Monday, August 08, 2011

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By the way, US has changed the nomenclature to "Climate Change" now..its no longer GW (maybe realisation is better late than never -:)))

Report Below Updated Monday Night:

The UAC which was over S.E. Uttar Pradesh, is now located over M.P. and has descended to sea level as a low pressure area at 994 mb. Expected to move West/NW and slide into S.Rajasthan.

Result will be heavy rainfall west M.P.and Northern Gujarat next 2 days Tuesday and Wednesday. Rainfall up to 100 mms expected in these regions.
Moderate rains over Saurashtra for Tuesday and Wednesday, with 2 days rain accumulation up to 40-50 mms. South Gujarat, including Bharuch, will get some showers on Tuesday, with about 20 mms of rain. Lesser rains on Wednesday.

Precipitation can track into lower Sindh by Wednesday/Thursday. Karachi can expect moderate rains on Thursday/Friday. Rains amounts around 10-15 mms.

A UAC has formed over W.Bengal and adjoining Bay of Bengal waters

Tuesday: Cloudy, with a few showers and bright intervals in between. Again, a heavy shower possible in the evening. rain amount 12-15 mms. average.
Wednesday/Thursday: Partly cloudy to sunny. A couple of light to medium showers will put in their "token signature". Day's high temperature will be 32c. (Sunday was 32c, Monday 31c.)


sset said...

Some of the extreme rains occured in history - most recent being Mumbai July 26 2006!!!!
What causes such events???
Imagine Gujrat,Lakshadweep being one of them?

Table 2. Highest 24 h rainfall records in India and the world
(cm) Station (State/UT) Date
116.8 Amini Devi (Lakshadweep) 5–6 May 2004
103.6 Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) 13–14 June 1876
99.8 Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) 11–12 July 1910
99.6 Kasauli (Himachal Pradesh) 17–18 June 1899
98.9 Mawsynram (Meghalaya) 9–10 July 1952
98.7 Dharampur (Gujarat) 1–2 July 1941
98.9 Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) 12–13 September 1974
94.4 Santacruz (Maharashtra) 26–27 July 2005

(cm) Station and country Date
184.1 Cilaos, Reunion Island 15–16 March 1952
179.6 Foc Foc, Reunion Island 7–8 January 1966
166.2 Belouvc, Reunion Island 27–28 February 1964
155.2 Aurere, Reunion Island 7–8 April 1958
137.8 Muuocaicang, Nei Mouggol China 1–2 August 1977
122.8 Paishih, Taiwan 10–11 September 1963
117.5 Halaho, Taiwan 9–10 September 1963
116.8 Amini Devi, India 5–6 May 2004
115.0 Bagerio, the Philippines 14–15 July 1911
112.3 Belledenker QLD, Australia 3–4 January 1979

10:48 PM

sset said...

sorry it is Mumbai 26 July 2005

Neeraj said...

Regarding GW and cooling effect in North Atlantic, I was referring to this effect :

Ashok Patel said...

Wikipedia articles on Global Warming are biased. There are some editors who have done mass editing of GW articles. Google it and you will understand what I am talking of.

 See World Weather News Pag e .. World Weather Page.. New York City finally sees snow Wednesday, ending 328-day snowless streak