Thursday, October 09, 2014

Posted Thursday Night:

Hudhud at 14.3N and 88.0E, manages an estimated core winds at 60 knts ( 1 minute basis) or 110 kmph. Estimated core pressure at 985 mb. By Friday winds will strengthen to 130 kmph, but Vagaries maintains that the system will weaken to some extent before landfall. 

Landfall as per current indications will be on Odisha coast between Ganjam and Kendrapara. Many factors and Sub Tropical Ridge ( currently at 19N) behaviour will to a large extenet determine the further track. If the Sub Tropical Ridge (STR) osscillates to the East, as it may, the track estimate will aim at Odisha landfall. But if the STR osscillates to the West, system may strike at North AP coast.

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