenced by the tropical storm, which had moved from the South China Sea since Jan 1 to the Bay of Bengal.
“The wind heading towards the storm caused a reduction in moisture and rain cloud formation in the interior and west of Peninsular Malaysia during that time,” he said.

A check on the MetMalaysia website showed several parts in the country could be hit by blazing hot weather this week.
Temperatures in Kuala Lumpur, Alor Setar, Melaka, Batu Pahat, Kota Kinabalu and Bintulu could hit between 32°C and 34°C.
However, most of these locations are expected to experience lightning storms and rain in the evening.
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s professor of Climatology and Oceano­­graphy Prof Dr Fredolin Tangang agreed that Pabuk might have contributed slightly to the hot spell.
“Pabuk may have a little effect on the current weather as much of the moisture was transported away.
“But the hot weather is mostly caused by changes in the atmospheric circulation over Peninsular Malaysia and the west Indian Ocean due to the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO),” he said.
The MJO is a phenomenon in which a low pressure system crosses eastward from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
“Without evaporative cooling, surface air temperature increases and this is what we’re currently experiencing.
“Currently, the MJO is in its seventh or eighth phase, resulting in dry and hot weather conditions,” he said, adding that such weather was “less typical” during this season.
Universiti Malaya’s Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences senior re­­search fellow Prof Datuk Dr Azizan Abu Samah said the hot and dry season usually begins in February.
“Northern states such as Kelantan and Penang may be experiencing winds from Siberia.
“But the current heat wave is also due to the clearer skies across the country,” he said.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/01/08/experts-current-heat-wave-due-to-pabuk/#RxrF7divQVmF0ZjL.99

Taken from Original Article in Star Online...

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

RAINFALL FOR THE PERIOD 1-10-2018 TO 31-12-2018




SRIKAKULAM 276.6 285.6 -3
KRISHNA 157.5 241.7 -35
VIZIANAGARAM 149.7 249.7 -40
CHITTOOR 178.8 359.7 -50
VISHAKHAPATNAM 123.6 267.1 -54
NELLORE 277.6 632.9 -56
EAST GODAVARI 113.2 275.6 -59
GUNTUR 85.6 233.4 -63
WEST GODAVARI 98 274.6 -64
ANANTAPUR 53.4 160.8 -67
PRAKASAM 105.4 326.6 -68
CUDDAPAH 76.3 237.6 -68
KURNOOL 41.2 139.8 -71


MAHABUBABAD 147.3 117.7 25
B. KOTHAGUDEM 112.5 122.1 -8
KHAMMAM 93.2 144.4 -35
M. MALKAJGIRI 77.9 121.1 -36
WANAPARTHY 57.9 107.9 -46
SANGAREDDY 53.4 108.2 -51
HYDERABAD 59.4 125.4 -53
J. BHUPALPALLY 50.5 115 -56
KUMARAM BHEEM 41.3 102.2 -60
MAHABUBNAGAR 41 108.5 -62
JOGULAMBA GADWAL 36.9 109.8 -66
RANGAREDDY 37.3 112.8 -67
WARANGAL_URBAN 36.8 111.8 -67
SURYAPET 45.2 141.2 -68
WARANGAL_RURAL 36 119.4 -70
VIKARABAD 30.7 116.4 -74
KARIMNAGAR 28.1 112 -75
JANGAON 30.9 128.3 -76
NAGARKURNOOL 27.7 114.1 -76
JAGTIAL 23.5 102.5 -77
MEDAK 23.1 110.8 -79
SIDDIPET 23.8 111.7 -79
MANCHERIAL 22.7 114.3 -80
NIRMAL 19.7 98.6 -80
KAMAREDDY 22.8 119.1 -81
ADILABAD 13.2 98.9 -87
PEDDAPALLE 13.8 116.1 -88
RAJANNA SIRCILLA 13.5 110.6 -88
NALGONDA 13.3 146.4 -91
NIZAMABAD 9.1 106.6 -91
Y. BHUVANAGIRI 13 145.7 -91


TIRUNELVELI 519.7 467.2 11
COIMBATORE 325.1 328.9 -1
TIRUVARUR 710.6 719.1 -1
ARIYALUR 518.2 545.5 -5
KARAIKAL 952.4 1048.5 -9
RAMANATHAPURAM 440.3 491.7 -10
TIRUPPUR 282.1 314.3 -10
CUDDALORE 621.0 697.8 -11
TIRUVANNAMALAI 393.1 446.5 -12
NAGAPATTINAM 816.5 941.0 -13
NILGIRIS 416.3 478.2 -13
VILLUPURAM 435.8 499.1 -13
THANJAVUR 471.5 550.3 -14
THENI 302.1 357.9 -16
TOOTHUKUDI 348.7 427.0 -18
KANYAKUMARI 402.7 496.4 -19
SIVAGANGA 338.0 422.7 -20
PUDUKOTTAI 313.2 406.2 -23
PUDUCHERRY 632.4 843.1 -25
ERODE 228.0 314.6 -28
DINDIGUL 301.8 436.4 -31
MADURAI 278.4 419.1 -34
KANCHEEPURAM 417.1 641.8 -35
NAMAKKAL 182.5 291.6 -37
VIRUDHUNAGAR 265.5 419.0 -37
TIRUVALLUR 343.2 589.3 -42
PERAMBALUR 250.0 440.9 -43
TIRUCHIRAPALLI 208.0 391.5 -47
VELLORE 181.6 348.7 -48
SALEM 187.6 370.5 -49
KARUR 147.4 314.7 -53
CHENNAI 352.9 789.9 -55
KRISHNAGIRI 123.1 289.4 -57
DHARMAPURI 133.7 330.1 -59


KOTTAYAM 798.8 535.1 49
PATHANAMTHITTA 904.6 624.2 45
ERNAKULAM 706.2 489.3 44
ALAPUZHA 546.8 572.1 -4
CANNUR 324.9 345.1 -6
IDUKKI 526.4 564.2 -7
WYNAD 301 332.5 -9
MALAPPURAM 401 448.3 -11
KOZHIKODE 360.2 422.2 -15
KOLLAM 503.3 638.6 -21
THRISSUR 332.5 469.4 -29
KASARGOD 208.5 337.9 -38
PALAKKAD 266.7 428 -38


DAKSHINA KANNADA 324.7 333.5 -3
CHITRADURGA 121.2 158.2 -23
HAVERI 128.9 169.3 -24
MYSURU 163.0 213.3 -24
MANDYA 147.0 212.7 -31
KODAGU 196.4 289.7 -32
DAVANGERE 115.7 176.0 -34
BENGALURU RURAL 152.3 239.4 -36
UDUPI 197.5 316.0 -37
CHIKKAMAGALURU 144.8 237.1 -39
TUMAKURU 124.3 204.8 -39
HASSAN 132.5 219.4 -40
SHIVAMOGGA 108.2 189.8 -43
RAMANAGARA 136.4 242.4 -44
UTTARA KANNADA 107.1 210.0 -49
DHARWAD 84.4 165.9 -49
BENGALURU URBAN 105.5 230.6 -54
CHAMARAJANAGAR 112.8 243.7 -54
BALLARI 69.6 156.6 -56
KALABURGI 54.8 129.9 -58
KOLAR 93.2 227.6 -59
KOPPAL 54.5 141.5 -62
BELAGAVI 56.8 152.2 -63
RAICHUR 42.2 137.5 -69
CHIKABALLAPURA 61.8 223.5 -72
GADAG 43.4 161.2 -73
VIJAYAPURA 33.9 142.3 -76
BAGALKOTE 28.1 144.5 -81
BIDAR 21.2 119.2 -82
YADGIR 22.5 152.4 -85


KERALA 465.5 480.7 -3
PUDUCHERRY 745.4 915.6 -19
TAMILNADU 336.5 440.4 -24
KARNATAKA * 97.9 187.3 -48
ANDHRA PRADESH * 121.2 279.9 -57
TELENGANA * 41.8 117.8 -65

* Data upto 26th Dec 2018.

Source IMD

 19th Night Hottest Weather in North India Persisting relentlessly.... New Delhi witnessed on 19th morning, the worst Night temperature ( mi...