Wednesday, August 24, 2011

After sticking to the Himalayan foothills for 36 hrs, the monsoon axis has taken a southward dip, and returned to its normal position. It has "carried" the embedded UAC.
While it was at its north position, we had discussed a rush of easterlies along the line into U.P, Bihar and Nepal.
These sub-Himalayan regions got the precipitation Mon/Tue. Kathmandu managed 27 mms and the day cooling down to 26c.

Now with the axis dipping south, the moisture brought in yesterday (by the easterlies) has managed to "accumulate" over the UAC over Punjab, Jammu and N.Rajasthan.

Good precipitation due to this has occured over the mentioned region. Rainfall ranged between 40-100 mms, with Delhi measuring 40 mms till Wed. morning.

As the axis will hold on, good precipitation is expected on Wed in Jammu region, Punjab and N.Rajasthan. Very heavy precipitation on Wed in Punjab, Ganganagar region of N.Rajasthan and S.Kashmir. Rainfall spreading into Punjab region of Pakistan today.
A couple of heavy showers will also occur over Delhi and Haryana during the day.

Decrease in Nepal and Utteranchal.

The west coast off shore trough has re-activated, and is now precipitating heavy showers from the Dahanu in N.Konkan to southern Gujarat coast, and in the central areas of coastal Karnataka.

The eastern end of the axis has dipped into the bay, and hosts a UAC at 500-700 mb off the Orissa coast.

Mumbai could see some showers from afternoon, a few heavy , and overcast drizzle till evening.

Pune: Overcast skies, with light rain in some areas. Brightening towards afternoon.

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